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Dr. King’s Natural Medicine Regional Allergies, Southern U.S, 2 Fluid Ounce

For red, itchy, watery eyes, sore throat, cough, hoarseness, fatigue, runny nose, sneezing, congestion and headache from grass, trees, weeds, pollen and mold in AR, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL, TN, KY, WV, VA, NC, SC, and east TX.

Key features

  • Safe and natural homeopathic formulas
  • No alcohol, dairy, glutens, sugar or yeast
  • Taste free, odor free, pure water base
  • No known negative side effects or drug interactions
  • USA based manufacturer and powerful triple potency strength physician tested formulas

Honest reviews


Good First Week…Then?

I’m a adult who has lived enough to know not to expect a miracle cure even as one who still hopes for one. When I read about this homeopathic solution that was giving so much relief to so many I sincerely had high hopes. I still do, but they’re now guarded by my own harsh reality. You see I’ve had sinus issues as far back as my childhood memory allows. I guess I was mostly a silent suffer who did get regular miserable stopped up sinuses, but didn’t run fevers or get ear infections. I guess my parents didn’t know what to do so I was over using nasal spray which, at the time, unbeknownst to me was making matters worse. By the time I was a teen my dad took me to an ENT group in Birmingham, Alabama. It was an ordeal as they did x-rays, interviews, and the classic long-form scratch tests, etc. In other words an entire day spent spending an entire week’s pay and to find out I it was recommended I get deviated septum surgery, don’t eat fish, and do not sleep on a natural feather pillow.Well, I didn’t get the surgery and next time when I went to an ENT in college I was told I needed to irrigate (actually I went back to his office twice weekly for a month’s worth of professional irrigation) and that surgery wasn’t so acutely indicated in my case as to guarantee a good result. This is about where I get the message: I’m going to have stopped up sinuses to a degree everyday of my life and I’m going to have to deal with it the best I can.Sorry to blather on, but it sets up my initial impressions of Dr. King’s Natural Southern U.S. Allergy Spray. At first nothing, then after about a week I was beginning to thing this was not a joke as I actually felt drier/clearer. Then at the end of the second week…two big things. First a gum infection followed by a big sinus attack. I seriously need a break and can not say now that this allergy med is a savior or the devil. I’m over the gum infection (thanks Dr. Tichenor’s…you’re the bomb), but I’m still in the midst of this season’s second major sinus upheaval with definitely the possibility of infection as indicated by discharge.I will rate this stuff 3-stars because at first it seemed to be having a positive effect until things, probably totally unrelated, intervened and left me wondering if this was going to work in a consistent way for me. I’ve stopped using it and when my sinus settles back down I’ll give it another try. I will try to do an update then since I should know after another fair trial. I’m still hopeful.

Eileen Niobrara, NE

Trust King Bio

I love King Bio products and have used their Colds & Flu Relief formulation for many years. I use them as a preventative. I believe they work and give me an edge against. I am so glad that Amazon is carrying them and that I had a chance to review for Vine to help spread the word about these great products, which are made in North Carolina.Homeopathic meds may not work for everything, but I am glad to have this in my arsenal. King Bio products have no taste, no alcohol, no dairy, no gluten, no sugar and homeopathic products are backed by decades of data. This product will help relive you of a host of allergic symptoms. Each is manufactured for a specific region. You can’t say that about any other traditional allergy product.After using for a few days, my the faucet in my nose turned down. If you have allergies, get the product for your region and give King Bio a try. Check their website for the full catalogue of their offerings. Buy from reputable vendors, as you would any medicinal product.

June Canadys, SC

This Stuff Works!!!

I have had allergies since grade school and this year(2013) has been my worse since since the 90’s. I live in NC and I nurse my baby so I needed something safe that would relieve my sneezing, itchy eyes & throat, and runny nose. I bought this at 4:15pm yesterday and began spraying immediately to get it in my system. Before I went to bed, I sneezed ONCE, no itchy eyes or throat, and I cleared my nasal passage about 3 times…but who would complain about that on the first day. This stuff is amazing. If anything changes I’ll update my review but as for now, I’m truely impressed. In addition i bought some natural honey made in my area from Applecrate. They said they bees produce a pollen that when taken into your system helps you fight the symptoms pollun usually causes. So between the 2, I had a great evening.

Carlene Clinchco, VA

A miracle

My 10-year-old son and I have been depending on this since the pollen invaded our area about a week ago. This spray works like magic. Earlier this evening the inside of my mouth started to itch and my nose started to feel uncomfortable. Within 1-2 seconds of spraying the itch went away. I was doing something else, talking with my husband, etc., and suddenly I stopped and realized that all my symptoms were gone (it took me a few minutes to notice but the truth is that the spray probably just took a few seconds to completely kick in).There’s almost no taste to the spray. My son is very sensitive to these kinds of things but he will ask for the spray whenever he starts feeling uncomfortable. We’ve tried OTC medications like Claritin and Allegra and nasal sprays (which he hates) but this spray is the most effective of anything we’ve ever used, and apparently the most natural. I am thrilled if we can use something that works and is safe and natural.I got this product free through the amazon Vine program but I will be stocking up on this. It’s worth every penny and I won’t need to buy OTC allergy meds anymore. We are so grateful for this product.

