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DR. G Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment .6 oz

Dr. G Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment – cures most fungal skin infections, including athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) and ringworm (tinea corporis). Effectively relieves itching, burning, cracking and scaling accompanying such conditions.

Key features

  • Dr. G’s Clear Nails 0.6 fl.oz.

Honest reviews


Seems to be working

Recommended by a someone who runs a salon it seems to be working fairly well. Don’t expect quick results with this or any nail fungus treatment. It’s a slow process.

Megan Zwingle, IA

It saved my nail.

Fungus on my nail was so bad that when i cut off all the bad stuff only around 25% of the nail stayed on the finger. Whatever i cut was the green stuff that wasn’t even attached to the finger any more. I was about to see the doctor but since i was so busy i decided to try something else before i do it. I got 2 products – Dr G Clear nail and The Original Fungi Nail but Dr G happened to be the most used treatment and it actually worked! In 3 months i have a finger covered with a nail. It is not perfectly healthy yet, but i am not embarrassed any more. I keep applying and will do it until the nail is completely clear. If fungus ever happens to me again this is the only treatment i would buy.

Lelia Blue Hill, ME

Does More Than Treat Fungus

I had been using Sally Hansen’s No More Fungus for quite some time to treat a fungus that just won’t go away on my finger nails. Don’t know how I got it unless it has sat dormant since the 80’s when I had acrylics and had to stop because of two nails going black underneath. The Sally Hansen was working pretty long as I didn’t polish. Once I started polishing, the fungus would come back. I’ve added Dr. G’s to the regimen and apparently that was the final ingredient necessary to really kick some fungus butt. Not only has the fungus been stopped from growing but new growth is looking more hydrated and is a very healthy pink color and I can polish without the fungus reacting badly. In fact, I don’t think there is any more live fungus there at all but I’m going to continue until I’ve used up both of the bottles I bought and may even just continue beyond that for prevention’s sake. I don’t want this stuff to ever come back.There is also the fact that there are moisturizers included as part of the “inactive” ingredients. I use this after washing my hands and before I put on any lotion. My nails have vertical ridges and will show dryness and peeling along those ridges. After hand washing, the dryness is very noticeable. The Dr. G’s really sinks in so that by the time I’ve rubbed it in and waited a few minutes before putting on lotion, all the dryness disappears. What a nice side effect.I also use tea tree oil on my nails – straight out of the bottle and mixed into a home made cuticle oil using Bio Oil, tea tree oil and some of the Sally Hansen fungus treatment. But I do believe it’s the Dr. G’s that’s made all the difference for me. I’m really looking forward to fungus free nails in the future.Update 040913: I’m on my second bottle and from what I can tell, the fungus has lost the battle. It’s just a matter of growing out the damage now. I purchased two more bottles and will continue to use once every day until I’ve used the last one up then see how things go from there. I can say that the new nail growth looks very healthy and doesn’t show any of the peeling patches that the old growth shows. The nail beds are pink, just like they should be. I’ve recommended Dr. G’s to a lot of people.Update 061013: Been using this on and off since February – mostly on. I did have a recurrence after my last update but that was my fault because I got lax in using the product. You do have to be consistent for any treatment to work well. I saw the quickest and best result once I cut my nails super short – down practically to the quick – stopped polishing and started putting on the product four times a day. I also used a cuticle oil I made with jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, tea tree oil and avocado oil, equal parts of each. I also doctored up my hand lotion with the cuticle oil so I got a small dose of tea tree oil every time I put on hand lotion. I used the oil after every hand washing and on top of the Dr. G’s. As of now, I do still have some visible damage at the tip of the nail bed but all of the lifting has grown out and there does not appear to be any further damage being done by the fungus. So, after four months of using Dr. G’s, I’m looking at normal, healthy looking nails and I am polishing again. Because I don’t want this fungus to return, I will continue to use the product daily but start reducing the number of times a day until all of the nail bed damage has grown out and I’m using it once a day.The product does work but you do have to be patient as well as consistent. If you don’t want to cut your nails down and go without polish for the duration, the product will still work. It’ll just take more time.

