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Dragonpad 6 file pedicure machine electric nail art drill

100% Brand New¡£Electric Nail Art Pen Shape File Drilling Handpiece Machine.Variable speed control: 3,000 RPM up to 20,000 RPM.Handpiece can directly connected to electricity, easy to carry around!!

Key features

  • Travel size for the salon professional on the go!
  • Light weight drill makes working all day easy to do
  • Modern design looks great in any home or salon
  • Great for any professional manicurist or beginner
  • eatures an excellent selection of sanding bits

Honest reviews


Handy drill, works well!

Thanks for creating such a product. This machine is strong enough to do the job and small and light enough to take anywhere. I love it. I took it out of the envelope and dropped it but nothing was broken and the bits work just fine.

Eddie Breese, IL

Works Well

This works well. The included attachments cover all nail needs. I find it easy to use. Amazon Prime snipping and packaging was great. I would order again.

Alejandra Albany, OK

Not a good product

At first I thought the attachments couldn’t fit in but there is a way of adjusting it even though it did not come with any directions. I wrote the seller who then explained how to do it, which still was not very clear, but I managed. I thought, ok, I’m good to go now. Nope, it kept turning off while I was using it…it would be going strong and then just stop for no apparent reason. It is sold cheaply so I suppose you get what you pay for :/**UPDATE**My drill completely stopped working about a month ago (March or April 2014). I would recommend that you do not buy this product, even though it is cheap it is still a waste of your money.

Claudine Crosby, MS

… to learn how to use it and it work fine.

Even though it don’t come with instruction you can just go on YouTube to learn how to use it and it work fine.

Cara Ridgecrest, NC


This product is difficult to use. The attachements are hard to put in and after you turn it on, they fly off.

Chasity Hyndman, PA

I love it!

I love my drill! Everyone keeps saying the bits don’t fit… unscrew the silver piece on top of the drill while pushing the silver button (it should click), insert the bit ( don’t let go of the silver button) screw the top piece until you hear a click and you are all ready to go 🙂 And it came a week early! 🙂

Janis Grove City, OH


I received my product in a timely fashion. Im so glad it. .I didn’t have any problems with it. And it works really well. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!

Eloise Alvarado, MN

Update2/12/14. This seller did send a replacement for the damage item. Seller did up hold their side of the purchase

Seller did replace my defective item.Re delivered item postage free. Product did work. And I did use it. The bit I used, fit and worked in drill. Once I give myself a fill-in,I will be able to rate the product fairly after full use. ****(My rating of 1 is the item I received from this seller was defective out of the box…The seller did contact me by email and stated they will replace the defective item. I am still waiting for the replacement. Once I receive the replacement, I will update my rating. As of now,my rating of this seller is a negative 0(-0)*******)There is nothing I like or dislike about the item, since it didn’t work out of the box. It would not be fair to rate this item negatively since I have not had the opportunity to use it. (As of now I RATE THIS SELLER`S -0.)***Seller did replace damage item and I would recommend the seller and product, at this time.2/12/14 updated

Claire Grant Park, IL


I didn’t even get to use it once. I plugged it in. Checked to see if it worked. Seemed to work just fine. A month later, went to use it and now it doesn’t work at all. The motor in it is dying. It seemed really strong when I first got it. Now it seems to barely turn the rotary part. I’m very disappointed. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! You’re better off spending the money on a real dremel and the accessories.

Ina Edison, NJ

Drill Moves

This drill is a good item for a first time user, but this product is more of a starter and not for use in long run because its too basic. While drilling your nails, the front end of the driller will move forward and you have to keep pushing it back in place while the drill is on. Can be a safety issue. For its price, you get what you buy.

Teri Weehawken, NJ

dislike drill

the piece fall out of the drill they do not stay in tight so it make it hard to file my nails

Lily Gold Creek, MT