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Duri Cosmetics Rejuvacote 0.61oz

Rajuva cote nail treatment will heal and cure your split, cracked and acrylic eaten nails. In a matter of weeks you will enjoy the look and feel of strong, vital, natural nails.

Key features

  • Only 2 3 weeks to see dramatic improvement
  • Will force your nails to grow stronger, healthier and longer
  • Top rated nail treatment

Honest reviews


It’s just cheap clear nailpolish! (:(

#1. It has FARMALDEHUYDE ! Per WebMD: “Elle, a celebrity manicurist who writes a blog for Barielle Cosmetics, suggests her clients use polish that is free of formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate.”#2. How on earth does putting this on top of the nailpolish penetrate the nailpolish to strengthen the nail under it?! It doesn’t! That just goes to prove that it’s the many layers that keep the nails from breaking and not that it’s actually doing something to nourish the nails so that NAILS themselves become stronger.I was shocked when i put it on to see that it’s basically just clear nail polish and not something that penetrates the nail it’s self to strengthen it! It’s just a cheap nailpolish which starts chipping off within 1 day (even when put on clean dry nails as the directions say!).

Monique La Salle, CO

depends on metabolism, medications peels off too fast

I was very excited about adding Duri Rejuvacote Nail Growth System to my new regimen. Perhaps it depends on one’s metabolism, or even (allergy) medications, but I find it peels off very, very quickly, same day it’s applied. I try to wear gloves when using cleansers and cleaning. My nails are growing and growing very fast, thanks to a nail strengthener oil and nail growth oil on […]. I’ve seen tremendous growth! Nails that had never grown without artificial wraps or such are now growing long and strong. When a nail breaks, it grows back very quickly. So, I incorporated the Rejuvacote to help, but it peels off around the edges too quickly, even without pre-applying oils. I will use the remainder of the bottle, but would not buy again. For me, Sally Hansen works better. It helps the polish last longer, does not peel with mere handwashing and looks nice.

Kim Hopland, CA

It works!

I’ve always struggled with thin brittle nails that often peeled. I’ve never been able to grow long nails b/c as soon as they grew any length they would peel so bad. So I bought this and I’ve been using it for two months now and my nails feel so much thicker and they haven’t peeled once. This product takes time to work but if you stick with it you will see great results. I don’t believe it makes your nails grow any faster though but if you’re looking for a great nail hardener this is it.

Jerri Helena, GA

Not too bad!

I had gel nails for years and after removing them, my natural nails were split and peeling. Someone at work recommended this to me after she had similar problems. After using for 2 weeks, I haven’t had too many rips in my nails. It does sting after the 1st 2 applications.

Sally Nooksack, WA

I think this is going to work

I haven’t been using this for long, but I think it is going to work for me. My nails were in such bad shape from wearing acrylics for years. It’s going to take awhile to get them grown out and get rid of all this mistreated nail surface, but even at that, this product is strengthening them enough so that they aren’t tearing clear down like they normally do. So far I’m impressed.

Dona Durant, IA

This is a miracle worker- My nails actually grow with this stuff!!

This is an amazing product! I was having issues with my nails peeling, just started happening out of the blue. My nails have always been short and I could never get them to really grow- once the nail would hit the tip of my finger- that is it, it wouldnt grow past that. My nails were also very weak they would bend- and I just assumed unless I went and got fake nails (which I used to do- but that damaged my nails even more) thats how my nails would be.When my nails started to peel, I was trying to find a solution, I came across a few things and this being one, and was the most reasonably priced as well… I tried this, not thinking much of it ( I was skeptical to say the least )I followed directions and within a week I saw that my nails were no longer peeling and my nails were actually growing. Within 3 weeks I had the longest and strongest (real) nails I have ever had. I have been using this stuff for about 4 months now- I have had one nail break on me (but it literally grew back within a week).People think my nails are fake because of how long and nice looking they are.I do file and shape them- I think if I didnt do that they would be a couple inches long (from the tip) and thats too much for me.This stuff really does work.My mom has the same issues with her nails as I did, I gave her a bottle and her nails have grown and are much stronger and she just asked a couple days ago where I got it and that she wanted to buy a couple bottles.If you are looking for stronger/longer nails, I would definately tell you to try this out, its well worth it!

Amalia Hurlock, MD


For years i have wanted long nails, The only way i could achieve them was by acrylic until rejuvacote!, I love this stuff and i just ordered a second bottle, my daughter and I both use this, while I don’t think it makes them grow any faster, it does protect your real nails from a lot of damage!…I will never go without this product

Kelli Hamtramck, MI

A little disappointed

First time i wore it everything was fine. the second and third time the polish starting peeling off. Don’t know if it was because I was washing my hands more but it was peeling off of multiple nails within the second and third day. Don’t know what to do about that. I have to wash dishes. May have to return it.

Hazel Chicago, IL

food for nails

thhis product is great if you have problem fingernails.Mine used to peel like onions.Once I started with Duri Rejuvacote and used it as my nailpolish,I grew the most beautiful healthy nails.I get compliments about my nails, I do not have acrylics,just my very own natural looking nails.

Bette Ada, MN

Stopped nails breaking

Nails were weak, peeling, and brittle. Now they are strong and long! Only downside is a toxic smell, like formaldehyde….

Carolina Leasburg, NC

It Works!

I love this stuff. I have seen a lot of growth since using this and a lot less breaks. I am very happy with this product.

Opal Kennedy, MN

Waste of money

Do not buy it, it is a waste of money, it doesn’t work at all, my nail are still fragile!!!!

Marissa Mill Run, PA

Slowly Helped

Long story short, I got similar results when I started drinking a bottle of water every day- but at a much slower pace. And let’s face it- a lot of people don’t remember to or have time to put a coat of nail polish on their nails every day. Just try changing your diet- you’ll be amazed! This does help though, if you’re willing to treat it like birth control pills and use it every day.

