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duri Miracote .61oz

The next generation of extremely fast, non-yellowing toulene and formaldehyde free topcoat. This unique formulation designed to create a very tough durable, and magnificently glossy finish.

Key features

  • Toulene and formaldehyde free formula

Honest reviews


fab product

Covers great, smooth, glassy appearance. Dries almost instantly, even on multiple coats of polish. Am buying this again. This is my new go to quick dry top coat!

Staci East Jordan, MI

Nail Protector

Great stuff. This is the second time I order this. It really protects my nails and so far has been the only thing on the market that truely has made my nails strong ,..and also keeps them from breaking and chipping.

Marcia Brownsville, KY

move over seche vite…

Because Miracote is the new HG of my nail arsenal. I purchased this after seeing a good review and one ok review of it somewhere online, I wish I knew where to find the girl who wrote the good review because she changed the way I do my nails FOREVER! I can literally lay down for bed 5-10 minutes after painting my nails and sealing them with this top coat and wake up without hair or sheet lines. What?! Too god to be true right? NOPE! I’ve used SV in the past and although I do like it, the smell is much stronger than Miracote’s and SV has a tendency of shrinking my polish. I haven’t noticed shrinking with this one and so it will be my go to until I find another product better than this one. Which I doubt I will! I would and have recommended this product to anyone and everyone.

Leonor Burdett, NY

Can’t Do Your Nails without this Topcoat!

This topcoat is something I cannot live without! After polishing my nails with the required number of coats I need, I wait approximately 5-10 minutes and apply a fairly generous coat of Miracote to each nail, making sure to cover the entire nail and carry the topcoat down over the tip of each nail. Wait a few minutes and you can proceed with small chores while the topcoat and polish finish setting. It has a wonderful high glossy shine, and seals in the polish. With an occasional touch up, my manicure now lasts me 7 full days, and in many instances even longer. And it looks great. This topcote is a must have if you do your own manicures!

Shawn Mc Leod, MT

Best products ever!!

Great product. I get little to almost no wear on the tips of my nails. I put a coat on them everyday for the first 3 days and then every other day. I also use the rejuvacoat as a base coat which is also great!!

Emily Laurel, MD