Madeline Osage Beach, MO

Dr. King’s regional SE

The elements included in the ingredient list are promoted for a lot of ailments, not just allergies. I like this product because it’s a way to get some exposure to many varieties of medicinal plants without any apparent risks because each ingredient is constitutes such a small dose.For us, all the Dr. King’s allergy medicine works well against sinus problems and related throat and eye problems. This one uniquely contains sassafras officinale, dolichos pruriens and alnus serrulata.

Valerie Millersburg, PA

Didn’t work

I have hives and tried this. It didn’t work at all. Not a bit.I’m not opposed to homeopathy and have had luck with a couple of homeopathic products, but this wasn’t one of them.It taste like water. You spray it 3 times. It’s supposed to help with headache, congestion, allergic reaction. It is specifically for the Southern Region.I thought I’d try it since I have heard so many people say that local honey really helps allergies. That the little bits help tamp down the immune response. No such luck for me with this product.It taste just like water to me. The bottle is easy to use and a convenient size with a nice spray.I tried spraying some right on a big hive too but it didn’t help at all that way either.If you really believe in homeopathy enough to trigger a placebo response or something, you might try it. IMO it is too expensive. I would not buy this again, but, there may be SOME people that might benefit from it. I think I’m not a big enough believer in homeopathy for this to work, but I did have some luck with another one of the Dr. King products.

Abigail Drumright, OK


After taking Claritin for weeks and not getting full relief my husband was miserable. I have used Dr. King’s other products and found this blend for regional allergies. It has helped him tremendously.

Tia Waskish, MN

no effect

This product has had no effect on my severe allergies down here in Georgia. There were no good effects OR bad effects. Had high hopes but back to the pharmacy I go…

Jody Luxemburg, WI

Great supplement to your existing allergy management regimen

They say that this season has been the worst for allergies ever. And they said that last year. I personally do not suffer from seasonal allergies but my husband and daughter both do. They both have been spraying Dr. King’s Natural Medicine Regional Allergies into their mouths 3x daily in addition to their regular allergy management regimen (my daughter does a daily dose of Nasonex…not sure what hubby’s regimen is, but it’s pills). I cannot 100% attribute the allergy relief just from this product as they are combining with allopathic treatment, but I can say that my daughter’s allergies are the least severe they’ve ever been, minus the occasional itchy eyes around bed time and some of the post-nasal drip coughing.If you’re a severe allergy sufferer and are already taking something for your symptoms and want something more, Dr. King’s is a great supplement to your daily regimen.

Juliet Pine Valley, UT

Helps some

I have been taking a 24 hr Claritin-d and mucinex-dm (for coughing & mucous) and using Flonase in the morning. I then take 1/2 a zyrtec and mucinex-dm in the evening. I still often have sinus pressure and headaches from allergy and sinus problems. I have been using Dr. King’s so that I can try to eliminate some of the medications. So far I have been slowly eliminating the zyrtec and one of the mucinex doses. It isn’t a complete wonder, but it has helped a little. I’m hoping that it will help more, the longer I take it — just like allergy shots. Also, I live in WV but travel to the northern part (and also Ohio and PA a lot). I have the Dr. King’s Southern formula, but I’m thinking I might also need to use another formula to cover Ohio and PA. Maybe alternate doses or something. Also, I’m not sure why some people are saying it tastes like water. Maybe I have more taste buds or something, but there is definitely a flavor to it. It’s not a bad taste, though. I just wanted to make people aware that there is indeed more of a flavor than water. All-in-all, I will continue to use the spray and hopefully it continues to improve my immune system — especially with spring and summer soon approaching!!!

Robyn Bardwell, KY

It helped him a little bit

I got this for my husband and he responded positively a little bit to it! It took away some of his issues but not all of them. Granted, he has severe allergies so keep this in mind. Also keep in mind that each person is different and will respond differently to Dr. King’s "Medicine".

Caryn Malverne, NY

Didn’t Seem to Help..

I have been suffering from severe, chronic sinusitis for almost two years, so I’m always looking for products that offer relief from my symptoms. I particularly have problems with sinus drainage, so when I saw that this product was intended to help with that, I wanted to try it. I live in Georgia, so I purchased the version of this product intended for individuals living in the southern region of the United States. I followed the directions, using the product three times a day (three sprays directly into your mouth each use) for two weeks, and I didn’t notice the slightest bit of improvement in my allergy symptoms. I know that I am a severe case, but I was very disappointed by this product. I would not purchase it again or recommend it to a friend.

Estela Bovina, TX

Homeopathic ingredients cover the spectrum

I’m not yet able to say for sure how effective this is specifically for Southeastern allergens because spring has only just begun, but I can at least say that it has a great combination of homeopathic elements to it. I don’t know that it’s so specifically formulated for the region’s pollen explosion (which hasn’t happened yet), but it basically is trying to cover the whole spectrum of allergic reactions to allergens. My strongest allergy is dust, which isn’t the most regional thing, so I’m going to have a family member who has a worse reaction to the spring pollen try this when it hits, and will update this soon.One note: as with many homeopathic treatments, this is going to work differently with different people–it may be more effective for one person over the other, and allergies are a pretty idiosyncratic thing. So I’d say it’s pretty much worth a try for anyone who can’t find anything else effective–and as those of us with allergies know, usually a single medication or shot only helps alleviate symptoms rather than cure us completely. So whatever can potentially help is worth a shot in my book!

Roberta Coloma, WI