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e.l.f. Cosmetics Clarifying Pressed Powder – Apricot Beige

Create a flawless finish with the silky powder that blends evenly into skin. Treat and prevent skin imperfections with key active ingredients formulated for problematic skin. Proven skin clarifiers absorb oil on contact to create a beautiful matte finish.

Key features

  • Light weight
  • Long lasting

Honest reviews


Performs decently as a bronzer

I bought this in a dark shade because it is matte and I wanted to try it for contouring. I have to say it works pretty well, it blends very well. However, I will pick a slightly lighter color next time for contouring as I have chosen a much too dark shade now, but that is simply my fault.

Ava Saint Benedict, PA

Love it

This stuff is amazing , it gives my face the perfect final touch. It isn’t as light as in the picture but if you blend well or suits your face . Will be repurchasing as well once I run out.

Verna Atwater, MN

Ugh…. a “cakey” orange mess!!!

I was so excited to see an acne control pressed powder. This stuff is yucky, orange, and builds a film on your face! I am a former Estee Lauder Beautician and this stuff is horrible! Not Suggested for anyone desiring quality color and feel! However, I did get a speedy refund!

Eve Arapahoe, CO

I use this everyday!

I use this product everyday but not as pressed powder. I use this bad boy as my bronzer. I just get a shade slightly darker than my actual color and i immediately look tan without the orange glow you get from most other bronzer. I just use the product lightly around my face and neck with a brush. So instead of getting the color ivory which is my skin color i get the color light beige . I don’t recommend using the little pad thingy that comes with the powder even if your using the product for its actual purpose .Use a brush instead because it gives you better coverage without it looking “too much”.

Aline Dickerson Run, PA

As good as other drug-store brands!

I lightly apply this Clarifying Pressed Powder over my foundation and blush. I use a brush to apply it, and the results are excellent. It keeps the shine away all day. The package, itself, is small. However, the product goes a long way. I absolutely love e.l.f. cosmetics. The value is just amazing.

Rhea Monona, IA

Affordable vegan makeup?!

I’m vegan, and it’s hard to find good priced makeup without animal products in it or being tested on animals. Good thing I found e.l.f.! The powder looks fantastic on my face and blends nicely, has very good coverage. The BEST pressed powder I’ve used ever!!! Very happy with this, I WILL be ordering again!

Blanche Hazelton, ID

It is OK !

I can not say this is a great product. My Cover Girl is much better. Very small. Keep it in my purse for touch up the shine I grt.

Henrietta Emerson, AR

Good powder

I have very fair skin so finding a light enough powder is hard. This still covers without being noticeable with a makeup line. The case is nice and slim so it doesn’t take up a lot of room in my purse. Wish the compact had a mirror in it, but even without it this item is a good buy.

Erika Milledgeville, IL


this didn’t match my color… i’m a tanned hispanic and thought that this would match! hah! but no! it’s too dark and makes me kinda look orange… weird.. oh well i might buy a different shade next time?

Elise Gallatin, MO

Elf powder

I’m so glad I found this. Its great coverage for a powder with a nice finish and keeps my shiny skin looking matte and nice all day. I do not break out using this product and I have before using a few other products. It would only be a bit better if it had a mirror in it. Instead, I saved an old compact to use for the mirror. I would buy this again.

Jane High Falls, NY



Deidra Soap Lake, WA

Good product but not as good as the rest of the Elf products.

This was a very good product but I did not like it as much as the rest of the Elf products and I cannot sincerely say why.

Roxie Lost Springs, KS

Good for the price

It’s certainly not the best pressed powder around, but I picked it up at Target for a dollar, so it was a good deal. It’s about five times that amount on Amazon, which is the first reason I wouldn’t recommend buying it. Not here, anyway.This looks really nice when dusted over foundation. It doesn’t look great on my skin if I don’t already have on foundation, but it might look alright if your skin is already healthy looking. It’s good for mattifying and has a fair amount of pigment. I like that it actually comes in yellow-toned pale shades. The packaging isn’t the best, mostly because the clear plastic gets scratched up easily, but it works out for being lightweight and small. You don’t get a ton of product in it, but you don’t need to use much at once anyway. The puff thing isn’t spectacular (when are they ever?), but it’s not awful if you want to use it. I just use a blush/powder brush for a more even application. I haven’t noticed any change in my skin’s acne or anything, but it also hasn’t made me break out at all, so that’s a plus.Again, there are many better pressed powders out there, but this isn’t a bad choice if you’re on a budget.

Angelita Feura Bush, NY