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Dr. Jart Nourishing Black Plus SPF 25 Beauty Balm, 1.28 Ounce

Dr. Jart nourishing beauty balm black plus spf 25/pa plusplus 1.5oz.

Key features

  • Nourishing beauty balm
  • Plus spf 25/pa
  • Color: black

Honest reviews


Love this stuff

I have tried a few BB creams and so far this is my favorite. I have bad skin, rosacea and dry skin, and I actually use this under my airbrush make-up. It makes my skin look so much better and a lot less dry.Edit: I don’t use this too much anymore. I love the product but the color of it is just too dark for me. I don’t like it when my face does not match my neck. I hate how most BB creams only come in 1 shade. They really need to have at least 4 or 5 shades from very light to very dark.

Ginger Cecil, PA

I will change my whole routine for this product

I would never have purchased this product if I had not received it in my Birchbox. I have been using Bare Minerals for years, and have no interest in a liquid based make-up, and although I had read about BB creams, I didn’t really understand the concept. I have oily, acne prone skin. Dr. Jart goes on so smooth that I kept looking in the mirror wondering where my pores were! It did not feel heavy on my skin as I had feared. Plus, I think it will really simplify mornings as you don’t need lotion, spf, and foundation. I can foresee needing to put a light powder over the top, but so far I haven’t needed to. I don’t know the long term affects, but so far, so good.In regards to the packaging, I have one major complaint. Although it has an easy pump dispenser, the sleek hard plastic casing makes it impossible to know how much product you have left. If only they had left a clear stip or something it would be better. I have bought an extra tube simply because I am paranoid about running out unexpectedly.UPDATE: After using it for three weeks, my skin is doing really well and I have noticed that it is less oily and I have fewer breakouts.

Jeannie Josephine, TX

Dr. Jart Customer for Life

I have fallen in love with Dr. Jart BB Cream. I started breaking out when I first started using BB Creams, but didn’t link the two. This BB Cream is perfect for sensitive skin and those with the dreaded 30’s skin. I’ve started developing wrinkles and acne at the same time and this product is perfect. If helps fight signs of aging as well as breakouts which providing a light coverage. I felt crazy spending $40 on a BB Cream, but I’ve been sold and will never buy another brand. Light, easy to apply, versatile color, and perfect coverage for that flawless look.

Kristy Staplehurst, NE

Great product, deceptive packaging

I really like this product; I use it as my go-to foundation over my moisturizer. A little goes a long way, and it lasts all day. It evens out my skin tone, goes on smoothly and doesn’t feel too heavy. It’s a little pricey but since you don’t have to use a lot for coverage, I feel it’s worth it. Worth noting, however: the small tube of makeup is actually encased in a larger, hard plastic "shell" that makes it look like you are getting much more than you are. You also cannot squeeze the tube, and the pump design means some product won’t come out as the quantity inside gets low. Given its higher price tag, I don’t want to waste one drop. So I end up unscrewing the pump cap and then forcing the outer "shell" open to get to the actual tube inside. I cut off the end of the tube and can get another week out of the product. I wish they’d come up with a more practical–and less deceptive–packaging.

Georgina Rossville, PA

First time BB cream user, this one ROCKS!

So I am 9 months pregnant with twins and I’m feeling a little bit rough around the edges. I have been using a tinted moisturizer for a while and have loved it since my skin has been so dry and uneven. I was reading about BB creams, searching all over for the best rated ones and who they are the best for. Since I am pregnant I have blotchy skin with some dark spots. I do a pretty good job with my makeup covering it up, but I wanted something I could rub on at the hospital without having to go through a whole makeup routine! This is the first one I’ve ordered. Here are my pro’s and cons:Pros:
• easy to apply
• covers my dark spots and evens my skin tone all day long
• nice ingredients that do more than just cover/moisturize
• Can throw on in 30 seconds, use a dash of blush and I look human!Cons:
• Can look chalky if you use it alone
• isn’t a deep moisturizerI’ve used this for about a week and I’ve had a number of compliments. I ran by my super critical sister the other day and the first thing she said to me was, what do you have on your skin looks amazing. (it was just the cream and blush). My husband told me I looked pretty the other day out of the blue (He says it to me but this time he was staring at my face wondering why), and my coworkers mentioned that I looked nice. I’ll take it! Try it for yourself, worth the price.

Kathy Delia, KS

Great for the pale people

Expensive but good, I do wish it was cheaper. It’s pretty pale but not too pale. Not too ‘greasy’ feeling and not too dry either. Smooths on and blends well with fingers. Easy to use. Coverage is medium – covers redness and dark circles well without looking too cakey. I just use this on my cheeks, eyelids, under eyes, and sometimes on small blemishes (don’t like the feel of makeup on my whole face). It doesn’t seem to break me out or make breakouts worse when I apply it on top of blemishes. Yes it’s expensive but good quality and will last forever especially if you don’t apply to your whole face everyday. I also like that it has SPF.

Tanisha Rheems, PA

This stuff is amazing!

This stuff is amazing. Honestly. I can’t believe how good it works. I use it like foundation. It smooths everything out, but doesn’t leave your face feeling cakey. It just feels so natural. Also it blends so evenly with your skin tone, that there aren’t any tell-tale lines where the make up stops. As a 38 yo, who deals with both laugh lines and the occasional blemish, I cannot live without this stuff.

Shawna Cragford, AL

Not bad

So, I like this a lot. It does not feel greasy or heavy at all. You can’t even feel it once it’s on. It does a great job of making my face feel smooth. My only complaint is that it is only available in one shade. When I first put it on, I thought it was way too dark for my pale complexion. Once it dried though, it blended much better. Still, I got a comment that it looked like I had a tan. No, not the end of the world and I will still use, but it is for me a noticeable color change. It is basically foundation and moisturizer in one so it won’t look right unless you add additional makeup, like blush. Without blush, my face would look washed out.

Dawn Marshall, IN