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Duo 568034 Eyelash Adhesive

Ask any makeup artist and they will tell you, ‘it’s not the lashes; it’s the adhesive.” for a perfect faux lash application, women look to duo, the world’s best-selling waterproof lash adhesive. duo adhesive is celebrated for its safe, gentle formula and the strong, sure hold it provides. one tube of duo (in both dark and clear tones) allows for countless applications because only a thin line of duo is required to create beautiful, eye-opening results. for both the lash expert and the faux phobic, duo adhesive ensures that lashes are easy to apply and they stay in place. women who love their lashes incorporate them into their every day makeup routine. and women who want to experiment with the instant allure of lashes find that duo makes the difference between success and failure. duo—the makeup artist’s best friend.

Key features

  • 0.25oz
  • 2 Pieces

Honest reviews


Best lash adhesive there was!

My go to lash adhesive! I trust Duo implicitly. It has never let me down. It is almost magic. I love it!

Kelly Tate, GA

So happy

This product is great, It lasted the whole 24hrs if not longer even slept with them in and did not fall off

Kay Sandwich, IL

Best ever!

This is my 1st time using DUO adhesive. I am new to lashes but I knew by going with this adhesive, I would not be disappointed. I am definitely satisfied with my purchase. Will repurchase again.

Jodi Jarrell, TX

The way to go

I always use this glue for my face, it dries clear stays on all day, and works for gems too. I almost refuse to use other glues only because I have always had this glue work.

Judy Bear Mountain, NY

Classic for a reason

Duo eyelash adhesive is one of the easiest kinds to find and it’s inexpensive and very popular. I like the dark for fake eyelashes, but I use the clear for adhering crystals and other accents around my eyes or my daughter’s eyes for costumes.To apply rhinestone accents, you put a bit of the glue on the accent, give it a couple seconds to get tacky, then press and hold it in place for a few seconds. It will stay on until you remove it. Peel the adhesive off the rhinestones, clean the rhinestones well, and put them away until next time. To get any remaining adhesive off your face, a good make up remover does the trick for me. If that doesn’t, try a light skin safe oil or moisturizer.I prefer this to spirit gum for small accents because it doesn’t have a strong scent, and it’s safe for around the eyes.

Antionette Norcatur, KS

I’ve tried others and by far this one is the BEST!

After viewing many tutorials and reading the reviews for this prdoduct, I finally had the opportunity to get my hands on Duo and I must say other lash adhesives just don’t compare to DUO! Duo goes on clear and as it dries it blends with your skin tone…so no worries there. It’s very forgiving unlike black adhesives. Simply apply a small amount to your lash strip, give it a couple of seconds to get tacky and the lash applies perfectly. And when I say it adheres…it adheres! I will NEVER try another lash adhesive…I’m sold on Duo!

Christi Danville, VA

Geat product

It’s the best adhesive on the market for artificial lashes. I’ve tried others and they burn my eyes or don’t stay on well. I get the white which turns to clear. They also have black but any mistakes are not forgiving in the black.

Lilian Pinos Altos, NM