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Dr. King’s Natural Medicine Gout Symptom Formula, 2 Fluid Ounce

For fast relief of pain in the great toe, heel, foot, joints including swelling, burning, itching, tingling, tearing pains, throbbing, cramps, shooting pains. Safe and natural homeopathic formulas. No alcohol, dairy, glutens, sugar or yeast. Taste free, odor free, pure water base.

Key features

  • Safe and natural homeopathic formulas
  • No alcohol, dairy, glutens, sugar or yeast
  • Taste free, odor free, pure water base
  • No known negative side effects or drug interactions
  • USA based manufacturer and powerful triple potency strength physician tested formulas

Honest reviews


Yes it helps!

I have on and off gout. I can’t resist a diet that includes plenty of shellfish. I can pay the price with some mild pain occasionally in my joints and big toes.I am a long time practitioner of homeopathy for the past twenty years.. When homeopathy does work it is instant and miraculous. When it doesn’t work you have lost nothing.This is the first homeopathic remedy I have tried where you spray the water directly into your mouth. Usually I buy the tiny sugar pills containing the treated water. So the sum total of the ingredients in this are…water. Nothing else. There is no possibility of any side effects and there may be a relief of symptoms.The directions say to use three sprays into the mouth three times per day. Usually in homeopathy you use it once if going for a big cure, or use it for about three days at most at a lower dose for a long time ongoing problem. A homeopathy cure is supposed to be just that: a permanent cure. It is incorrectly being used if someone is taking a remedy every day for ongoing symptom relief, as I believe is the intent of this product.My recommendation for this or any homeopathic remedy is to use it just once and wait for at least a week before using it again.The subtle bodily changes made by a correctly diagnosed cure will take over immediately from the first use and be noticed almost instantly, IF you have chosen the correct remedy. Also, as a long time practitioner of homeopathy I like the single ingredient type of remedy, rather than the newer combinations of lots of remedies. Classical homeopathy uses just one remedy. This has about a dozen different remedies combined, each one being for joint inflammation.So, with all this in mind, and waking up with my typical gout symptoms, I used this, spraying three sprays into my mouth on an empty stomach which is very important with homeopathy and not mentioned on the package, and went out for my daily two mile walk. And had—zero pain in either of my big toes, or in my back or hips or wrists, places where gout pain affects me. I remain pain free.The spray bottle puts out a strong, fine mist which goes all over my face unless this is almost inside my mouth when I spray it. This spray is very nice and I will keep the bottle for skin toner mixed with water to mist my face with.I will have a urine test in the coming weeks again to see how much uric acid crystals are spilling into my urine. I would expect a total cure once and for all from a good homeopathic remedy and while my symptoms are gone, only a urine test will tell if I have been cured. I will update this when I get the report of a urinalysis.

Clarissa Buena Vista, NM

I don’t know if it works …

My husband is in the throes of a gout episode and I have started him using this in addition to the medication offered by the doctor. His pain is improving, but I can’t certify which did it, the Dr Kings or the Pain Medication.I guess that is the hard part about any treatment for gout, since it normally will clear itself up with or without treatment. So I leave my mind open on this particular product.At the same time, I do want to emphasize that you DO need to see your doctor if you have gout, since the build up of uric acid can have more serious consequences over time and actually destroy your joints. While this MIGHT help with the pain, it does not claim to slow the progress of the disease itself.

Margery Sparkill, NY

Dr. King’s Natural Medicine Gout Symptom Formula,

Not much to write. This Does NOTHING at all for my Gout. Couldn’t even tell I had tried anything. Waste of money. Wish it had worked, but I should have known it couldn’t be that easy to get rid of even a little of the pain. I’ve tried 2 other formulas of this brand for sinus allergies and they did nothing either so I won’t try anything in this brand again.

Renee Gering, NE

Tasteless, natural(?) remedy that still remains to be proven

With Ammonium Phosphoricum, Belladonna, Colchicum Autumnale, Formicum Acidum, Fraxinus Excelsior, Ledum Palustre, Natrum Carbonicum, Nux Vomica, Urtica Urens and “Bio-Energetically Enhanced™, taste-free, pure water base” as its list of ingredients, I was hesitant to even try it. Personally, I thought the ingredients were just made-up to sound better than they were. After a little research, I found that most of these show up on homeopathic sites with blurbs about effectiveness but I haven’t found origins or clinical testing results or even precautions. What I didn’t see on the packaging was what levels of these ingredients are in this mixture.I decided to try it with only mild gout symptoms (I wasn’t going to push a full blown bout – that would be insensible). With spraying as the mode of dispensation, I wasn’t sure that it would get to where it was needed. After a full day of dosing, my symptoms were alleviated. I have not concluded yet whether that was due to being active that day or natural progression or the spray. I did have the sense that I have been using snake oil.So, I remain unconvinced. I will try this again if I have a full flare-up and report back to update this review. I’m all about using natural remedies for my symptoms, like for sleeplessness, so if this works in the long-run, I will let people know.

Savannah Fort Hancock, TX


This product works very fast and is effective. In conjunction with prescribed medication from my doctor, black cherry juice, TONS of water, and epsom salt baths, this spray helped my symptoms. I would definitely purchase again.

Marva Lihue, HI

Good Product

I picked this up for my husband who sometimes has problems gout and as far as I could tell it worked well for a minor flare-up. I’ll post an update the next time he uses it.

Millie Twin Lakes, CO

Was really hoping

I was so excited to get this product. My husband has gout attacks quite often. At the first sign he took this product and it did not seem to do anything. Over the course of a few weeks we repeated this action, hoping for a different outcome, but it did not seem to do anything for him, so I am a bit disappointed.

Valerie Goshen, IN

Dr. King’s Natural Medicine Homeopathic Formula Remedy for Gout System Formula is a Great Product!

This is a GREAT product! It is safe, all natural and contains no alcohol. It has know known side effects or drug interactions which is wonderful! I have noticed a significant decrease in my inflammation in my knee since staring this product! It really works!

Tommie Yorktown, AR

Son felt it helped some

I have an adult son who has had problems with gout (he has had it since fairly young and while some dietary things exist it seems to be more of a general predisposition for him). This has provided some gentle relief from symptoms along with getting acupuncture.

Janet Luck, WI

Hard product to gauge

This is a difficult product to properly gauge as the best way to test it would be to utilize the recommended 3 – 6 doses per day while in the midst of a full-on gout attack. What I can say is that there are not many products of this type – an all natural homeopathic oral spray to treat gout related symptoms (joint redness/swelling/inflammation on the feet or toes). Application usage is very simple – a quick spritz of the (tasteless) liquid into your mouth as needed. While I don’t see this replacing prescription meds for acute sufferers or even Advil, for those with more minor conditions – the product is priced reasonably enough to give it a proper try (particularly for those keen on embracing natural, homeopathic options).

Jamie Canadys, SC

I gave it a fair shot which is more than it did for me.

Let me be blunt: While I am generally open to both vitamin and herbal therapies for various physical ailments, I think homeopathy is a crock in spite of the fact that I have friends who swear by it. However, in the spirit of inquiry and fairness I decided to give this formula a try. I have been religious about using it in the manner described on the box. The result? A gout flare-up. So no, this didn’t work for me.Will it work for you? I don’t know. What I do know is that the dilutions in this formula are so minor as to leave not a single molecule of the original substance in the water. To simplify, if you dropped a sugar cube in a swimming pool you’d have a stronger solution than you’ll find in this formula.I’m all for alternative healing methods, but this isn’t one I’d choose. Sorry if I sound cranky, but my toe hurts.

Kim Henriette, MN