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Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner, 3.4-Ounce Box

Reduce breakouts and tighten pores with this soothing spray-on facial toner for oily, sensitive and blemished skin. The holistic formula calms redness and irritation, making it an ideal after-shave toner for men. Extracts of anthyllis, calendula, echinacea and witch hazel combine to regulate oil production and soothe skin. Daisy and nasturtium extracts refine pores and reduce the appearance of blackheads and blemishes. Has a mild floral scent.

Key features

  • Balances the skins cleansing process
  • Completes the cleansing process for very oily and impure skin
  • Helps diminish signs of blemishes oily skin and enlarged pores.

Honest reviews


dr hauschka clarifying toner

I think this would be great for oily skin, but I have dry skin and this dried it out even worse. It contains alot of alcohol.

Reba Tioga, PA

Good toner

This is a good toner. It does what it’s supposed to do. I have two problems with it though that made me decide not to re-purchase. First, it’s too expensive! You can find similar products out there for a fraction of its cost. Second, the scent is very strong and herbal. While I understand it’s a plant based product and therefore it smells as such, I didn’t like how pungent it really was. I had to let the smell air out for a while before going near my hubby. He didn’t like kissing me with this stuff on my face full force 😉

Violet Mapleton, IL

excellent product

this toner is of the highest quality and purity. I like the way it is applied by spraying onto the skin.

Madeleine Loco Hills, NM

Nice toner for combination skin

Best toner for combination skin! I think it contains a little bit of alcohol, which is a good thing for oily skin. I have tried toners without alcohol, but this one is far better. It’s gentle and does clear your skin out. Will buy for sure!

Martina Queen, PA

Smells better in Sample Bottles

I’m glad that this product is in a spray bottle because it goes further, however it just doesn’t smell that great… I used the same product from a smaller sample bottle and it smelled fantastic, so maybe in smaller concentrations (as a mist) it’s different. Meh. It still does the trick and I put Normalizing day oil over it which smells good in of itself. Not a bad product though.

Savannah Plymouth, VT

love, love this stuff. great price here.

I love this Dr Hauschka clarifying toner. In my opinion it is the best spray on toner (as opposed to the type that you swab onto your face with a cotton ball to remove any traces of makeup or soap residue). This really freshens, hydrates, tones, helps to tighten pores and keep hour skin balanced and free from oils/congestion. It feels and smells wonderful as you spray it on. Its pricey for a toner, but I consider it a necessary extravagance/investment in my sound health and appearance. And I found it at a great price here…and I’m grateful for it.

Jasmine Flaxton, ND