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DreamTime Inner Peace Eye Pillow, Lavender Velvet

Discover the inner peace that resides within you. DreamTime’s Inner Peace Eye Pillow is a sensory relaxation tool used for easing stress and tension, while allowing you to rest and recharge, sleep or meditate deeply. Filled with our signature blend of flax, lavender, chamomile and orange granules, the Inner Peace Eye Pillow applies gentle acupressure to tired eyes and facial muscles, while the aromatherapy induces an aura of comfort and calm. The luxurious fabric is cool to the touch, allowing the Eye Pillow to drape and conform to the contours of your face, providing welcome relief for headaches, sleeping difficulties, stress or eye puffiness.

Key features

  • Pure and natural aromatherapy herbs relieve tension and stress
  • Flax seed filling provides gentle acupressure
  • Use cold to reduce swelling and relieve headache pain
  • Side zipper allows washing and re-filling
  • Soft natural fabrics are comfortable durable and washable

Honest reviews


Really does help me relax!

I had an eye pillow made by a different manufacturer for about 10 years before it finally tore open. Unable to see how I could live without it, I repaired it with duct tape (hey, I’m a guy, what do you expect), but I figured it was time to get a new one. I was pleased to see on Amazon that many eye pillows, such as the DreamTime eye pillow on this page, come with zippers so the contents can be removed and the material hand-washed. I got a different color than the one on this page (I got the “DreamTime Inner Peace Eye Pillow, Sage Velvet,” also sold here at Amazon). The eye pillow that tore open on me was unscented and I was hesitant about getting a scented eye pillow; I was afraid it would be too perfumy. But the scent of the DreamTime eye pillow is quite pleasant and to my liking and I don’t find it perfumy at all. It has a mild chamomile smell, and when I use it, it is easy for me to imagine that I am reclining in a field of wild chamomile. Having an eye pillow means not having to put my arm or arms over my eyes (or a folded up t-shirt or a towel or whatever is handy) when I want total darkness. The eye pillow gives me total darkness–100% absolute blackness. It also imparts the pleasant sensation that I get when I gently press my palms to my eyes. The scent is relaxing, the sensation of having the pillow over my eyes is relaxing, the absolute darkness is relaxing, and I highly recommend this inexpensive product (especially at the sale price) to anyone who is looking for a natural way to get some deep relaxation. DreamTimes’s eye pillow comes in a sturdy reusable cardboard box (with a ribbon carrying handle). DreamTime eye pillows are obviously marketed to women and that’s too bad for guys who might not consider trying them because of how they’re marketed. Maybe if they make some with a camo design (just kidding). Highly recommended for anyone who wants a natural aid to deep relaxation.
Nanette Butternut, WI

Very pleased

Years ago someone gave me one of this type eye pillow and I have loved it. The fragrance was very soothing and really aided my relief from migraines. The company that manufactured it has since been sold and I was looking for a replacement. DreamTime is the perfect replacement. It has the exact aroma and is well made as was the first one. I also have ordered one for my daughter and she enjoys hers as well. I recommend to these to everyone I know who has migraines.
Paige Azalea, OR

it is just ok

After reading all reviews here i was expecting something much better. First, the smell is so intense that it makes the eyes itchy after a few minutes. Second it does not get cold enough. The only pro is that is very soft. I bet you can get something better and cheaper than this one. just my opinion.
Elena Orland, ME

great buy. relaxing

i have been using these for years to relax and this is the best quality one for the price. i love the sage color and the smell is to die for. i close my eyes and put this one and it relaxes me so much i fall asleep within ten minutes and it usually takes me 30 minutes. best buy in awhile
Margot Anniston, MO

I can barely smell the lavender…

I couldn’t wait to get this eye pillow. I read the reviews and was hoping that the scent wasn’t too overpowering. Well it came last night, I opened the box expecting a beautiful scent of lavender and I can BARELY smell the scent. I don’t know if I just received one that was older or what, but when I used it last night the lavender was so faint that even holding it up to my nose didn’t work. I love the fabric and it’s very well made, just doesn’t smell…is there something you can do?
Odessa Clarkedale, AR

lets talk sleep

ok so first of all it has a VERY Strong odor. its not going to fade so don’t worry about that. when I first got it the smell was actually a little overwhelming but it has calmed down a little over the months. this is a great product to relax with, this is not a good product to try to sleep with as it slides all over the place. I am sure some people who sleep on their backs would love this but I sleep on my side so I am constantly doing a balancing act with it until I fall asleep. For headaches or just general relaxation when you are laying on your back I highly advise!
Angela Alice, TX

Sage version

Excellent value, excellent quality.Gentle scent.Even the packaging is great, as it opens easily, doesn’t fall apart like flimsy corrugated cardboard, and even has a nice rope handle.A wonderful present for a budding yogi, or anyone who wants to spend more time relaxing or meditating.
Courtney Center Point, WV


At the end of each yoga class, my teacher would put one of these over my eyes. I was concerned that others had used the pillow and didn’t know what germs I might get (no I’m really not a germaphobe, but I’m careful with my eyes). Anyway, now I have my own and can wash the cover whenever I wish. I really like this pillow. Just the right size and weight with a wonderful, subtle fragrance.
Lenore Hydetown, PA