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DR. JART+ Premium Whitening Anti-Wrinkle BB Cream SPF 45 40ml

It is a triple action bb cream that gives whitening to improve darkness by managing the principle of the skin, wrinkle improvement that cares to the fine lines, and strong sun block. It revitalizes the skin into elastic and live condition of the original skin and enhances protection from harmful environment. It covers the skin defect to the deep troubles naturally to create clean skin tone and keeps the skin soft for a long time without glossiness.

Key features

  • It is a triple action bb cream that gives whitening to improve darkness by managing the principle of the skin
  • Made in japan
  • It revitalizes the skin into elastic and live condition of the original skin and enhances protection from harmful environment

Honest reviews


Fabulous product

I purchased this product from Sephora. I have light to medium skin with ruddy tones and bluish tones under my eyes. My daughter has extremely fair skin. We can both wear this product which is amazing in itself. This product minimized my pores and evened out my skin tone. This is probably the best makeup I have ever used. I was using both Lancme and Chanel for years as well as less expensive brands. I decided to purchase this product because I was going on a cruise and wanted something with a high SPF This product is perfect!Initially I used a serum with C, E and Ferulic acid under this product and I would caution against this. I had to wash it off after several hours later due to a reaction.

Daisy Sterling, MA

This line isn’t for everyone

I’ve seen so many rave reviews for Dr. Jart products, that I thought I’d love this for sure. Unfortunately despite everyone else who claims this is non greasy, wonderful, etc. I found it extremely heavy and oily on my skin, I used such a small amount that I’m amazed it felt so awful on my skin! I hadn’t even left the house for work yet & I was already powdering my face. It was that oily!I think that my skin is just too unbalanced for this product.

Brooke Port Matilda, PA

Only going to work for certain people

You need light fairly neutral skintone and dry skin to LOVE this.I do fit this description and it works great for me. Very skin-like. Solid medium coverage – more than a just a tinted moisturizer. Dewy finish – sometimes too dewy for me. I use powder over it – especially in afternoon.The color is hard to describe. It comes out this weird grayish/brown/taupe color. When applied, it looks ashy and completely wrong color. It takes 5-10 minutes to adjust to my skin. I’m a pretty neutral NC15-20 and this looks great on me.Fabulous broad spectrum physical sunscreen – a must for me!

Jeanie Lake Como, FL


After trying a few BB creams, this is my favorite. A little pricey but it goes a long way and you can layer for intensity or coverage. I also use it under and around my eyes and tap on any red marks I might have. Gives skin a dewy golden look without being greasy,

Jeanette Mars Hill, ME

Too light, one-color-doesn’t match all

I found this BB far too light, and I don’t have tan skin. I think “Buff” usually describes most of my foundations. This didn’t match at all. It’s lightweight, if that’s your thing. I don’t like putting on extra coats though.

Terrie Enochs, TX

Husband approved.

So I forced my poor husband to compare the half of my face with the product and the one without. He really hates these tests, but he didn’t mind this one. He picked the product side easily and said it looked more even and smoother. In the end that is all I want in a product.It also went on smoothly and was not greasy. I love not needing an extra SPF product. No real fragrance ( I hate smelling like fruit or flowers from different products.). So I love this so far!

Beatriz Anahola, HI

VERY Sheer coverage

I went to Sephora asking for some samples of sweat-proof foundation. When I posted on thie message board, a user recommended this. I tend not to like BB Creams very well, because they give almost no coverage. But I was willing to give a try. So I got a sample of this from Sephora.I really don’t like this BB cream. There are a few reasons why. First, this comes in only one shade. It claims to be for every skintone. But I don’t think it really is. The cream itself is almost a greyish color. When I first applied it, it looked AWFUL. It basically made me look like I was dead. Given a little time, it did adjust somewhat to my skin, but I’ve had much better color matches with other foundations.2nd, I would describe this as sheer to light coverage. It is definitely NOT medium coverage. Due to a genetic disease, I have a lot of redness and small bumps on my face. They make me self-conscious, so I like to cover them up. But I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a ton of makeup. Even after applying two layers, you could still clearly see the redness under the makeup. Even then, it looked thick and cakey.I also think that this is way overpriced. In my opinion, it’s not even mediocre.If you are someone who needs very little coverage, I would recommend this BB cream. But if you have anything you want to hide, this simply won’t do the trick. You are better off looking elsewhere. I will probably end up throwing away the sample, and will not purchase a full-sized bottle.

Fay Steep Falls, ME

My favorite BB cream

I sampled many BB creams and Dr. Jart+ Premium was my favorite. I wanted something that did not make my skin look or feel oily and this one did the trick. Since they also only come in one color, this one seemed to look best on my skin tone. I’m medium to light skinned.

Brandi Corbett, OR