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e.l.f. Cosmetics Foundation Brush

Achieve an ultra smooth, poreless finish when applying foundation or tinted moisturizer. For best results use upward brush strokes.

Key features

  • This brush has been designed and tested by professional makeup artist Scott Vincent Borba. Each brush has been ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into your hand and facilitate a flawless finish with every application.

Honest reviews


Not pleased.

[BOTTOM LINE]: I do not recommend this brush. Cheaply made and poor performance- 1 star quality.Regarding price, I also found this brush at my local dollar tree and spent a whopping $1.09 on it. Since Dollar Tree stores like to swap up inventory, you can also find this at Target for $1. Point being, if you’re adventurous and want to give this brush a try, DO NOT BUY IT HERE.As for the brush itself, failure. This is one of the first brushes I ever used to apply liquid foundation and will never use it for foundation again. The bristles are super stiff like plastic. It looks and feels just like a paintbrush- I actually use mine as a paintbrush now. The stiffness also results in STREAKS which only get worse when you try to fix them. I suggest something like a stippling brush with dual fibers (currently using RT stippling brush) so you can buff the makeup into your skin, eliminating the streak prob. It’s also poorly constructed as the metal piece has completely fallen off the handle.E.L.F. products are usually a hit or miss with me. They have many products that compare to higher end products but most of the time, you get what you pay for. As I initially stated- if you are brave enough to give this brush a try, go buy it for a $1 at one of the aforementioned stores. Little investment and little hassle if you feel the need to return it. I rarely give 1 star reviews, but I could not even justify giving this brush 2 stars.

Angie Edwards, MO

Nice and cheap

For a brush that is selling for $1, I’m pretty happy. It does a good job blending my concealer into my face, but the bristles are kinda prickly so I don’t like that feeling against my face. That’s the main reason I gave 4 stars rather than 5.

Dolly Hickam Afb, HI

Don’t buy

This is only ONE dollar at through E.L.F online..or walmart…target… etc. Don’t buy it. Even for one dollar it’s not very good they are hard and shed. I’d recommend the e.l.f studio line brushes – which are three dollars each (still less than this rip off) and are much better quality

Belinda Claverack, NY

really soft

so i bought this as my first time brush and it was really soft to the touch and put my foindation on really well without leaving any streaks

Rachael Carnegie, OK

Not good.

I like cheap and for $1 that’s good for me but I’d honestly rather spend a little money and get a good brush. This is horrible! It doesn’t spread foundation more like mops it around! The brush gets wet and tacky! The foundation looks caked on when applied with this brush!Seems like it just absorbs the liquid and doesn’t spread.I’ve seen nothing but good reviews for e.l.f but I’m not getting the hype.

Summer East Berne, NY

Good foundation brush for the price

I first tried using this when I was using liquid foundation. It applied the foundation very well if you blended a lot. If you really blend it in, it won’t look streaky. I now use a mousse foundation and I don’t like using the brush with it. It just doesn’t work for me. This is a very good brush for liquid makeups though! And it’s only $1 in stores.

Deidre Dunedin, FL

It’s alright

the foundation brush is okay – maybe its because I got poor foundation, but I feel like blending it with my finger would have been far better than blending it with this brush. When I was applying it – it brushed on like weird streaks. I don’t know…I’ll continue using it, but as for me it was a waste of money. Nothing my finger can’t do.

Adelaide Petroleum, IN

Could be better

I use this for my foundation obviously lol and I like the brush. It doesn’t really shed yet it had that weird package smell that came with it, but it quickly went away. This brush is a bit too bulky or kinda hard

Savannah Letohatchee, AL

A bit stiff when first used

One of e.l.f.’s better brushes, however it is extremely stiff when first used. After losing my first one while traveling I bought a second one and washed it before using and it softened up right away so it isn’t painful to use. However I only paid $1 at HEB for my brush.

Alyssa Maytown, PA


I love this brush! It can handle anything and cleans easily with white vinegar, peroxide and dawn. I’d highly recommend for anyone who uses a brush daily

Letha Kettle Falls, WA


When I got this brush, the brush tip broke apart from the handle like it wasn’t glued on properly or just popped off in the mail. I’ve used it a couple times, but it’s difficult since it’s broken. I guess for the price it would be worthwhile to glue the tip back on with hot glue or super glue or something. The brush tip is pretty soft but when using it with liquid foundation, it gets caked on a lot and you have to wash it after every use pretty much.

Fern Bethany, OK

Save your money for a better investment.

The only reason at all why I’m rating this product 2 stars instead of 1 is merely since it was just $1. On that note though, I would save that $1 to make an investment in a better brush. Ecotools is always highly rated with their cosmetic brushes, for example. I bought this brush and loved it the first two times I used it. After that, it became stiff, streaky, and needed to be cleaned almost every time I used my product. To put the icing on the cake, the actual metal brush part popped off of the wooden handle after about 2-3 months of use. I normally love elf products, but this one was a complete flunk.So again, I would save that $1 to purchase something of better quality.

Pat Lederach, PA

Great if used the right way

I actually really didn’t expect much from this brush but it’s so soft! When I used it to apply my bb cream, it went on quite nicely but I noticed it can be a bit prickly if you don’t use it the right way. You have to make sure u use it really flat against Ur face. Not tapping with the tip too much otherwise it does poke you a bit. But for the price it’s pretty nice(:

Alisha Conception Junction, MO

Worst Brush Ever!

This is probably the worst foundation brush I’ve ever used. I bought one of them a few months ago, it lasted a good month maybe, but then it broke. I bought another one, it broke within a week. I now have one more which is like 2 weeks old, it’s all discolored, and will probably break soon. This brushes make my face feel dirty and gross. They’d be better for real painting.

Blanca Wolfe, WV