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Dy-Zoff Hair Color Stain Remover Pads

Dy-Zoff Hair Color Stain Remover Pads removes any haircolor stains on skin.

Key features

  • Cotton blend fabric works quickly and effectively
  • Eliminates the need for cotton and towels
  • Saturated with the unique Dy-Zoff formula to instantly wipe away stains
  • Single-use cotton pads; just dispose of after each use
  • Pads stay fresh, will not dry out

Honest reviews


Love this product!!

I have been using these pads for years and I cannot live without them. I die my own eyebrows and with these pads I can do a fantastic job removing any remnants of the die off my skin. They are truly fantastic. I even got my mom hooked on them. She loves them too. What a value for the money!

Linda Eielson Afb, AK


I am very happy with this product. Every stain came off even after 30 minutes. Very handy instead of using cotton balls and some cream.

Cecelia Hillview, IL


If you home dye your hair this should be the only dye remover you should ever consider for the rest of your life. Thank God I found it on Amazon!

Emilia Gumberry, NC

Don’t know what I’d do without this

I have a stylist who comes to the house to color my hair, and she always forgets to bring whatever fancy product they use in the salon to remove the dye from my face. After she visited a few weeks ago, I had to take my kids to gymnastics with brown dye ALL OVER my neck, ears, and forehead (but my hair looked great). After reading the positive reviews on this product, I decided to take matters into my own hands and–let me tell you–this stuff WORKS. Here’s the caveat: make sure you don’t try to wash the dye off with water/soap/etc. before you use the pads. They work best when you rub the pads on dyed skin soon after the dye has been applied. I know this product works on Goldwell products (it’s the only brand she’ll use), which you can buy on and apply yourself if you have the time/know-how, but I don’t know if it will work with other types of hair dye (i.e., Henna, metallic-based, etc.) Hopefully other reviewers will provide info.

Zelma Ocracoke, NC

Works shockingly well

I dye my eyebrows (I’m quite fair) and thus I always have to deal with huge Groucho Marx eyebrows for a day or two due to the fact that my skin gets dyed along with the eyebrow hairs. These pads work incredibly well at removing the majority of dye stain on my face. Best product I’ve used so far.

Vicky Rogers, NE

Works pretty well

I like how there’s lots of pads in the container, lasts a long time.It works pretty well at getting off the stains on my skin from color touch ups.

Laverne Pangburn, AR