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e.l.f. 144 Piece Eyeshadow Palette, Neutral, 3.05 Ounce

All the colors of the rainbow. And more. Our ultimate eye shadow palette features 144 gorgeous shades to create endless eye looks for the makeup artist in all of us.

Key features

  • 144 gorgeous shades
  • Long lasting
  • Pigmented

Honest reviews


You get what you pay for

The palette is rather large, it does hold 144 full sized shadows afterall. Be careful with the lid, because it will break off the hinges easily. It is very cheap feeling. Reminds you of dollar store quality products.I bought this for my 14 year old daughter. She wanted a palette of similar colors and at fifteen bucks for 144 shadows, it is hard to pass up. It gives a lot of colors to play around with. The quality though of the shadows leaves a lot to be desired, but again, what do you expect for fifteen bucks? These definitely do not compare to Urban Decay, Too Faced, or any other decent brands. In fact, I have a few Maybelline and Cover Girl quads that are of MUCH better quality.You will definitely want to use a primer before you try to apply any of these eyeshadows. You can even use your regular foundation if you don’t have primer, of course. I did that for years & years until they came out with primers. The matte shadows are really hard to actually get on your eyes. Not very pigmented at all. They do not show up well. They are very sheer/washed out and do not have much staying power. I found them to be rather chalky and they just have an overall “cheap” texture. The frosts/shimmers are a bit better, but again you will want to use a primer or base to get good coverage and extend the staying power. The primer or base will help you build the color.For the price, I guess you really can’t complain, but if you are someone who is really into makeup/shadows, you might not be satisfied with the performance of these – especially if you use Urban Decay, or other better brands. As young as my daughter is, she definitely noticed that these weren’t very good quality, but she likes to play around with them and it saves her high end palettes from being used up so quickly.

Meghan Camp Hill, AL

Hate every color

So I bought this out of glowing reviews. ANyways the mattes, they just plain dont work so take 50% of the palette that totally useless, the colors, just make me look sick… IDK what to say, Ive used all the colors and absolutely hate every last one which surprises me, except for this very dark purple color… the colors I think are meant for olive skin tone, I work in the pink, and oranges, and none of these colors make me look radiant, they again just make me look worn out. Again I dont see this working for any skintone other then ones with a yellow, olive color.

Patrice Yauco, PR

Perfect for the office or for school

This is a palette that will give you a professional look very quickly in the morning. I love that all the colors are put together in one palette so I don’t have to go through 10 different individual jars when I’m in a hurry. The pigmentation, even on the mattes, is very decent (it can easily be built up, I always wear primer with it). The metallics are fantastically pigmented. I even wore eyeshadows fom this palette through a 75-minute extremely intense (and sweaty) workout and they still looked great afterwards (minimal creasing even if droplets of sweat were literally dripping from my face). It’s a wonderful collection of neutral shades that I reach for very often and that still give me great variety in terms of looks. I love it!

Juliana Allegany, NY

Not so great!

I ordered this from E.l.f I was so excited when it arrived! soooo many colors. Well I promptly cleaned my face added E.L.F eyelid primer (I love this primer most of all the primers I’ve tried even, high end primers) and my excitement fizzled drastically. The pigments are awful, even using a wet eyeshadow brush I had to use a lot to get relatively close to what I wanted for color on my lids. If you want decently pigmented large eyeshadow pallets go with NYX or sephora brand pallets. Even for the mere 15$ I paid I wouldn’t suggest this item, but I will however regift this to my mother in law hahahaha

Johanna Falconer, NY

Can’t wait to try them on!

Great price for the amount of eyeshadow in one convenient palette. I’ve seen this item mentioned by customers who have used it and love them. I’m sure I will to! Can’t wait to try them. Package arrived on time and packaged very good with bubble wrap etc. the only thing negative (no big deal for the price) but one eyeshadow was missing and they don’t stay in the palette. Nothing a drop of glue can’t fix. Otherwise I think I’ll enjoy this product.

Delores Studio City, CA

Makes make-up fun!

Wow! It’s like Christmas every morning when I reach for these mega-sets from e.l.f.! With a fabulous range of neutrals from lightest to darkest you can mix and match and blend to your heart’s desire. If you are in the mood to play around and experiment with new looks, or if you are just in a hurry to get ready for work, this set is economical perfection. Imagine not having to open all those little snap-cases! The bonus is the staying power of this shadow, which is every bit as good as the eye shadows that you can pick up at drug stores.This is the kind of thing that you will want to always have on hand, and it is ultra-perfect for travel. Love it!

Linda Yale, SD

Not a good product.

I didn’t like this palette. I got mine from Target for $15. But it’s not even worth it. The colors are not pigmented at all. Even if you apply the primer before applying them.

Judith Pierson, FL

love love love this!

This palette is perfect for people who like to keep the eye makeup light. I have used this everyday since I got it. So many different shades and finishes its wonderful. Best thing I got so far.

Kaitlyn Leon, WV

an eye surprize

this is a wonder product, highly pigmented colors if you have the correct brushes (eye shadow) it only takes a dab, you get the true color of the pallet,I went back and bought several more to use as gift for my friends, the price is great,I couldn’t pass it up..this is a wonderful product…you can not go wrong……….

Ronda Fairfax, SD

Great palette!

Boughtt his for my wife! She simply loves it! Great range of colours. The only thing is about two colours was broken & was over most of the colours, dusted it out. Couldnt save the two colours, but still gave them 5 stars. e.l.f has great pigments & quality stuff!

Luann Oil Trough, AR

Not much pigmentation

Though it is reasonably priced and the collection is vast, the pigmentation on these shades is not very high. I am enjoying playing with all different neutrals and feel for $10 to $15 it is worth it. Just don’t throw out your old stand-bys.

