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e.l.f. Cosmetics Large Get The Look Set, Purple

Set includes 3 eyeshadow pots, 1 mascara, 1 eyeliner pencil, 1 eyeshadow brush, 1 sharpener, 2 eyeshadow applicators, 1 false lashes with glue.

Key features

  • Get your look whenever wherever
  • Detailed intructions to help you bring out your natural beauty
  • Reflect your own personal style

Honest reviews



This product is great. I bought all of these sets in brown, purple, and smoky. They all deserve five stars. The mascara and eyeliners in the smoky and purple sets are the same, but in the brown set, they are, well, brown. The brushes are all the same in all three sets. They are gentle on my face and all of good quality, plus, they hold the pigmentation nicely. I never really use fake eyelashes, but they are good to have for future reference. The eyeshadows all stay true to their color and hold up very well. All sets come with a dark, medium, and light shade of eyeshadow. I’ve ways liked powder eyeshadows, so these are good, and they hold a light shimmer. The sets come with two eyeshadow foam/sponge applicants and one sharpener. The packaging is neat and pleasing when you first open it, although the products can be a little difficult to remove from the packaging. Overall, I give this purchase a thumbs up!

Keri Harveyville, KS


Great little package for everyday wear. Eyelashes aren’t cheap and come with good glue. Brown mascara wears all day. Pencil is creamy. The brush is great quality. The eyeshadows are pretty but they wear a little lighter than they look in the container. They last a long time but i just wish their pigment was a bit better vs going on so light. But it makes for them being perfect for day use.

Kasey Litchfield, ME

This complete set is cheeap Evertyhing, too much talcom …

This complete set is cheeap Evertyhing , too much talcom in the shadows The mascara was clumpy and barely there and the eye pencil was too dry to put on my eyes. wont buy this again

Concetta Jonancy, KY

Cheap applicators, unnatural eyelashes

The eyeshadows were nice shades, but the the applicators to put them on are terrible. The eyelashes look very fake, but this could be a user problem. Like the brush.

Yvonne Chaptico, MD

Great for beginners

This has everything, perfect started kit–I bought this because I wanted to try some ELF products, and this was a great way to try it. Perfect for blue eyes!

Georgina Silverton, OR

Great deal

This was a good deal! Surprisingly E.l.F cosmetics has really good products for the the price. The eye shadows are very pigmented and look beautiful! Now the lashes I didn’t use.. I can’t ever figure out fake lashes so they may or may not be up to par. The mascara I didn’t really like but I’m not into brown Mascara. Overall, a good bang for your buck 🙂

Kimberlee Samantha, AL

For the price I can’t complain.

I can’t really complain, considering this was only $7.00, which is what I would normally pay just for eye shadow, but it’s not what I was hoping for. The mascara is horrible. The mascara brush is tiny. It doesn’t lengthen the lashes at all, and it’s a very very dark brown. I won’t ever use it, so it’s ending up in my purse as an emergency only tube. The shadows are not really the colors they look like in the photo. They are very pretty, but not as brown. The lightest one almost looks mauve in the photo, but it actually has a yellowish/cream tint to it. The other two have a silver tint to them.

Latasha Brooklyn, MS

Luckily It Was Cheap

The eyeshadows are pretty good, the shadow brushes are okay, but the mascara was dry and flaky, the eyeliner brush dry and draggy on the eye. I haven’t tried the lashes. From the other reviews, I’m wondering if I got a bad one. The packaging was dirty and the corners were worn, so possibly my set had been sitting around for a while.

Virginia Gilberton, PA

Excellent makeup

Excellent makeup … really had wanted to buy more but when I try and did not have any hope to get another chance!

Ericka Lake Benton, MN