Aisha Sugar Grove, NC


i’ve been using this stuff for a couple years after a spa/salon nail tech recommended it to me. it really works! my nails are very thin and weak, and no suppliments or diet changes have helped. i apply one coat of rejuvacote a day and my nails are strong and long-i actually have to cut them when they get too long instead of them just breaking all the time. amazon has the best price on this stuff too.

Rosella Jefferson, NC

Nice & Smooth

I bought this as a recommendation to strengthen my nails and to serve as a simple base coat. I really like it so far. It’s nice and thick (but not globby) and comes on smooth. It gives my nails a nice clear finish where I don’t feel like I need to wear nail polish. It works fine under layers of nail polish too. If you are looking to just use it to keep your nails strong, the box suggests applying a coat daily and then alternating days as needed when your nails get better.

Marjorie Almira, WA

works mostly

I think this does help i dont know if i saw crazy results right away though, but it did help my nails become stronger

Tracey Juana Diaz, PR

Rejuvacote – didn’t work for me

After having acrylics for years I took them off and needed major nail help!Tried a bunch of different products and if I hadn’t found ones I liked better I might’ve stuck with this. It sort of worked but there were just other products that worked better for me (ProStrong’s BioFusion & Nailtiques #2+).Gave this to a friend.

Essie La Crosse, WI

Very good

I have very weak and peeling nails and after 2 months using it every day (almost) they had became lot better. It doen’t make your nails grow like crazy but makes them beautiful and strong. It doen’t hurt unless you have very weak nails which is completely normal, in that case you should only apply it to the tips of the nail for like a week or so.Pros:Dry fast on nailsLong lasting cause is very liquid (not as quimica alemana which is good but you only get to use half bottle before it gets thick)Good priceDoesn’t change your nail polish colorSimple because is just one stepCons:I think it makes your polish chip faster when used as base coatCouldn’t be wear alone because it peels fastI’ll buy this again and again 😀

Jan West Friendship, MD

Very happy with this one !

Absolute genius product , I literally saw my nails expanding at the cuticle level ,still haven’t seen it go length wise but I am guessing its a slow process and I am positive that it will grow given the improvements I have seen so far . Nails are a lot clear and a lot stronger . Waiting for it to grow so I never have to do gel or acrylic and rock my own :)Apply religiously twice a day for a week and then once a day for another week ,take a break for one week.repeat.If it is flexible try not to apply polish on top and let this one be.

Stefanie Jetmore, KS

just got it

I just got it a week ago and started using it immediately so I cannot comment too much on it, but I did purchase this item to see if it would work better that the other hardener that I purchase from amazon a few months ago. I think is call Quimica Alemana. This item worked for a while and then I stared to notice that it wouldn’t stop breaking, especially my thumbs, so I decided to give this item DURI a try. I hope it works I love to have my nails long and manicured.

Felicia Sierra Madre, CA

Really makes nails hard

For the first month or so I applied this product about 2-3 times a week and I didn’t think it was doing anything. My nails were growing very slowly but as the weeks went on I noticed I had not broken a nail. Even when I trim or file them, my nails are very hard and not see through paper thin anymore. Wish my nails would grow faster but they are getting pretty lengthy and its thanks to this product which has made them durable even when submerged under water for extended periods of time. Would definitely recommend.

Loraine Centralia, TX

Love this polish

My nails were in very bad shape, always peeling and chipping. I use this as a base coat and a top coat to keep them from peeling. Great product and great brand.

Lauren Wyarno, WY

One Star

I stopped using it because it hurts when I putted on my nails.

Ladonna Chatsworth, NJ


.nail tech told me about this product. She shouldn’t have done that, as she lost my business. I haven’t been back to a salon since because when I polish my nails and use this as a topcoat….well, my manicure stays for at least a week. Use it every other day over your polished nails, and it looks like you just stepped out of the salon. If you are like me and love the look of natural nails and love to do your own manicures, you must use this product. And by the way, it dries in seconds…..

Adele Adrian, OR

Rejuvacote Nails

I love this product. It’s the only nail system that has made my nails grow and strength the nails as well.

Earlene Glencross, SD


I am not a nail person. My hands are in water constantly since I clean for living and I have a tendency to wash my hands a lot. They have a hard time growing. My nails are short and I tried to keep up on it but after awhile I noticed it dried them near the cuticles out badly. I wasn’t too happy to hear it a formaldehyde in it too. It may work for others. Just going to give it to my mother since she has pretty nails and does them all the time.

Mellisa Hammonton, NJ

Hard as a Rock

I love this polish. My nails tend to be flimsy and peel all the time. Duri makes them hard and sturdy.

Melva Woden, IA


The only thing I liked about this was the fact that it dried quick. It didn’t help with breakage much and made my peeling nails worse. Since it chips within two days it takes layers off of my nail causing them to become weak all over again. I use essie "grow stronger" base coat and essie "no chips ahead" topcoat when I’m not wearing polish. My nails are amazing now!

Wilma Ferndale, CA

Love it

I’ve been using this product for almost 2 weeks, and I can already tell a difference. My nails aren’t growing as fast as I would like them too, however, they are a lot stronger. My nails were always very weak and would break as soon as they started growing. Glad I spent the money on this!

Kristy Upton, WY

top notch

I just got my acrylics off after 25 years. I filed off any rough edges, and am applying as directed. Dries fast, and doesn’t peel off! No more dishing out $35 per manicure! Not to mention my manicurist (even though she is really sweet) talks too much and takes up a good portion of my day doing my nails. The nails were getting in my way! Recommended!!

Michelle Cobleskill, NY