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Duo Lash Adhesive, Clear, 0.25 Ounce

Ask any makeup artist and they will tell you, ‘it’s not the lashes; it’s the adhesive.” For a perfect faux lash application, women look to duo, the world’s best-selling waterproof lash adhesive. Duo adhesive is celebrated for its safe, gentle formula and the strong, sure hold it provides. One tube of duo (in both dark and clear tones) allows for countless applications because only a thin line of duo is required to create beautiful, eye-opening results. For both the lash expert and the faux phobic, duo adhesive ensures that lashes are easy to apply and they stay in place. Women who love their lashes incorporate them into their every day makeup routine. And women who want to experiment with the instant allure of lashes find that duo makes the difference between success and failure. Duo—the makeup artist’s best friend.

Key features

  • Clear-invisible when dry
  • World’s best setlling adhesive
  • Use with strip lashes
  • Waterproof

Honest reviews


Good Lash Glue

Its good because it has a brush that is fine and delicate… it tends to get overly sticky though which disappointed me. I think they intentionally goofed up this new glue because when it first came out it was so fantastic, a pair of false eyelashes could last you a month with this stuff….. because its the glue that ruins them… but, as we know girls, the same companies make the lashes and the glue. Anyway I tried to outrun them and I rushed to buy a half dozen of these before they realized they made a glue that was so good lash sales would drop, but the formula was already changed…. profit before integrity: the american way… sad, stupid, but true. Anyway… Its as good as any other lash glue. I still like it.

Monique Montclair, NJ

I thought glue is suppose to stick…

This glue did absolutely nothing to my lashes. I rather use the lashes on their own without the glue since that sticks wayyy better.

Kendra Mendon, MI

Dries perfectly clear

As long as you don’t over apply and focus on getting the glue right on the ends, it is great product!

Margret Newtonsville, OH


Omg! I’m in heaven when I discovered this “Brush On” glue from DUO. I like it because #1 it’s FORMALDEHYDE FREE (Causes Cancer). The other Duo Glue (Blue & White) I bought from sephora contained the formaldehyde which I did not know at the time. But this Glue is Great for these reasons: No Smell, It’s not gooey when you apply, it does not dry up immediately but can be applied right away & still sticks to eyelid, It’s white so you can see where you applied too much, It dries clear, Lasting power is amazing! I fell asleep with the fake lashes on & it was still on overnight, & lastly – you never have to re-apply because it stays on all day without false lash coming off.I tried the Ardell brush on in clear & so disappointed because it Stings, Smells bad like toxic,dries up fast & looses it’s stickiness, lashes comes off after a few hours, need to re-apply. When it gets in your eye – it hurts bad. You can’t really tell where the clear glue is that’s why it gets in your eye. Totally opposite of the Duo.Duo Brush On – Love Love this Product!

Terrie Trosky, MN

Best adhesive I have ever tried!

I used to love clear adhesive until I gave this a try. Hiding the band of my eyelashes is so easy with this dark color. I would recommend their clear version if you are using liners that are not dark. Light browns and bright colored liners may not get along with this liner glue. If you use black or dark brown liner though, this really helps hide that pesky lash band.

Carissa Hilmar, CA

Good but

This is the typical bond I have used for years but I recently found one on Amazon that last longer and adhears better.. Duo cannot compare to it.

Roslyn Norge, VA

Works Great

I needed a lash adhesive that actually worked, and this was recommended to me.I was fighting with an inferior glue and trying to get my lashes to stick all day. I was losing!I ordered this product, which came in 2 days, and tried it before a Christmas party I was attending. I brought it along, just in case the lashes started lifting on me like usual. I never had to use it! The Duo adhesive holds perfectly, and the white glue color does dry completely clear.I love this product and highly recommend it to keep your lashes on all day long with no lifting of the corners, or glue showing on your eyes.

Chrystal South Saint Paul, MN

The best ONE!

Any gal who wears mini lashes (like me – I usually buy a full pair and then cut each in half to make two pairs to make mini lashes) for the middle of my eye; this adhesive is the best and I’ve been using it for 15 years! Just can’t war it in water and your lashes will come off if you cry! Love it; it does the job when you want that extra bit of glam w/extra lashes.

Carmela Sylvester, GA



Liza Somerset, OH

A never will purchase again

Most of my reviews are positive. There are a few that state my dislike. This would be one of them! I hate this product because it did not live up to my expectations…at all! It was watery; not at all like Duo adhesive in a tube. In addition, it had a strange blueish iridescent color and had absolutely no hold! If I put a piece of chewed up gum on them-that would have held the lashes better than this product!

Lillie Quartzsite, AZ

Not bad!

After reading reviews and watching tutorials, I purchased this product. Its decent for my first time wearing false lashes. I did have to learn to let it almost dry before placing it on my lid.

Bobbi Bethel, VT

Works well.

