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e.l.f. 100 Piece Eyeshadow Palette, 3.17 Ounce

Become your own makeup artist whenever, wherever with our amazing 100 Piece Eyeshadow Palette. You’ll find everything you’ll ever need to move from dark and smokey eyes to fresh, bright ones to totally fun and funky looks. Comes with a mirror and 2 double-sided eyeshadow applicators.

Key features

  • All in one compact including the must have eyeshadow shades
  • Create any look that reflects your personal style
  • The small, sleek design is great for on the go beauty touch ups

Honest reviews


Im a Makeup guru

the colors are WAY bolder in person than advertised i love its bin a while since bought it and its still good the colors are dull on skin but i am a soft honey so that may be why then again it is elf but its still one nice pallate for only 10bucks i think so

Petra Upatoi, GA

Great palette for eyes

My eyeshadow palette came promptly in the mail with no damage to the case or the eyeshadows themselves. The colors are a mixture of matte and shimmery which is nice. I also bought the e.l.f. eyelip primer and the eyeshadow stays for hours without creasing. The only time I’ve noticed creasing was when I went to a wedding and was dancing all night (got all sweaty and make-up started to run). Many great colors, but I gave it 4 stars and not 5 because some of the colors do not have that “pop” effect I was expecting (i.e. the black and some of the brighter colors).

Angelita Eddyville, NE

Teen colors

Just the right amount of colors to experiment. My Niece love matching her eye shadow to her cloths and this product lets you have fun.

Cristina Estillfork, AL


Unlike others may have said, my palette came unbroken. All the colors were intact. I don’t tend to use the eyeshadow applicants that most sets come with, so I put those aside. The mirror does come off, but its small anyway, but I don’t tend to use those mirrors either. The pigment is good, but soft, so if you want a lit of pigment you will have to put a lot on the brush. The colors are all organized, in blues, greens, etc. this set does not contain yellow, which disappoints me, but I wouldn’t use it that much anyway. Overall, this set was a good set to have instead of buying tons of various colors. With this set, you get most of your desired colors, for only $10.

Libby Waukee, IA


really cheap product, lots of excess, when u apply it it tends to powder and bleed on other parts of your face, sometimes leaving smears. good to have only as secondary

Della Early, TX

The best Eye shadow Kit

This is the best eye shadow kit ever. It has every color you can ever need. The eye shadow goes on smooth and stays on all day.

Sheena Union Center, SD

great product

I bought this from someone and when I received it the palette was broken, amazon quickly rectified the situation and sent out another and I got it just in time for valentines day. The recipient really enjoys this product and wears it everyday. She said she enjoys the fact that she can experiment with different colors because it has loads of colors. What sold me on purchasing this was the amount of 100 eye shadows for right at ten dollars. A great buy.

Dianne Tranquillity, CA


It’s a great variety of eye shadows for a great price, but you’ll probably never use half of them, and the shadows themselves don’t stick to my eyelids very well, usually requiring 2-4 applications for best results. Overall, not a bad purchase for the money, but not an awesome one.

Kimberley Buffalo Valley, TN


This palette is great, I love the shimmer and the flat colors perfect for work to date night. the colors are very bright and pretty!

Andrea Hanover, CT

Love it

Nice quality of eyeshadow and lots of colors to play around with. I love it. Delivery was nice too, none was broken. Will last me a long time.

Emma Boyds, MD

Four Stars

Love it. But I need more darker colors!

Yvette Henniker, NH

colorful bliss

this was a very good make up set i loved this. it was cheap and beautiful this was a really good deal

Kathryn Grayville, IL

Wide selection of colors, great price

For 10 bucks, this is a steal. I’m a huge fan of e.l.f. products for their great value. E.l.f. products have never disappointed me, and this palette was no exception.The wide selection of colors makes blending a no-brainer. As a cosplayer, I often need strange colors to complement my costumes, and I was able to use the green, blue, and pink shades for my costume makeup.I had no problems mentioned by other reviewers as to packaging and such. My palette arrived in perfect condition. I would 100% recommend this product to a friend.

Winifred Cataract, WI

What a deal!

I adore playing around with new cosmetics, and e.l.f. 100 Piece Eyeshadow Palette provides an amazing opportunity to experiment! The shades are a mixture of matte and shimmer. Of course, not every one is just what I would ordinarily use, but this set is a great way to make new discoveries. For the price, the quality is surprisingly good. I would definitely compare e.l.f to the regular drug-store brands that I’ve used before.If you’d like to have some fun with new eyeshadow colors, this collection is one to choose.

Gracie Fenton, LA

Good Product

Please do NOT buy this product online. E.L.F is an affordable makeup line that is sold in Target. I have two sets just like this and they were each under $5. Please just look this up at your local Target and go out and grab one there! Great product tho. Lots of variety and an amazing price. A nice start-up brand when you are first experimenting with makeup.

Merle Watertown, MN


I absolutely love E.L.F products and this is no exception. Lots of great quality colors for a really decent price. I use an eye primer and I have no problem with these colors lasting all day and not creasing. This particular product I bought for my friend’s daughter who is learning to use make up. Probably a bit overwhelming but I showed her how to do a couple of looks and now she has lots of colors to experiment with and find what works best for her.

