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Dynamic Health Organic Certified Juice Blend, Nopal, 33.8 Fluid Ounce

It has been used traditionally to support healthy cell replacement.

Key features

  • Support healthy response to inflammation
  • Help detoxify
  • Gluten free

Honest reviews


Pain pill in a bottle

This juice is awesome,,,,I had a frozen shoulder and had to go to therapy,,,I had heard about this product and the results it produced so I tried it and it is a miracle. I had 6 wks of therapy prescribed and I was able to move my shoulder and be back to normal within 3 weeks. Within one week most of the discomfort in the shoulder was gone. I would highly recommend this produact to anyone who suffers from inflamation.EC

Elisabeth Jersey, VA

Healthy Juice

The company delivers this product very quickly. I really like the health benefits of this juice mix. It has several super fruits along with the nopal cactus juice. It’s very good for you and has a pleasant taste. You only need 2 tablespoons a day, so it lasts a long time.

Nanette New Franken, WI

Like it

My Mother turned me on to this stuff. I would and have recommended this to others. The price is great compared to other brands. The taste is strange, but most things that are good for you seem to be that way. I will be purchasing this again as soon as I finish the first bottle 🙂

Jade Hudson, MA

Trying This One as a Lower Cost Nopal Cactus Juice

PROS: Provides 100% recommended daily Vitamin C and antioxidants. Mixture of a large variety of juices including Nopal providing minerals, enzymes and betalains, though not strictly Nopal. The initial taste is a sweet juice similar to berries.CONS: Significant strong acidic undercurrent that is too strong and acidic for my taste if not diluted.I mix this in my morning smoothie. It says to take on an empty stomach but I find it mixes and works well with a smoothie of fresh strawberries, other fruits such as green grapes or peaches, fresh greens, a scoop of Supple and cold juice or ice water. This makes a delicious and nutritious combined smoothie and a very easy way to get the good of the supplements and fresh fruit and greens in a very delicious way. I am not a large pill or capsule swallower and like many people, I like to drink what tastes good and fresh. This combo works for me and I get what I need daily.For simply taste, this does not taste like nor as good as the Nopal cactus fruit juice sold in a 6-pak by TriVita. That one is quite delicious on its own and I have tried it and kept in the fridge for drinking a small cup daily. However, that product is very expensive for a fruit juice and I feel I can benefit at least as much from this one if mixed/diluted in a tastier blend as noted above.

Dolly Unalaska, AK


Great tasting, just stared drinking it and noticed I have a bit more normal energy and my pains are minimal in the day time. Still too soon to say if it’s actually working.

Alicia Manchester, IA

Appears to Work

I bought this for my Mom. She liked it and ordered more. It appears to work better than the pills.

Leah Altha, FL

Great Nopal Product

The quality of this product has been consistently good. It really helps cut down on the inflammation I experience in my leg and hip. I notice a big difference when I miss a couple I of days because of travel etc. I buy this product in the two pack – great price and you are not overpaying for a network marketing product.

Bonita Fishing Creek, MD

Works just as well as the more expensive Trivita brand!!!!

I had been using Trivita brand, and it worked great, but the price was ridiculous!!! I ran out and didn’t want to order more, so after just a few days, I noticed I was feeling tired and my pain was coming back. I did some searching and found this Nopal juice, for a fraction of the cost!!! It seems to be working just as well as the more expensive stuff. The taste isn’t quite as good, but…. it does what I want it to do!!! I just take a shot glass full of it, each morning. I feel energetic and have less pain, after just one week of using it. I’m so glad I found this one!!!!

Kate Bloomington Springs, TN