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Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel By Clinique for Unisex, 4.2 Ounce

Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel by Clinique for Unisex – 4.2 oz Moisturising Gel

Key features

  • Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel by Clinique for Unisex – 4.2 ounces Moisturising Gel
  • 4.2 ounces Moisturising Gel

Honest reviews


Miracle moisturizer!

This moisturizer is a miracle…in gel form. I am in my late 20s and still have combo skin of a teenage girl and still get the occasional breakout along my chin. I used to use products with salicylic acid because that product is sold as something that is supposed to cure, prevent, or lessen breakouts. After using products with that ingredient for years and not seeing a reduction in my breakouts (they were never really bad…more annoying than anything), I decided that maybe I should try something w/out that ingredient that could hopefully control my oily t-zone yet moisturize the rest of my face.THIS MOISTURIZING GEL IS THE WINNER!The gel formula provides just enough moisture to those dry spots but not so much that the oily spots look like an oil slick by the end of the day. I have used it in humid climates and dry climates and it works great in both. There are a few times a year that I will use a normal moisturizer if my skin is feeling extra dry (typically during the winter months). I also really like how soft it makes you skin. It almost leaves my skin feeling like it has a primer on it…and it does seem to make my foundation go on smoother.You will thank Clinique after you use this moisturizer on your combo skin and see the amazing results it produces!

Ashley Berlin, NJ

It suffices =D

So i desperately needed a new moisturizer and I heard people raving about this one specifically because its said to be called a drink for your skin.Naturally I bought it.Its absolutely AWESOME.It lasts forever and I used three pumps every morning and night.It doesnt smell bad,it’s allergy tested and its from clinique,the most healthful skincare brand.I dont reccommend this moisturizer for people with oily skin.My nose is very oily and when i put this on my nose I look as if my nose is shining the way for planes to land.

Muriel Laurel, IA

great for oily skin, or combination skin in the summer.

It feels moisturizing and cool going on the skin. It is the perfect moisturizer for oily skin or combination skin in the summer. I have dryer combination skin and found it to be not moisturizing enough in the dry winter month.The best part is that it is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Normal moisturizers and some eye cream burns when applied to my eyes, but this one never does that (I have applied it all over my lid and close to my lashes with no discomfort).

Helene Round Rock, TX

No Breakouts!

Note: I bought this product direct from Clinique in a local mall, as I wanted to be able to return it or exchange it if I experienced any problems.Started using this oil-free gel moisturizer one week ago, and voila! No new breakouts! And the areas that were experiencing breakouts, calmed down.No redness, no itching, no irritation. And my skin isn’t flaking anymore, either. That’s amazing.ALL other oil-free and sensitive skin lotions and creams, have either not been moisturizing enough or have caused instant breakouts. Not sure which ingredient is the worst offender, but suspecting it was either lanolin or mineral oil, tried to switch to items not containing those.I even used Roc and tried prescription sensitive skin lotions and creams, plus expensive department store brands, to no avail.Turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be, to ditch the irritating oils. They seem to be the base for lots of different binders and liquids used in many brands and forms of makeup, including face powder, eyeliner, eye shadow, concealer, etc. And different names are used for the different forms they take. I’m not a chemist, so I was often fooled/confused.This gel form goes on easily, not heavily, and leaves no greasy/slick or tight/dry feel to the skin. Your skin feels soothed and hydrated, not wet or sticky.This gel is not inexpensive drugstore stuff, and it’s not a luxury. It’s affordable, and it works.I need to go back and get more. I will be looking for a carry-along or packable tube, too, as this square container is a bit too heavy for my small travel purse and carry-on bag.

Clarice Rosendale, WI

Excellent Moisturizer, Not so Great for Oily Skin

I tried this moisturizing gel on a whim, and used it til it was gone. Let me say first that it is an EXCELLENT moisturizer. My skin felt healthy, smooth, and firm. However, I bought the gel hoping for better oil control, and while it applied well and moisturized wonderfully, after a mere two hours my face was oily, heavily oily. So much so that my makeup came wiping off when all I used were blotting sheets. I have oily/combination skin, and while this was a fantastic moisturizer, and I liked it very much, I wouldn’t buy it again to wear during the day.

Eleanor Naples, NC

Great moisturizer! Great for combo/oily/acne prone skin

I wanted a lighter moisturizer, not just for the summer but beyond. I had a sample of this product in the past and I liked it. Its feels lightweight,non-greasy,absorbs quickly, and felt soothing at the same time. My skin is a bit oilier in the summertime so this is perfect. I would still continue to use in the winter season also because its moisturizes that well.

Emma Winthrop, IA

Great light moisturizer

This moisturizer has been a constant for years, leaving my face soft and non greasy. It is absorbed fast, and smoothes out dryness. I use its cousin the lotion moisturizer around eyes and throat for more long lasting moisture. Glad to find this on Amazon. It has no scent, and is safe to put all over your face. Will not sting eyes. I like the pump dispenser. At first I thought it was a huge waste of plastic. I have come to see that it keeps the contents of the bottle uncontaminated.

Rene Carthage, NC

I bought this once but won’t buy again

I won’t buy again because I found out it is tested on animals – something I wish I would have checked before I purchased.

Marjorie Belmont, NY

Feels Great!

I didn’t know that this gel is for oily skin when I bought it, and my skin tends to be dry. However, on hot sunny days when I’m prone to sweating, I use this gel instead of my regular cream. It goes on silky smooth and I love the feel.

Carolina Howard Lake, MN