Charlene Dennysville, ME

Really does work

I have persistent nail fungus because my nails won’t stay connected to the nailbed due to nail psoriasis. The dead space between the nail and nailbed tends to stay moist in the extreme Houston heat and humidity. As an artist, my hands get wet frequently when using paint, washing up from pastels and graphite, and working clay for ceramics. If I persistently use Dr. G’s three times daily, my fungus is killed and the nails begin to re-attach to the nailbed. I use it in the morning after showering, in the afternoon after a hand wash, and at night before I go to bed. My nails almost immediately begin to look better and get close to being healed, and then I forget to use Dr. G’s, and soon afterward, the nail begins to separate from the nailbed. The key is PERSISTENCE, don’t quit using it until the nail is completely attached. Learn from my mistakes. I keep a bottle on my bathroom vanity to use after my shower, I keep one bottle in my purse to use during the day on campus, and I keep one on my bedside table to use just before bedtime.As with any fungus treatment, it takes a long time to kill the infection. Dr. G’s will make your nail healthy again if you give it time. I saw results within the first week. Some reviewers noted that their bottles are printed “Not for nail or scalp”. My bottle does not have that print. Even if my bottle had that print, I would ignore it. The chemical used is Benzalkonium Chloride, which is what I was given in 1974 to help keep infection out of my newly-pierced ears. It is also the same chemical that my daughters were given when they got their ears pierced in the 1995. It is very safe in our experience, and when I googled it, there are no health warnings associated with its use.Dr. G’s also makes a product under the Clear Nail name that has tolnaftate, which is an antifungal commonly used for athlete’s foot, jock itch and feminine yeast infections. I just ordered a large bottle of Dr. G’s Antimicrobial Callus & Cuticle Remover, and a bottle of Antimicrobial Spa Soak, both of which contain Benzalkonium Chloride. I will take them with me to the nail salon for use with my mani/pedicures. After I use them a few times, I will post reviews on those products, also.

Barbra Youngtown, AZ

Takes Time, But does work – Recommended

Dr. G Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment has made significant improvement in the treatment of my stubborn toenail fungus. It has been just over two weeks and the nasty brownish sheen is finally gone and my nail is now only cloudy instead of “cruddy” looking.Going to give it more time since I’m convinced it is working.Recommended!CFH

Imogene Deep Water, WV

it on the lower end of ok

works a little, don’t expect great things to happen tho. I’ve tried almost everything out there, and I don’t know what to try anymore. (sigh…) I wish someone would come up with something that works extremely well, at a good price

Robin Pelham, NY

Worked Well for Me

I had what I believe was a fairly mild fungal nail infection and this was helpful for the skin on my fingertips. I also, applied it “under” the edge of the affected nails, though I’ve kept them as short as I comfortably can to avoid a recurrence. Now I’m just waiting for the previously infected portions of nail to grow out. My nails have gone from being pretty cloudy & whitish to clear in a very short time; with the exception of 3 fingers which are taking a bit longer to heal. I think that those nails must be more affected. Overall, a good product, easy to apply – I’d recommend it to anyone else with a fairly mild fungal infection.

Harriet Felts Mills, NY


I have acrylic nails and did not want to remove them to treat a fungus. This stuff actually works. You absolutely have to use it on dry nails, and use it every every every single day for many months. I dry under my nails with alcohol and then use it at night to let it sit under the acrylic. It took about 6 months to see results, but results indeed. I do not stop using it just because I am cured. I never want it to come back.

Beatriz Highmore, SD

Best stuff for clearing up a fungus!

I am an award winning manicurist and we used to tell any client who came in with a fungus to use this twice a day for 3 months and the fungus would be gone. It really works!

Eva Culbertson, NE

Great price! Have used it for over two weeks

Great price! Have used it for over two weeks. I use it everyday after shower and filing my nails. New nails have grown out to be healthy. I would totally continue to use this.

Sue Atco, NJ

dr scholl’s

please sell products that work…not looking for a miracle just real and honest results. not worth the money…there are othjer products that you can use that are so much better

Eleanor Richlandtown, PA

it works

I have been using this product for years. My hubby has a nail fungus, and I guess I got it from him. Its hard to get rid of since he just started using this product to stop his fungus. Its working for him, and it worked for me. It takes time, alot of time, especially if your fungus is severe. I have seen incredible results, but I have also applied it twice a day for over a year, and then it really started to manifest results. Remember, my fungus actually had the toenail growing strange, so it had been there for awhile. This products works, but you need to stay with it. After the fungus “appears” to be gone, continue for at least another month or until your toenails looks normal again.

Marie Chappells, SC