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DREAMER by Versace Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 oz

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Key features

  • Design House: Gianni Versace
  • Fragrance Notes: wild flowers, linen, amber and tobacco.
  • Recommended Use: casual

Honest reviews


Men will hate you, Women will love you!

Versace “the Dreamer” — what can you say? I had moderately high expectations for this fragrance after reading some reviews, and they were not only met but exceeded. Some colognes are classy, fresh, professional, sensual… but seriously, the one word that comes to mind with this smell is SEXY! I mean, I would sleep with myself after smelling this. It is so simple when you look at the notes, yet so well done. Refined, semi-sweet, amazing longevity but does not exaggerate just to draw attention to yourself. I’m trying to come up with a situation where somebody could not wear this — to no avail. These last few weeks with the temperature being around 90 it will disappear a little too quickly and project a little too much. This is a great fragrance to start your fall collection, or to make a great impression on that first date.It does have some pretty good projection and longevity so I would say to start off with three sprays maximum, and maybe build up from there. The tobacco and floral mixes very well at the beginning, and can actually be quite confusing, which gives the scent a perfect name! With the “Goddess of Sleep” as a signature, is hypnotic, but also wait for the dry down after about three hours returns very romantic. Definitely a must try, even a blind buy, but trust your nose and the compliments that you receive.

Sasha Pearson, WI

Le Male meets D&G

This cologne smells great! It has a very sweet tobacco smell and is a lot more masculine smelling than other Versace cologne’s I’ve smelled. Blue Jeans was my favorite from Versace but The Dreamer now holds that title. It is reminiscent of JPG Le Male and the tobacco reminds me a bit of D&B Pour Homme. It’s like the 2 colognes had cologne babies and those babies grew up to become a scent better than it’s parents. Easily lasts 8 hours on me.

Eunice Del Valle, TX

THE dreamer???? This is a FAKE!!!

The product name on amazon says “Dreamer By Gianni Versace” not “THE Dreamer” which obviusly means it is NOT an original… didn’t realized it until it had arrived and saw the packaging. I think that was misleading.. Wasn’t able to notice that through my phone.Money down the drain… Was really dissapointed to have gotten this.

Sally Victoria, KS

Not for me

Well, it’s not completely horrible. But it smells like lavender and and old lady :\ Definitely not for me. It is very strong and has good silage.

Michele Newsoms, VA

Great cologne, especially considering the price.

This is one of my favorite colognes. It lasts a long time once applied.I find it to be a good winter cologne or a night time cologne.It’s got a very dense or thick smell to it [if that makes any sense] so i don’t think it’d be as suitable for summer.Very much like a light musky or powdery vanilla. A reviewer on youtube said, "It smells like a newborn babies ass covered in vanilla syrup" and that, in all honesty, isn’t particularly far off.It has a bit of a more romantic or intimate smell to it, so as i said, i see it being a favorite for night.

Eddie Pinebluff, NC

Beautiful Scent

1996 releaseNight time (all year) or day time during springDate night scentOriental Floral/Sweet/PowderyLasts up to 10 hoursThis stuff is beautiful. The key to experiencing this cologne is to put it on 30-45 minutes before you want others to smell it. The intial scent of The Dreamer is overpowered and excessively floral. After a good 30-45 minutes it dries down to what it will be smelling like for the rest of the time. It is soft, fresh, floral and a tad powdery. It makes me picture a dream world in an English garden surrounded by ivy and powder. It’s all really good. Definitely worth having for yourself and because ladies love it. There are two different boxes so dont be worried if your The Dreamer comes in a dark blue box with a few stars on it. FOr how cheap the 3.4 ounce is on amazon.. its a great buy.

Beatrice Sweet Grass, MT

Subtle and Refined

Wow! That is the only description I could use in reference to this product. Bought this based squarely on the reviews of others and I must say I AM NOT THE LEAST BIT DISAPPOINTED! The scent of wild flowers and amber is especially fascinating after about 20 minutes in. Ever so often the scent creeps into my nose just to say "I’m still here and just want to remind you" compliments will not calm down either from others who get a passer by whiff of this classic fragrance. A must have in the colletion of cologne lover. A truly divinely combination that makes it a pleasure to wear.

Tonia Maxton, NC


This is a great gift to give a partner or any man in your life.My absolute favorite scent for men.I *really* wish they still made Dreamer for Women. I don’t know why they kept making it for men but discontinued it for women, because that scent was equally as wonderful.

Jenny Adona, AR

One of my favorite old school joints…

Yes, this is a definite keeper. Love this cologne to no end. I intend to keep replenshing this product when finished..

Chelsea Vernon, UT

Not impressed

I got this based on the reviews and found the price to be reasonable…i am not impressed…it is hard to describe the smell as it has many different notes that are not working together, but rather each one takes over individually for a while before it fades awkwardly and you feel like you’re wearing a different perfume…it is also overpowering at first…then fades out into something that reminds you of what your grandfather wore…i don’t know what others found in it, but definitely not for me, and you might want to sample it first before you buy

Norma Washington, NC

It’s different but I like it.

This product is different in a good way. I like it and would buy it again.

Florence Trenton, AL

Pretty nice

this is pretty nice I haven’t used it yet but I like the smell not one of my tops but if i was hanging out with a girl then I would rock it for her

Della Rileyville, VA


this is the stuff that dreams are made of. even tough this is a mans’ cologne, I wear it. have been for a while now. it does change and smells different on everyone so I recommend it to anyone male or female.

Latasha Ripon, CA

Five Stars


Kristi South Bend, TX

Neverending Dream

I bought this directly from Amazon. It smells great for at least 18 hours on my skin. I can’t believe this fragrance lasts so long. Women love it and it has excellent sillage. 3 sprays is more than enough.

Tammi Crystal Beach, FL