Saundra Hatton, AR

very cute

bright colors,really nice, soft, bought it for my daughter she loves it, will definatly purchase more in the future for friends and family

Nadine Wheaton, MN

Great makeup for any price but cheap anyway

This is just as good as all the other eyeshadow I have ever used, better than some actually. It has a super wide variety, goes on evenly, stays on as long as my other eyeshadow. This is the cheapest good makeup I have ever seen, I would suggest it to everyone.

Leeann Andrews, NC

A great selection of colors to mix and blend.

Love this eyeshadow kit I only wonder why it is a bit much on here as I had previously purchased mine from Target for only ten dollars. But it is nice to be able to find it on here in case you can’t get out and have to order online. I found the eyeshadow to be easy to blend and create some lovely smokey eye looks, it helps to also use a base on the eye before applying the colors really pop.

Gracie Theriot, LA


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! i got it on time. Perfect condition. I love it and I will be buying it again. Thank you

Wanda Park Hill, OK

Good makeup!

The quality of this eyeshadow is good. It stays on good, and doesn’t rub off too easy. however the top could have been made better. The second day i had it my mom was opening it and the whole top snapped off. i have to be careful how i open and close it now. other than that the eyeshadow colors are very pretty, would reccomend.

Maryanne Galesburg, ND

Good color payoff for the price!

I use this pallet for colorful looks and it works fine. I just need to reapply certain colors a couple times to give off the true color.I wish their were matte colors in it. Some of the whiter colors give off a pinkish pigment so beware.

Jean Tioga, LA

Not the best eyeshadow, but CHEAPLY PRICED

10 bucks for all that eyeshadow really isn’t a bad deal at all! I will be honest and say that you get what you pay for! The brighter colors work wonderfully on me (the pinks, greens, blues). But then again I have very pale skin. I’m wondering if these colors will be just as vibrant on darker skinned girls. Using a primer on my eyelid before applying did help brighten the eyeshadow. Be warned, it takes several layers of this eyeshadow to show. The black is more of a grey and not as dark as you’d probably like.I have this and I use it from time to time. I’d recommend this for young girls, maybe for costume ideas.

Josie New Tripoli, PA


Colors stay all day long, Every color in here is my favorite. I’m very happy with this product. I wont be buying eye shadows for a long time!

Kara Jonesboro, GA

Loooooove it

Great for casual, great for going out, great for even holidays! I recommend it to every girl 🙂 you could do some great Halloween makeup ideas with the funky colors too.

Audra Seaforth, MN


I love all the colors. They aren’t super pigmented, but that is fixed by first putting on NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk, or another with base. When it arrived one eyeshadow spot was missing, it had broke during shipping and crushed and was all over the place. It was super apparent how it happened since there was no padding or bubble wrap in the packaging. I went to look about returning it. Notice I got lucky, most people have lots of broken shadow spots. Didn’t return because they wouldn’t replace, only refund me and I only paid like 9 bucks for it, so it wasn’t worth returning and paying for shipping over one missing shade. But I wont be ordering any type of shadow from Amazon, since they down package it carefully.

Lorna Wales, AK

Fun To Experiment With Different Shades

Sometimes I find I’m in a make up rut, and want to try some different eyeshadow colors without spending a fortune. This e.l.f. 100 Piece Eyeshadow Palette lets me do that quite well. The quality of the eyeshadows themselves is pretty good in that they are lighter but mostly true to what they look like in the case. The “pay off” or pigment is not deeply infused, so if you want to get the full color effect, you would need to lightly dampen with water on your eyeshadow applicator for it to appear richer. I usually don’t do that, however, because I do like the more subtle shades of eyeshadow.Also, having a teenage daughter who really likes to experiment with different shades, and who is young enough to be slightly more adventurous with it (but not too much, I’m kinda strict when it comes to makeup) we’ve really gotten some great use from this eyeshadow palette. This would also make a fantastic gift for just about any woman (younger or um…not so young, like me 🙂 who enjoys using eyeshadow, because the variety of shades go from nice and natural/earthy to bright and fun.While this is not the best quality eyeshadow out there, it is certainly not bottom of the barrel either. I like that it doesn’t have too many shadows in it with a bunch of sparklies in it, and that it hasn’t irritated my eyelids or my daughter’s. In my opinion, this is a good deal and fun for experimenting with some different colored shadows on a budget.It is important to note that this palette must be handled gently, because the eyeshadows to tend to break if you are not careful. I bought mine in a brick and mortar store.

Georgette Clarksville, FL


Great colors, high quality product, and a great deal! I would expect nothing else from E.L.F. products! They’re my new favorite brand!

Loraine Denair, CA

So many choices

I love this palette. I have so many choices. I have used it to go out and to practice on new looks. I love the shimmer in all the colors

Sondra Boswell, PA


This is a great product with a great price on it. It’s exactly what I wanted and I recommend this eyeshadow palette for anyone, especially for beginners that want to experiment with makeup.

Noemi Vernon, VT