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Dr. Denese HydroShield Hydrating Dream Cream

Hydration Technology increases moisture retention; smoothes and reduces the appearance of dry lines and wrinkles; rejuvenates dry, parched skin; and hydrates skin for a youthful appearance. It’s designed to work in tandem with HydroShield® face serum to lock in hydration and create a moisture magnet on the skin, helping to prevent moisture loss throughout the day and night.

Key features

  • For morning / evening use. Apply HydroShield® Dream Cream to the entire face after cleansing and after your HydroShield® serum application. Follow with SPF 30 Day Defense Cream.
  • For evening use: cleanse, apply Advanced Facial Firming Pads, your HydroShield® Serum and your HydroShield® Dream Cream.

Honest reviews



This cream made my face break out so bad the first two days, I was in shock. So upset I spent the money on this and to top it off you cannot return it. I will never buy a prouduct again without a sample first. Good thing about info-commercials you can return and get money back, now I have a whole tub of this stuff and out $50. I asked the seller if I could return it, and they said no. NEVER AGAIN.

Eloise Owensville, OH

Love it!

I love this Dream Cream, it absorbs nicely & Ive seen improvements in my skin. I would highly recommend this to any one!

Carla Harrison Valley, PA

I am happy with this!

I think this works very well, but I do use this with the serum and the resurface wash… So as a solo product, not sure. I do like that my face absorbs it well and does not leave a greasy look to my face, also very happy with the amount you receive. I am def. very tight with my money and I feel like I got my money’s worth.

Luella New Hope, PA

Just OK

This Dream Cream is just OK. I have an expensive cream that I use and wanted an alternative to use every so often. I like Dr Denese and her products, but I found this cream had some drying properties, and I stopped using it. The other problem I had was the jar of cream cream seemed full when I first opened it however there was an indentation in the middle. It appears that there was a malfunction of the machine dispensing the cream on the assembly line or something. There certainly was not the full amount in that jar.Not Recommended a For Me. prisrob 06-09-14

Nanette Colton, OR

Dream Cream – Thumbs Up

I choose this rating as it really does hydrate your skin. I have drier skin that is easily irritated and I really love this cream, add that together with the hydrating serum and hydroshield eye emulsion, you will love your skin. If your skin needs some moisture to plump it up, this is definately for you!

Kristen Adel, OR