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Dynarex 2201 Medical Surgical Face Masks

Procedure Masks offer a flexible nose piece that helps form a closure for better protection against exposure.

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Better than an Asthma Attack!

Use them like Kleenex – find them in my pockets; they go through the laundry (not successfully!) and I’ve given them to my friends as well. I have allergic asthma and a horse stabled at a large barn with plenty of hay and shavings for bedding. My allergist has only once hinted I might consider changing my avocation….well no, not going to happen. So I compromise and use these masks. They are great. I have a box at the barn, some stashed in my car, in my bathroom drawer, in the bedroom – you get it. I find them so handy. I use inhaled steroids and a bronchodilator, but still need more help. So far I can still go to the barn! My only complaints: (1) the loops over my ears make my ears hurt after a while and (2) you also have to play with the metal piece over your nose otherwise in cold weather my glasses steam up from my breath. Small potatoes, really!

Misty Cullman, AL

Work great

These work great, and they don’t break like some others do. They are also comfortable. I would purchase these masks again.

Maude Vandalia, OH

Surgical masks

I bought this for when my daughter and I did our acrylic nails. Helps with the smell and can also be used for cleaning around the house if you have allergies to dust and such

Cristina Garden City, MO

smell of insecticide

a rare bad amazon purchase as these masks reeked of either kerosene or pesticides…i tried on about 6 and one was as stinky as the other…not for me and in the trash they went

Marion Powderly, KY


I have extremely bad asthma and recurring bouts of Valley Fever. I like these masks rather than those that go around your head.

Nona Big Sandy, TN

took these to China

We took these masks to China but we never needed them there. The weather was fine and we didn’t need to take them.

Estelle Muskegon, MI


I have a coughing allergy I developed once we moved to Maryland several years ago. I also cough in cold weather as part of this. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night in my cool house if I didn’t have these great masks to wear. And such a great price for 50. You can spend this much on a similar product at Walmart for 10 or 20 masks at the most.

Victoria Conway, NH