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Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Original Formula Alpha Beta 60 Count JAR

Specifically proven results can only be achieved with 2 steps. The only peel on the market to combine 5 Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids PLUS Retinol, Ubiquinone, Resveratrol and a host of antioxidants, vitamins and soothing botanicals. The secret to youth and beauty does not come from a single ingredient- this product contains 44 ingredients to fight aging and produce immediate and lasting results.

Key features

  • Anti-Aging: Smoothes the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles; instantly firms
  • Brightening: Uses Microexfoliation to stimulate cell turnover, improve clarity, eliminate dullness & even skin tone
  • Complexion Clearing: Minimizes the appearance of pores & blemishes
  • Perfect For Sensitive Skin: Calms & soothes; hypoallergenic
  • All skin types & ages; Immediate results for a radiant & glowing complexion

Honest reviews


A must have for great-looking skin!

This item is a must-have for my skin care. I apply both of them after I’ve washed my face in the morning and before I put on any serums or moisturizers. This products makes your skin look and feel so smooth. It gives it a glow. My skin has never looked healthier. I’m always getting complimented on my skin, which I didn’t hear when I was younger. This product is one of two items I never go without–the other is Renova, a prescription retinoid, which my dermotologist prescribes. NOTE: I tried the Extra Strength version of the AB Daily Face Peel, and I didn’t like it as much. The regular is just perfect.

Sandra Lima, OH

Easy and effective

This alpha/beta peel works just as described, and it’s so easy to use you won’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for facials at spas again. I use this once a week, and it helps to clarify and exfoliate my skin. I really do notice a difference in texture and clarity after I began using this product. It’s an easy, two-step process that takes about three minutes (two minutes for the first step, one for the second), and I highly recommend this peel for easy and effective skin cell turnover.

Elvira Fort Kent Mills, ME

I love it but NOT daily

It was recommended by a Nordstrom cosmetics lady to use this daily….. NOT if you have delicate skin, dry skin, or aging skin. It will aggravate all three. However, used once a week as directed this helps to regenerate and deeply cleanse. My skin looks and feels noticeably better when I use this once a week at night.Warning – I tried the same product that has a tanning component -the tanning is very effective but it’s difficult to spread the wipes evenly over your face and neck area or wherever you want to tan so it comes out unevenly.

Cathy Pisgah, IA

Great stuff

Leaves your skin even toned. DON’T need to use it every day. Clears up your skin and just gives it an overall even glow. Great to use before bed or before you go start your day. Just don’t forget to use sunscreen! And a HIGH SPF too, as the ingredients in this product will make your skin to sensitive to the sun.

Cleo Exeter, ME


I have always had clear skin, then at 26 I started to have breakouts. Nothing helped the breakouts. I tried products from the department store and more affordable things from walmart. I even went to the dermatologist but those products were harsh and made me very sensitive to sun light, which affected my skin tone. This product reduced the size of my blackheads and pores after one use. Then I started to notice that that my completion became more even. The results are dramatic and I noticed changes after just two days. This product does not irritate my skin at all. I love it and will continue to use it.

Tessa Camp Point, IL

Didn’t Do Much

This is a very gentle peel. If your skin is just too sensitive to have a real chemical peel this may be a good choice for you. I have sensitive skin but I get facials with chemical peels and never had a problem. I tried this because I burned my skin with a stronger at home peel. I used this everyday for the entire month but didn’t see a significant change in my skin. I have since started using the Glycolix peel pads and they work great for my skin.

Genevieve Ellery, IL

Easy skin care!!

This system is a great skincare system. Easy to use and makes my skin look great. I have noticed smaller pores and more even tone. I don’t use it everyday more like every other day. I do notice a difference when I have not used them in a while, my skin looks dull and this is a great mini peel to keep things looking young. I think if I used them everyday I would see even more results.

Dianne Marshall, WA

Does what it promises but not for the price

I’ve used the AB peel for about a year. I used it together with my regular Obagi regimen and with retinoids that I got from my dermatologist. In between facials and in the winter– i get a lot of dry patches on my face that my regular toner cannot get rid of. On really bad days, I get flaky skin on my chin and parts of my forehead that look disgusting up close that I’d have to put extra thick moisturizers over to mask the dryness. The answer to my problem was aha peels and Dr. Gross is one of the best out of all that I’ve tried. However, after shelling out hundreds of dollars buying this product I realized that this remedy was just way too expensive over time. I had to find a better way to exfoliate my dry skin without buying peels like this–it just was not practical! After looking into other alternatives I discovered the miracle of the Clarisonic brush. The initial purchase was pricey at $125 for the Mia 2 on sale at the Clarisonic website. The ones sold over here were of questionable authenticity (as per the reviews) that I did not want to risk it. Having used the brush for about 2 months I am very happy with the results. You shell out the money once (and maybe every 3 months for the brush heads) but it’s way cheaper than buying the peels. They work extremely well with my Obagi regimen and my skin has never been better. Clarisonic is definitely worth a look for those that are wary of spending $100+ every 2 months!P.S. I am in my early 30s with dry to combination skin.

Mabel Paint Bank, VA

Great For Your Skin!

Once you finish using this product your skin is flawless. It is great if you are having problems with your skin as I was at the time I tried it. I love this product, it is my second time purchasing it.I had no problems with this seller and everything came on time.

Cherie Rupert, GA