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e.l.f. Baked Eyeshadow Palette, Nyc, 0.212 Ounce

Each baked palette features 10 gorgeous baked eye shadows so you can achieve a flawless look whenever, wherever. The silky and blend able formula of our baked eye shadow provides smooth and even application with each sweep of color.

Key features

  • Silky and blend able formula
  • Rich pigmentation
  • Long lasting and shimmering color

Honest reviews


Beautiful colors, great pigments.

I purchased this palette and the one of the coastal scents palette and this one is much more pigmented and has more quantity of the product for your money. The colors are quite sparkly, (I love it) which can be a negative if you’re not into glitter, but they don’t spread out all over ur face like most glittery shadows do. I’m thinking ill buy the California palette since I love this one so much. Nice smoky colors.

Dolly Kanona, NY

Good for the price, but if your a makeup fanatic, go ahead and skip this one

I love doing my makeup, always have. So, I have always loved searching for beautiful colors for what I consider to be the most important application….eye shadow! If the eyes are the windows to our soul, then u better believe mine are gonna look outstanding, to match what’s on the inside. Lol.I saw this pallet, saw the beautiful colors, then saw the price and figured WTH. The shadows are very hard to get any pigment from. I’ve read the reviews about putting it on wet, so that’s what I tried, but it seems as if I almost have to scratch at it to get any color on my brush when doing so. I have to admit that it does give a very nice look, but just a little too much effort for me. Might as well just spend the extra money and get a pallet from Urban Decay.

Deanne La Quinta, CA

Lasting color

I bought these for my teenage daughter and she loves them, I ordered another set for my Mother and she loves them, so next I will order for myself. Amazing lasting colors.

Genevieve San Marcos, TX

Pretty and Pigmented

Very nice palette for a evening or day look the colors are very pigmented and easy to use. This is my go to look for everyday!

Mellisa Orland, ME

I like it a lot!

I like this product a lot although you kinda have to brush the color on to your brush a lot it comes out great! I wish the blue was like the picture but takes a few brush strokes to get it that blue.Other than that shimmery goodness!

Lilia Hamilton, IA

Not loving it

It’s smaller then I thought pretty colors but not pigmented you can even see the colors on even with primer or mac fix + ugh im dissapointed

Penelope Wassaic, NY


my daughter is so happy i finally ordered her her own palette, now she don’t have to always use mine and me yelling don’t drop it.

Jade Manchester, NY

Shimmery but not overkill

I recently got into this whole "baked" eyeshadow thing. These are just as good as the more expensive ones out there. They are shimmery, but they are not teenager shimmery. As an almost 40 year old, I can wear these to work or out and about. They do need to be blended and you’ll need a really good brush to apply. I haven’t used them wet yet though… dry works just fine for me.

Gladys Pewamo, MI

The colors are awesome!

The color payoff on the other hand, is not. The only way to use these shadows and actually enjoy them is to 1) wear primer and 2) use them wet. Don’t try to use them dry because you will not be satisfied. If you use them wet then yes the cost is worth if it, if you’re not then you are going to regret this buy.

Therese Bowman, GA

Nice, but so much fallout

This eyeshadow palette is okay, but nothing special.The colors are nice, but they are very sheer. You have to build it up a lot to be able to get a bright color. There is also A LOT of fallout from these shadows. And being that they are a glittery finish, that’s not good. It very hard to clean when it falls under your eyes. There was a little bit of creasing after wearing it all day, but nothing horrible.The only bad thing I really have to say about it is the tremendous amount of fallout you get. But, for the price, who cares? Besides, it’s e.l.f., not Mac. I do really like the mirror in the case though. It’s a nice edition.

Silvia Aydlett, NC

Great for the price

Great colors, but not enough pigment to be true if you don’t use the right brush (which e.l.f. Has a great set to help.

Minerva San Antonio, TX

Just give it a chance

This is a awsome palette I have so many different kind of makeup like Mac coastal scent ect but it’s always nice to give another makeup company a chance so I did and hey I love it

Sue Mc Neill, MS



Willa Rosedale, MS

huge disappointed

I was so happy and excited to get these eyeshadows I ordered Californian and New York big disappointed. My brushes couldn’t pick up these eyeshadows and when finally I was able to apply on my eyes it didn’t show up nicely at all it looked like a little bit of sparkle on my eyes the color of the shadow’s didn’t show at all horrible product I wish I purchased a bh pallet instead these were not worth the money

Lorraine Bismarck, AR