I got the duo brush on because i thought it would be easier to use than the tube, it actually is very hard to get it to work. It dries very quickly making the container all sticky around the opening and you cannot wait the recommended 30 seconds before applying. Actually the timing is hard to get right too, too early or late and it won’t stick. It usually takes me 3 tries before i can get it to apply to my lash line correctly and gives the glue look after so many attempts.Although, because it has the vitamins in it, and the different formula it does not feel too heavy or itch my eyelids at all! and once it is actually applied correctly (on all sides) your lashes stay put! In fact they stayed on for 2 and a half days while I was on vacation and at a theme park, going 60mph plus on rollercoasters until the sides finally popped up.So, it is hard to get it to work, but once you get it to it works good!

Edith Wilburton, PA

Just Ok

The Duo lash adhesive works ok,i have used it several times. I am not sure that it works better then the eyelash adhesive i already had. I may buy again.

Deidra Belmont, TX

Easy to use, dries clear

I am fair skinned so I wear brown lashes and the black glue to way to dark for me since I don’t wear black liner. This glue dries clear. Put it on the lashes and wait about 30 sec until it gets tacky and then apply.

Nadine Riparius, NY

Great product.

It is easy to apply to lashes. Not too sticky but enough to hold for the evening. It does not irritate my eyes.

Janie Somerset, MI

Not Quality

Dries white alone or whatever color foundation/ eye makeup you are using. Does not really stick and peels off very easily.

Berta Mullin, TX

will not buy any other glue

i use this glue for lashes always (ardell demi 120) and it works last all day for me without and lifting from the corner problems plus its a great price i only buy the clear because the dark version is alittle off to me it doesnt dry black its more gray looking to it messes up my look so i save my time by sticking to white onelong story shorti use it ill buy it again always highly recommendhave any questions feel free to comment below

Adeline Perkins, MI

love this

this is now my favorite falsies glue! it is soo easy to use, I love it! it works well, holds well, the tube is full, and I recommend this to anybody, and I would prefer this glue to the tube glue for strip lashes, just because of the ease of use!

Nelly Amberg, WI

Works fine

The Duo Lash adhesive works fine, no problems. Just follow the directions and it should work out well for you.

Juliet Ballinger, TX

Eyelash Glue

The Lash Adhesive is the same one that comes with most false eyelashes. The tube seals correctly, so the contents do not dry out before the next time it is used. Highly recommend!

Angelina Saint Gabriel, LA

One Star

doesn’t work

Sheri Flora, MS

good glue

works well. dries in a good amount of time in order to put on lashes. don’t push on tube to hard or to much will come out. if you are careful not to put on lashes makes it easy to take of the fake ones.

Lora Keysville, GA

Not a Good Product

This product was not what I had expected. For one thing, this product does not even keep the lashes stuck to you for long. However, the upside to this product is that there is no tearing of your regular lashes when you remove the false ones. Overall, this product was not worth the money. The seller was expedient in their delivery, and I received this product before the expected delivery date.

Adeline Saint Agatha, ME

Works great!

Today was actually my first day wearing fake eyelashes, well I put them on this morning with this glue & Ive been busy all day, its 12AM now and my eyelashes are still on strong even after not doing so well applying them lol

Louise Barium Springs, NC

Best Adhesive By Far

There are no brands that are even close to being as good as this adhesive. I’ve tried Revlon’s adhesive, and it didn’t hold the eyelashes on at all. Afterward, I was really discouraged and skeptical about getting new adhesive, but all it took was one try and I fell in love. I will never buy any other adhesive.

Amie Ransom, KY

My favorite

This is the best eyelash adhesive I’ve ever used!!!! It is my favorite. I have black lashes, so this matches my color well.

Florine Quinton, VA


I’m a beginner at wearing eyelashes and this glue does the trick. I accidently fell asleep with my lashes on and they stayed on throughout the night. The glue hold really well

Vera Leroy, IN


I love this ! I usually wear strips of fake lashes but I tried out individuals and I loved it they stayed on my eyelashes for 3 days , until I took them off, there easy to take off but if I wanted them to stay a few days longer it would last ! The only thing is the glue is watery so it can shoot out if u squeeze to hard lol

Kitty Peaks Island, ME

Works like a charm!

I got this to use with individual lashes because i didnt want them to be glued on for weeks at a time and it works perfectly! It dries quickly and also comes off pretty smoothly when using either makeup wipes or some baby oil. The only thing i didnt like about it, is it doesnt exactly dry clear unless you have a very minimal amount. It was easily covered up though with some mascara.

Pam Hamilton, IN

it’s duo or dirt!

i gave up on false eyelashes because i never had any luck with the adhesives. i tried doing it myself (using shu uemura glue) and they lasted about two hours. for my wedding, i had them professionally applied and one side came undone! then i read a how-to article and it only recommended one brand – "it’s duo or dirt." well, i am definitely a believer. i’ve worn them several times now without any problems. and when i’m ready to remove the lashes, they come off very easily – no ripping out my natural lashes. also, it’s cheap and you can find it pretty much anywhere. love love love this stuff!!

Lacey Lacamp, LA