Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution, 1 fl. oz.

Combat all types of uneven skin tone and dull skin Ferulic + Retinol Brightening Solution 1.0 oz This professional strength solution is formulated with naturally derived actives that combat all types of uneven skin tone and dull skin. Together Ferulic Acid and Retinol are proven to decrease the hyperactive production of pigment. Formulated with multiple actives, the formula also helps to reduce and fade dark spots resulting from photo-aging, hyperpigmentation, hormonal changes and blemish scars. Created by a practicing dermatologist, the unique fluid-like delivery system absorbs quickly to treat all skin types. Use daily (AM and/or PM) as an all-over treatment. To target specific areas of concern, apply with enclosed microfiber pads. For best results, use consistently after the Alpha Beta Peel and follow with moisturizing sunscreen. Brightening About Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare The skin doc of choice among the fashion and beauty elite, New York City dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross is among the most innovative doctors practicing cosmetic dermatology. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare brings the most powerful and effective ingredients on the market to your medicine cabinet, delivering immediate, professional results with no downtime. Unlike most skincare brands, Dr. Gross’ formulations are based on his daily clinical experience, where patients’ needs are a driving force in product development, proving time and again that you don’t have to be a celebrity or a socialite to achieve healthy, glowing skin. Product highlights Benefits “By combining a potent concentration of Ferulic Acid with Retinol, this proven anti-aging ingredient has now been elevated to an entirely new level.” – Dr. Dennis Gross Results In a consumer use study, after 14 days, 90.6% of participants agreed that their skin looked younger overall; 93.8% agreed that this product exfoliated their skin, leaving it smoother; and 90.6% agreed that their skin had an overall glow.

Key features

  • Repairs signs of aging and sun damage with ferulic acid and retinol
  • Fades dark spots with azelaic amino acid and bearberry
  • Minimizes appearance of pores with salicylic acid and willow bark

Honest reviews


Good cleansing and texture improvement – doesn’t lighten

I got a free sample of this product and liked it enough to buy it. Overall my skin is in good condition and I have taken it for granted, doing minimal things to keep it up with cleansing and moisturizing. Lately I’ve seen bigger pores and a texture to my skin I didn’t like. Even after carefully cleaning my face, this product will stlll remove more dirt which is impressive. It has helped diminish pore size on my nose and overall improved the clarity of my skin making it look clean and fresh. They do not include enough micro pads with the product but you can buy extras at the drug store – not as good as what’s in the box but they work fine. I was hoping it would lighten age spots on my face but it has not done anything to improve that. I have sensitive skin and have to be careful what I use as some products have made my face looked burned. This product is gentle and overall I am pleased with the results.

Savannah Spruce, MI


I really like using this with the Dr. Dennis Gross extra strength alpha beta peel. Within days of starting the combo, I could see a difference and so could others. In fact, I recently stopped it for about 2 months and the change in my appearance was noticeable. Glad to be using it again!

Mavis Greenbank, WA

Brightening Solution

I found this did not absorb into my skin as well as some of the other serums I’ve tried. I didn’t see any benefit from using it unfortunately – will not buy this again.

Rebecca Sevier, UT

Stopped wearing foundation, this is da bom!

After dealing with moderate acne (and sensitivity, and blackheads, grr) my whole life (40+ now), I have some moderate dark spots that bother me still. I thought I’d have to save up for a Beverly Hills laser treatment series to improve them, but in the meantime I still look for "hope in a bottle".I use this in conjunction with the Extra Strength Alpha Beta peel, 2x/day, and I am quite impressed and happy with the results. In three weeks not only are the spots about 50% improved, but seriously my whole face is brighter and dare I say somewhat luminous (in the right lighting–lighting is EVERYTHING, ha!).All my life I’ve considered high-end foundation a daily necessity to look my best, and I have put my beloved Chanel away for now, I don’t think it improves on my complection after using this. Which could help with the expense, yikes! However, I’d rather spend $ improving myself to not depend on pricey makeup, you know? And even though this is a 1-oz bottle, I use it fairly generously (10-ish drops on a half-pad), and I’m sure it’ll last me several months.If interested in my routine, I use argan soap (generic, direct from Morocco. Dunno the brand, can’t read the packaging. But it’s a relatively cheapie argan soap) and a gentle scrubbie to wash, Dr. Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta peel (half pads again), this Brightening serum on a half pad, pure argan oil or argan cream (switch it up), and in the morning Neutrogena 50 SPF/moisturizer. I’ve been real happy with the results.

Summer Powellville, MD

great product

I really like the fact that these drops both contain retinol and ferulic acid together. Both ingredients are anti-aging and it definitely shows in the quality and texture of my skin. I only gave it a 4 star because it’s so darn expensive!

Patrice Mount Dora, FL


Great product, my skin is glowing. First received this in a sample with other products–and I’ve been hooked since. It’s gentle too…put it on after you wash your face…follow with any serums and a moisturizer. If using in the morning, follow with a really good sunscreen…

Kellie Kahului, HI