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Dr Song 50% Lactic Acid Gel Peel

For: Age Spots, Freckles, Sun Spots, Skin Lightening, Hyperpigmentation, Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Key features

  • Each bottle contains approx. 15-20 full facial peels (30ml/1oz).
  • Comes With 365 Day 100% No Hassle Money Back Guarantee!!! You don’t even have to return the item!!
  • Made with Pharmaceutical Grade Lactic Acid
  • Guaranteed Quality: Made in USA. Manufactured in an FDA compliant cosmetic laboratory.

Honest reviews


Great texture, pleasant odor!

I love that this product now comes in dropper form, which makes measuring and dispensing the product much easier! It almost has a very slight ‘brown sugar’ type odor (which I love), and the gel like consistency makes it easy to apply to the face. I use it before bedtime, and wake up to even skin tone, a glowing complexion, and very soft skin. I have used most all of the products that Dr Song sells- very good products and affordable too!

Britney Alum Creek, WV

I’m loving this lactic acid peel!

This lactic acid peel is awesome. I am used to using peels and I know that some can be weak sometimes, but Dr. Song’s peel is definitely one of the best i’ve ordered on amazon. I promised my skin was glowing the next day. Its strong so follow the directions carefully. I can’t wait until I can do my next peel. You must wait at least a week so don’t over do it. I will be recommending this peel to friends and I will reorder in the future.

Judith Hillsboro, AL

keeps me looking young

I’ve been using lactic acid peels for my wrinkles for years and it keeps them at bay and makes me look much younger than I actually am. Just have to stick to it, and the results will follow!

Shelia Tuluksak, AK

Dr. Song’s 20% Salicylic Acid Gel Peel

Dr.Song’s Gel peels are very good and the product was quality ingredients. it was so nice to find a wonderful product at a great LUNCH PRICE!!! I will be a loyal and happy customer from now on. I also wanted to thank you for Austin’s wonderful customer service professionalism with Dr. Song’s Company. Austin helped with all my questions about the peels and took great care of me as there new and future customer.Thank you for a wonderful product.G.Kelley

Fran Eastwood, KY

Dr Song’s really works!

This has actually helped me prevent face lines and wrinkles!! even white/black heads were prevented from using this! I use this for 2-5 minutes as they recommend and rinse with cool water! Best to use it twice a week!

Rosalind Trego, MT

Well made

Seems to be a really well elaborated product, keeps skin at well state without any yet seen side effect or some hard to put/remove topic

Sharon Mc Henry, MD

50% Lactic peel

This peel works, but you have to be patient. Allow plenty of downtime as you need, and work your way up slowly.Following procedures is important, as it is a peel and it’s meant to burn away the damage from your skin.

Eugenia Trinidad, CO


I have dark spots from scars and used this for 2 months and so far have seen major improvements. Although its not 100% gone yet, its much lighter and continues to lighten up.

Ida Greenwell Springs, LA

Gel Peel

The product does cause peeling. It is a gel. The dropper that comes with it doesn’t do a very good job of getting the gel out of the bottle. It is too thick or the dropper just doesn’t work well.

Rae Upperstrasburg, PA

Will Recommend!

I have a very awful case of acne on my face and tried using various peels to remove them to no avail until i found this product. My face has slowly been becoming better and the traces of acne can barely be noticed. Great product!

Lenore Avon, IL

keeps me looking young

I’ve been using lactic acid peels for my wrinkles for years and it keeps them at bay and makes me look much younger than I actually am. Just have to stick to it, and the results will follow!

Jeri Olathe, KS

3 Bottles of vs 1 bottle of the #1 Best Seller?

Pretty good for the price, I tried a more expensive brand; #1 Best Seller on Amazon for $34.00 and this worked just as good. It doesn’t have the “Medical Tea Tree Acidity” smell that was present in the other brand. I was able to order 3 bottles of Dr. Song vs 1 bottle of the former product.Thanks Dr Song

Abigail Calistoga, CA

Softens scar

I can definitely tell this is softening scar tissue around my face as they are beginning to fill and it’s only been 2 peels, also it doesn’t break me out and actually helps with my acne. Great for scarred skin, that’s acne prone.

Naomi New Richland, MN

A keeper

I’ve been using this peel for 4 months now, and my skin looks much better and younger. I’ve been getting compliments and asked what I’ve been using and I always recommend this peel.

Kristina Ida, MI

For sun damaged skin

I have sun damaged skin from working in the sun and this peel got rid of all the pre-mature wrinkles that were starting to form.I’m glad I found this product and I’ll keep on using it to keep the damage at bay.

Sharon Blacksburg, SC

So Far So Good…

I ordered the Dr. Song 50% Lactic Acid peel because of the low price, although, it is my understanding that was just an introductory price and it will go up. I just hope the price does not rise so much it becomes too expensive.I did try the product and I like the fact it is a thicker gel type consistency so it doesn’t run like some of the watery facial peels can have a tendency to do. I have only tried it once, though, so don’t know what the long-term results will yield and that is why I gave it "4" stars instead of five. -RK

Patrice Athens, MI

Removed brown spots

I have some brown spots that came up and used this peel to treat them and was not disappointed.It worked well in fading them out and I’m brown spot free.

Ruby Phillipsburg, MO

Worked better than expected

I’ve had acne scars for a decade and finally took the plunge to getting rid of them.I’ve tried other peels, but found that I’ve had the most success with this lactic acid.My skin looks great and the scars have been filling in over the months, I’m confident that I’ll recover completely.

Debora Glennville, GA


A trip to my dermatologist doc costs me about $100, but this bottle is a very small fraction of that cost and gives me better results. I was a little suspicious at first, but I took my time to get used to applying the peel myself and now my peels are basically free since the bottle lasts for quite some time for multiple peels.

Essie Mechanic Falls, ME