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Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish .5 fl oz – Rescue Red

Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish – a polish that actually promotes healthier nails! If you have discolored nails, allergies to chemicals in commercial nail polish or just looking for a healthier alternative, try the only over-the-counter nail polish created by doctors to be free from the most harmful toxins. Dr.’s Remedy contains no formaldehyde, DBP and toluene (known toxic chemicals) and enriched with tea tree oil and garlic bulb extract, with naturally occurring anti-fungal ingredients, as well as wheat protein and Vitamins C and E. Click here to view list of ingredients.

Key features

  • Vitamins C and E promote strong, healthy nails.
  • Garlic bulb extract and tea tree oil provide natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.
  • Made without harsh, toxic chemicals, this polish is less harmful to your nails.
  • Wheat protein contains amino acids that naturally increase shine.
  • Made in USA.

Honest reviews


Expensive but great!

The first thing to note about this nail polish is that it’s very expensive. I’m not going to lie, $17 for one bottle of nail polish is a HUGE splurge. However, if this is in your cosmetics budget, this polish is really very nice. You also have to consider, it’s supposed to be healing for your nails, not just cosmetic.The colors are rich and luxurious and the polish goes on very smooth. For the darker colors I only needed one coat, for the lighter pink I needed two. The best part was that this polish lasted on my nails much longer than the normal 99 cent polish I buy. I was able to wear it for a whole week with not one chip. Even when I get a manicure at the salon, I have a chip or two after only one day. I also liked the feel of the polish, it is so smooth, I think it must be the tea tree oil.This is a specialty polish, it’s designed to combat the problem of dull, brittle, cracking nails. I don’t have cracking nails but I do have very thin nails. I actually think the polish has started to help them as they are much sturdier and peel less when I’m wearing the polish.

Sondra Dublin, TX

Helps fight nail fungus

My toenails were getting worse and worse from constantly using regular nail polish. I figured I’d try this product to see if it made any difference. After about 4 months of use, it has improved my nail fungus (though not completely gone) and has definitely prevented it from getting any worse. I’m very satisfied. It also dries SUPER FAST which is awesome.Cons would be that it does chip more easily than regular high-end nail polish, so it does not last as long. The one color I have (Ruby Red) also is not as shiny and pretty as standard polishes. But, because it’s so much better for my nails, it’s well worth the drawbacks.

Mitzi Bowersville, GA

Pretty and non-toxic too

I like painting my toes in the summertime and wanted a nail polish to counteract my hot, humid climate. This polish is great for looks and protection. The coral color is gorgeous and there aren’t any funky ingredients.

Hallie Bullville, NY

So far so good

Last summer I noticed one of my big toe nails looked crumbly and unstable. I realized that it might be from keeping my nail painted all the time since it was sandal season. Took all winter for it to grow out plus I used tea tree oil on it and I did not paint my toes at all through that period of time. While searching for a not chemical nail polish I discovered this. Bought although pricey and have used it now for about two months. So far things are fine. End of summer will be the real test.

Cara Rixeyville, VA

Pretty color, covers just like regular polish

It’s the exact color of pure red that I would buy in any brand, with the added bonus that maybe it will help kill the nail fungus, instead of making it worse as normal nail polish done.the jury is out on that one – won’t know for at least 6 months to a year for my big toe to fully grown out (the only one that has the fungus). I have a very mild case – just white and flakey, not the thick yellow deformity that I see pictures of (thank God for that!) but it’s been hanging around for 10 years and most nail polish won’t stay on that toe so I haven’t worn any polish at all for 10 years on my toes :(I also simply can’t stick to a daily (or twice daily) regimen of applying those topical anti fungals (tho I did try the daily listerine soak for a year), so I am hoping and PRAYING that this nail polish will be the miracle that requires only weekly or monthly refreshing and looks pretty while it’s working and I’ll have a clear nail in a year. Will have to wait and see!

Winnie Sage, AR

Healthy Polish

This polish is healthy for your toes, but buying from this vendor is a little pricey for me. It is good to use if you have fungi toe(s).I can purchase from doctor’s office for $12.00 instead of $18.00.

Dana Noble, OK

really helps dry nails but still gives color !

I am a nail color addict & feel happier with a bright on my nails. I am also health oriented & don’t want to put toxic stuff on me. I was recovering from using the llght cure color gels. My nails were especially dry& peeling. I use all the supporting products with this. For me it stays on as well or better than other color brands, goes on smoothly with a pretty good shine to finish & dries quicker than others I’ve tried. It wears well. No smell.I’m finally coming to terms with the idea that if a polish is stronger than a healthy fingernail it will damage a fingernail, healthy or not. I write that because in my eternal quest for chip free polish, I forgot to respect that a healthy fingernail is not supposed to be some diamond strong plate to be misused as a screwdriver! I need to wear gloves for any activity that’s tough enough to damage a good, healthy fingernail.As to specific color: it’s a cream, medium, slighty warm, pink that’s bright enough for toes but still not "fluorescent" or "beachy." I have fair olive skin tone & i

Opal Stockton, NJ

Great Nail Polish

I got this kind because I had some issues with the chemicals in regular nail polish. It was ruining my actual nails… so I found this and thought I would try it out. I love it. It dont smell as bad, and it doesnt seem to bother my nails either. The color is nice as well. I will be buying other colors to add to my collection. Thank you.

Abigail Cibecue, AZ