Dr. Hauschka Daily Hydrating Eye Cream

Firm, moisturize, soothe and help prevent fine lines and other signs of aging with this lightweight eye cream. The reviving formula is ideal for all skin types and is a perfect base to help eye makeup stay perfectly in place. Rich, nurturing plant oils of avocado, macadamia and sea buckthorn protect and firm skin, while refining fine lines. Rose water, pineapple, marshmallow and calendula extracts refresh, hydrate and soothe. The deeply penetrating cream leaves skin refreshed, smooth and soft as it naturally protects against premature wrinkles. Skin is firmer, more refined and intensely hydrated. Has a light scent.

Key features

  • Repairs and hydrates
  • Super hydrating formula
  • Gives eyes a refreshed, radiant look
  • Repairs and refines appearance of fine lines
  • Deep penetrating cream

Honest reviews


the truth about this eye cream

I had alot of allergies to this which caused sneezing all the time. I also used too much and it broke out my skin.

Michelle Cowley, WY


While 0.38 fl. oz. may not sound like a lot, this small tube has lasted six months and is still going. All it takes of this potent formulation is a tiny drop for each eye. The tube has a small dispenser attached, one gentle press of the tube is really all I need for both eyes.The cream is fragrance free and applies easily. (Suggestion: pat it on rather than spreading). It’s not sticky and absorbs quickly providing smooth skin for eye makeup.For me, absorption is often the test. Ever buy an expensive cream that just sits in an oily film on skin? That has always left me wondering what in the world it’s doing for me. During these six months, I’ve seen what Dr. Hauschka’s Eye Cream has done for those “smile” lines!After my experience with this, I look forward to trying more of Dr. Hauschka’s products.- Gail Cooke

Margot Mount Pleasant, MI

Good product

I have not been as consistent as I should be using this since I have gotten it but it seems really good! A little definitely goes a long way.

Jean Eola, IL


This is a fairly oily cream which is fine for me at night. I don’t see an improvement in the morning after using this for a few weeks. I don’t expect much from eye creams, but at least this is non-irritating. My suspicion is this is basically oils and I’d get the same result with some almond oil at a much lower price.

Maria Voluntown, CT

Diminish dark circles

Here’s what my wife says: I have used so many undereye creams it’s not even funny, from N.V. Perricone to Garnier and this is by far the best one yet! It is smooth, light weight, goes on well under make-up and makes me look refreshed in the morning. I have found that just after 2 weeks of use, my undereye circles are not as dark and lines are less prominent. I love that you don’t have a jar that you dip a finger into to apply the cream. It has made me try many other Dr. Hauschka products. It is a tad more expensive than some treatments, but worth every penny.

Blanca Eastpoint, FL

Noticeable changes

I used this product before the bed and let me tell, you’ll feel the lift action of your eyes from the first use. When I woke up in the morning the next day, there was no dark circles and my eyes looked plumped. Specially this is considered a chemical free treatment for your eyes, so I’m going to repurchase this again and again.

Cheryl Spencer, WV

Great deal

While this isn’t the best eye cream I’ve ever tried it is the best one for the value. It does the trick. I’ve used a few better ones but the price tags were over $100. This is great and the tube seems to last a long time. I’m an eye cream junkie using it at least twice a day. I’m always trying new ones too. I need something affordable and this fits the bill.

Rosalia Tivoli, NY