Matilda Champion, NE

I Love this Eye Shadow Palette!!!

I purchased this Eye Shadow Palette for the color’s in it because I have Auburn hair color and while I am not super fair complected I am not darker complected and need something in between. For anyone who has Auburn hair ( Reddish-Brown) or Red Hair the color’s in this palette would be ideal for you. Red heads wear earth tone color’s great and this palette is just that earth tone. Shipping was fast and the palette was intact with no damage at all. The color’s are beautiful and apply smoothly!!! Great price Great product!!!

Nanette Alverda, PA

Great value

These are not the highest quality shadows but for the color choice it’s worth it to me. I love this neutral palette especially, I have another one, that I don’t use probably 3/4 of because the colors are just way crazy.

Anna Rural Hall, NC

Naturally Awesome!

I love neutral eye colors – I think they make all eye colors pop. I’ve purchased many over the years and even though I’ve liked them, it’s such a pain to have to dig through all the containers to find the one you’re looking for.I’ve purchased many E.L.F. products and I like them, so when I saw this palette I was excited. ALL these colors in ONE palette? Wow!I was actually confused when it arrived at my door…it was packaged differently then what I was expecting….I actually thought I got a book! Anyway, there wasn’t too much in the way of protection for this item…a bubble wrap bag surrounded it and then placed inside a cardboard book shipper. The plastic container the shadows are in has a small crack, but it’s not a game stopper. I didn’t purchase the container…I purchased the eye shadows.This palette is HUGE. I have a Sony Vaio Laptop and it is literally an inch and a half smaller them my laptop! I saw some reviews that complain the eye shadows are very small…each shadow is approximately 1 inch. That’s not very small in my book…especially when you are getting ONE HUNDRED and FORTY FOUR of them! For the price you will pay for this – I feel it’s definitely worth it!As far as the colors go – They are all amazing. You get Light and Dark browns, tans, peaches, golds, coppers, greys, blacks and more – all in various shades. You get Mattes and Shimmers. I’ve tried quite a few, and I’ve tried them alone and with Primer. Primer definitely makes them extremely prominent while using them alone makes them very natural looking.They all feel like silk on my skin. I get no creasing or fading -looks just as good after wearing for 10 hours! I’ve had no irritation from any so far, and I have extremely sensitive skin and eyes <occasional contact wearer> and my eyes don’t tear up or feel irritated at all.Bottom line – GREAT Neutral Colors for a super price! I’d definitely recommend this Palette if you’re looking for Neutral colors!

Graciela Glen Flora, WI

Amazing product !

It’s my first time in buying such a huge collection of eyeshadows in one palette 😍 I was so excited to use it and I’m super happy with it … the only negative point is that I’ve received the palette with 4 damaged colors 🙁 but overall I loved it so much , it deserves to earn 4 stars inspite of the inaccurate packaging!

Nell Maidens, VA

dont pay over 9 dollars for this

this palette is not even pigmented at all i hate it ! waste of money ! not the seller fault tho the product just isnt that great

Silvia Brohard, WV


I am in LOVE with this palette! The colors are beautiful and very pigmented, I am very impressed with this product. Shipping was great, it came on the estimated delivery date and it was very safe in the box. No harm done to the shadows, everything was perfect and looks just like the picture! I will be coming back to this palette when it runs out, but 144 colors will last me a very long time 🙂

Naomi Hydetown, PA


Pro: The pigment payoff is decent for such an econo-priced palette. Con: Can be a bit large for storage depending on space and some of the color variations are very similar.

Lizzie Cumberland, IA

Neutral Palette

I received this product faster than shipping date. The palette came in one piece with no damage and very nicely packaged. Everything was beautiful. I am looking forward to using this beautiful palette all the time. It was all around a great investment.

Madelyn Ladoga, IN

Love the colors but…

They don’t really show the best color when applied.I have noticed it appears to fade after a hour of wearing it and I was very disappointed.This product arrived in good condition, only 2 of the eyeshadows had popped out.

Kelly Grenville, NM

Fantastic array of colors

Such a great palette of colors some with sheens and some mattes. Just beautiful pigments. One thing for sure is you need a primer otherwise the staying power doesn’t last long. Other than that fantastic!

Mallory Sterling, AK

neutral colors you would ever need

Love this palette. It has all the neutral colors you would ever need. Great color payoff and long lasting. I believe that I bought this product a couple of months ago and have not hit pan. I use the product nearly every d​ay.

Hillary Portage, OH

Not so crazy about it

I got this for the salon I worked at and I loved all the colors I was getting. When I went to go try it on a client, mind you, I used a primer, but didn’t get the vibrancy I was looking for. So It gets just and OK from me.

Melanie Foreman, AR

A must get

Colors are beautiful so pigmented. Looks amazing last long just great it’s amazing hands down the best eyeshadow around for it’s price ordering another one soon

Charlene Adak, AK

Get it if you want lots of colors!

So, I’ve been looking for neutral palettes everywhere, but refuse to spend 80+ on a huge MAC palette. I bought this along with Coastal Scents (for God sakes, don’t but the knockoffs on Amazon, they smell like acrylic pants), but I found that the ELF palette creases while the COASTAL SCENTS 28 EYESHADOW NEUTRAL PALETTE is MUCH BETTER. It doesn’t crease and doesn’t include LOADS of sparkly eyeshadows which I personally don’t use very often save for the holidays. If I would get it again, I would still get both because of the AMAZING variety, but I do enjoy the Coastal Palette more! Hope this helps makeup lovers!

Fern Holden, LA

e.l.f. 144 Piece Eyeshadow Palette, Neutral, 20.5 Ounce

This was a gift to a budding young make-up artist. Evidently e.l.f. is a great brand and also inexpensive. Lots of beautiful colors.

Madeline Keene, VA