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Dr. Woods Pure Castile Soap, Almond, 32 Fluid Ounce

Original Castile Soap Pure Almond by Dr. Woods 32 oz. Liquid Original Castile Soap Pure Almond Dr. Woods Castile Soap is very mild and versatile for everyday as a body wash facial cleanser shampoo and shaving lather. It is also excellent as a mild laundry detergent. There are three refreshing fragrances Peppermint Almond and Tea Tree. Originating from Castile Spain our soaps are vegetable based containing no animal fat. Because our soaps are biodegradable they are perfect for camping. Castile Soap incorporates the natural healing properties of olive oil with an invigorating scent. The olive oil in our soaps attracts moisture and while holding that moisture close to the skin forms a breathable layer preventing the loss of that moisture. Dr. Woods Castile Soap does not contain any harsh detergents that can strip away skin s natural moisture. The fragrance refreshes and reinvigorates your skin and senses after a long hectic day while the Vitamin E rich lather leaves skin feeling naturally.

Key features

  • Dr. Woods
  • Pure Almond
  • Size: 32 FZ / Selling Unit: Each / Pack: 1
  • All Natural and Eco-friendly

Honest reviews




Ramona Talbot, IN

Has a toxin in it — bitter almond oil

I am only giving this one star because one of the ingredients is bitter almond oil, which is different from sweet almond oil and is used primarily for scent (only sweet almond oil is used for hydration). But bitter almond oil is a toxin and is almost purely composed of benzaldehyde, which has been classified as a hazardous substance by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Bitter almond oil also often contains cyanide(!). So it appears that the bitter almond oil is what gives this soap its very strong almond scent (as that is what it’s primarily used for). But I suggest ordering one of the other castile soaps instead — one that doesn’t contain a toxin.

Janna New Vienna, OH

Good stuff

I never let myself be without this. It is gentle, effective and the Almond has a great smell. I prefer it over other brands.

Zelma Huntley, MT

Economical and effective

I’ve been experimenting with various homemade cleaning product recipes and liquid castile soap seems to be a staple. I like the famous Dr. Bronner’s stuff, but wasn’t feeling up to paying for it. Dr. Woods, however, seems to provide as respectable a soap as one could ask for. While any real faults in any of my experiments are probably due to the recipe itself, this ingredient has reacted as expected and I got to say I’ve had some great results. When using this soap on its own, I’ve been impressed as well. The almond aroma is not overwhelming, but clean and natural. I’ve seen some reviews complaining this doesn’t sud well, but I have no complaints there. It rinses completely as well with no surface residue. What causes me to most to recommend this soap is the price. I find this a great buy.

Olga Springfield, KY

Love it!

I don’t think I will ever go back to using regular store bought shampoo. This is wonderful! My hair feels so different now that I am not washing out all the natural oil. A great scent too! I even use it on my puppy and he loves it. It doesn’t dry him out. Will buy more…

Alexis Heron Lake, MN

As a body soap, it’s great…

I bought this hoping to replace ALL of my cleansers (body wash, face wash, etc) and go more green. As a body wash, this is great– and lately I’ve been combining it with honey and other castile soaps and oils to make a better body wash. However, it RUINED my face. I had some kind of allergic reaction or just extreme irritation– my face has never looked worse. So as a body wash, YES YES use this! It’s best if combined with an oil to prevent potential dryness. As a face wash, though, I would NOT advise for sensitive skin AT ALL.

Hollie Glace, WV