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E.l.f. Cosmetics Blushing Bronzing and Blending Brush

This unique three-in-one brush allows for precision application of blush, bronzer, and all other multipurpose dusts and loose powders.

Key features

  • This brush has been designed and tested by professional makeup artist Scott Vincent Borba. Each brush has been ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into your hand and facilitate a flawless finish with every application.

Honest reviews


Pass this by

Purchased this in an ELF set of brushes and the head fell off the first use. Superglued it back, but now it’s crooked. It’s too big to be a contour brush, maybe a blush brush, but it’s almost too small for that. I would not recommend this brush to anyone, save your $4 and purchase something worthwhile.

Madge Wayne, IL

Best bronzing brush, hands down. Read on!

I LOVE this brush–5 stars hands down. I ordered the RT core collection specifically for the buffing and bronzing brushes and while I was waiting for them to arrive, I happened to see this brush at my local dollar tree. I decided to give it a try and now I actually prefer it over my RT brush. Yes mine was kind of stiff but nowhere like a broom.. that would be painful? That being said, you need a light hand when applying bronzer as it can pick up quite a bit of product. It’s not super dense but it’s also not super thin. I think it has the right density as it applies just a light dusting (with a light hand) which is exactly what I need to contour my fair skin. It is also easy to build up coverage for those who want darker lines. I can’t tell you all how much I love the shape. My RT is round which makes it hard for precise application. This brush is flat and tapered so I just run it horizontally across my cheek and get the perfect contour with no extra blending. As far as shedding goes, I haven’t noticed any at all. I am sure with continued use it won’t take long, but as of now-ZERO. For $1, what do you expect? Buy it in-store!! This also allows you to feel them for yourself. Anyone who has ever bought E.L.F. products knows they can be hit or miss. For me, this is a definite hit and I actually have two of these brushes now. I searched foreverrrr for a brush that would give me the contour I wanted and now use this brush everyday. Even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE my RT brushes, the contouring brush couldn’t compete.

Eunice Caliente, NV

ELF makes softer brushes than this

I own several elf brushes with the soft black hairs and I’m finding that the ones (like this one) with the red hairs are very coarse. They’re not even necessarily any stiffer, but they just feel kinda like sandpaper on your face. They put down product like they’re supposed to, but every time I use it I say "DANG, that’s coarse!" I switched brushes so I can stop saying that every morning. I might pitch this one.

Julianne Dyess, AR

cheap and effective contouring brush

Good makeup brush. does not shed and excellent brush for contouring. it does shed a bit, particularly after washing the brush. Very soft, so does not irritate skin.

Marsha Langsville, OH

Cheap brush…

I should have expected to get what I paid for. This brush shed the very first time I used it, and it doesn’t hold or apply makeup consistently.

Terrie Muldraugh, KY

Feels like a broom

I got this for $0.90 at Big Lots. I have always been so pleasantly surprised with the quality and value of Elf brushes, I figured this would be no exception. I didn’t even bother opening it at the store and feeling it first, which was my mistake. It is so stiff and coarse it literally reminds me of a broom. It’s not painful but it’s not enjoyable. It picks up the product and applies it like it’s supposed to, but it’s not a fun time when you’re trying to blend out a blush and rubbing your face over and over with such a coarse brush. It did shed a bit the first time I used it and the first time I washed it. Maybe I just got a dud, because others seem to love it. I would recommend going to your local Target or Big Lots and opening the package first to feel it. Don’t order it from on here and be disappointed.

Bianca Longford, KS

Great for beginners!

I was on a weekend trip and forgot my makeup brushes (emergency situation at best, right? certain death was a possibility) so I ran into a 7/11 and grabbed this and a couple other E.L.F. brushes. Life. Savers.Ok, so lets talk price point. For less than $5 (sometimes as low as $1 some places) you cant have $50 expectations. As long as you treat these little guys with some respect they will usually hold up for you.Quality: its a basic brush- no frills. It seems like painted "wood" on the handle. Ive had the wooden brushes come detached from the metal but Ive stuck it back together with eyelash glue. Didnt even have to get up. The bristles really arent too bad in the scratchy department. I find it pretty soft. The bristles do shed though and quite a bit from what Ive noticed. Usually one or two each use.How I make it work: Its pretty on par with the shape of most bronzing brushes. It applies fairly evenly but i usually have to make a few passes before it gets enough down. Id much rather that than something that looks heavy handed first go ’round.Overall, for what I paid for it it served its purpose just fine. I even still keep it with the nicer brushes and while it might not be a starter, it gets some play.

Kristy Hammett, ID

Mezza mezza

The price is modest, but this brush is only so-so. The bristles stick out all over the place, so it’s hard to get any precision. I chose the wedge shape because a good brush with this design can apply less blush at the base and more at the top – giving a sweep of color in just the right density with one pass. Unfortunately this brush didn’t deliver.

Deborah Bliss, ID

Bristles are kinda gross

I have other e.l.f. brushes that I love (kabuki, eye-defining), but this brush’s bristles a quite course, so not only do they irritate my skin, but I find that the pigment is not evenly distributed, and I end up looking clownish. If you are looking for a countouring brush, the Real Techniques stipple brush is fabulous.

Caroline Goodwell, OK

A little stiff

I found that this brush, and some other face brushes from the $1 e.l.f collection (the eye brushes are excellent) are a bit coarse. I purchased this for bronzer, but I ended up just using it to blend my highlight. It also has been shedding a bit since I purchased it.

Elma Cool, CA

Not worth it….

very coarse bristles with not enough bulk, small slippery handle, bristles did not hold together well after the first wash and does not blend well at all nor does it pick up product efficiently and evenly. I am just going to have to find the brush I want from a different company. 🙁

Karen Flanagan, IL

Loving thia brush

This brush has met all my expectations. I have used & washed it more than once and have not had any shedding. I use it for contouring and it applies coverage right where I need it. Great buy!!!

Helga Watsontown, PA