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Dr. Sheffield’s 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment Maximum Strength Clear Zit ,1oz

Dries and clears blemishes without overdrying skin Oil-Free, odorless cleam disappears as it works! Contains maximum strength 10% Benzoyl Peroxide ClearZit Tube is a full size 1 oz (28 g/27 ml)

Key features

  • Clear-zit

Honest reviews



I’ve used products that costed as much as 150$ for acne. And they were even prescribed by a dermatologist. I got this product at my dollar general for 1.50$. That period between the 1 and 5 really makes a huge price difference! It did massively dry out my face, but it also got rid of all of my acne,with a good moisturizer this worked wonders for my cystic and above the surface acne. For such a cheap price, i’m in love.

Jami Elk Mountain, WY

Best Product

I use this at night before bed after I wash my face. It is great for oily skin and so far the only product that works, along with tea tree oil in the morning.

Josephine Paradis, LA

Works great

This little tube works fast to clear zits. I like to spend a couple nights in a row with a hearty layer on my face at night, doing this ever week or two keeps acne at bay for me that I’ve struggled with since an early age- now in 20’s.

Maureen Yoncalla, OR

Works When Used in Moderation

This is a great product for getting rid of your average pimple / zit / whitehead. I really don’t get those much though; I am more of a hormonal acne woman. I’m in my early 30’s and get the worst hormonal acne nodules every along my jawline due to hormonal imbalance and PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) – no fun. These are those under the skin, hard, sensitive, sometimes itchy and often HUGE bumps that never come to a head and take WEEKS go to away.Getting hormonal acne breakouts is just plain embarrassing for a woman my age, so I decided to get a little overzealous with the application of Dr. Sheffield’s Clear Zit on my jawline. I’m sorry that I did because now my jawline is VERY dry and rough. Even moisturizer doesn’t seem to help right now. So for now, I just have to lay off of anything there. To make matters worse, putting BB Cream and Mineral Powder over it just makes it looks WORSE because you can see that rough texture even more; so I can’t cover it up! :(So here’s a TIP: use this product in moderation! Do not use too much or put it on too thick, or you’ll end up with even worse skin.However, I’ve been using it in moderation on my cheeks and temple areas – where I get regular breakouts and it works great there. The pimples are gone within 2-3 days, so that’s good. Sadly, this stuff really does nothing for hormonal acne, but there really isn’t anything that CAN help those, so I’m not complaining. Just know that this is very drying if you use too much on a single area!

Kari California, MO

did not work for me

this product is really strong and harsh on the skin, and it burned a lot.If you don’t have a sensitive skin like me, I say give it a try because a lot of review here says it works on them. Didn’t work for me though.

Cathryn Osyka, MS


Okay so I don’t where any make up when I’m not in school or going somewhere but I do where make up A LOT so I constantly have a couple brake outs and an uneven skin tone. I got this cream on one of my no make up days so I tried it out the second I got it and I love it so much! I put it on this one part of my face where I can never get the blemishes to go away completely and about an hour later I saw that they were almost completely gone! I use this every night now and I wake up so happy to see that my breakouts are gone. I have tried so many skin creams and face washes, spot treatments, you name it! I’ve even tried Proactive and it doesn’t work nearly as well as this stuff does. I will defiantly order more when I run out. LOVE IT!

Joanna Millville, MN

Acne cream

its is very goodbut the con is if you’re not use to it might feel like a burn on your faceuse is sparingly and don’t over abuse itwould recommend it

Liz Irondale, MO

think it is working….

is a work in progress so far, at least psychologically I feel like I am putting somethng on to make the occasional zit go away faster. I am actually thinking salicytic acid is working better. bought both to see whitch was best, then like a dummy switched off daily. next couple zits I will do it right.

Pansy Sidell, IL

It is what it is

This is just a 10% benzoyl peroxide cream. It’s just as good as any other 10% benzoyl peroxide and you can’t beat the price.

Renae Caribou, ME


it does exactly what it says it does,the burning stings for a while but it really dries out the pimples.

Jewell Cory, IN

jo jo baltimore

Works well will sting a little, but settles down and removes spots or blemishes that you may have! Good product for price!

Lizzie Bartlett, IL

it works

my only qualm with this product is that after putting it on a pimple, the bump get really dark-black (By the way I am black), so it may be different on other ethnicities or skin tones. But the product effectively reduces the size of pimples.

Annie Malakoff, TX

Good Stuff!

I bought this to use as spot treatment and it is working like a charm. Glad I gave it a shot!

Terrie Frederick, MD

…. ._.

when they say maximum strength, they aren’t kidding.. this dried my skin out, very harsh on the skin, which was kind of my fault, i hate pimples >:( so i kind of used it excessively, finally i decided to pop the pimple, put burning hot water for 10 minuts to stop the swelling and applied retinol, and the scar went away after a few weeks.

Tami San Lorenzo, PR

be careful

With 10% Benzoyl, I knew this product was going to be very strong but people please be careful. I put it on a couple pimples and laid down for the night. By morning the pimples were gone put the area was slightly inflamed and red. I applied aloe moisturizer to my face and the inflammation was gone by the end of the day. My skin is not that sensitive but even after five mintutes of applying this product I could feel tingling in the area. Use sparingly.

Harriett Dyke, VA

good for acne and black heads, but dries out skin

this product i picked from a local dollar store for a dollar fifty and when i got home i used it right away. it took away the black heads ive been trying to get rid of for forever thank goodness but the next day my skin was so dry and flaking. i would recommend that u use this and follow with a moisturizer. im going to try the scar cream by the same brand and ill right a review on that when i use it.

Tia Saline, LA

Works well, strong

Works like the strongest stuff you can get at the store. Seems like it is slightly less expensive online versus the store.

Terry Appleton, WI