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Dr. Bronner’s Organic Pure Castile Bar Soap – Tea Tree – 5 oz

Completely biodegradable and vegetable-based, our Castile Bar Soaps are gentle and effective, ideal for washing body, face or hair. They are also very popular with DIY homemakers. For example, they can be grated to form part of a homemade powdered laundry detergent. Dr. Bronner’s continues its mission and commitment to building an engine for promoting and advancing positive social change. From pioneering USDA certified organic personal care products, to creating Fair Trade projects across the world that ensure fair and just treatment of farmers and workers, to creating a socially responsible workplace here in the U.S., we strive to honor our heritage with progressive business practices, while devoting profits to worthwhile causes and charities worldwide.

Key features

  • GENTLE SOAP: Completely biodegradable and vegetable-based for a gentle and effective soap; ideal for washing body, face or hair.
  • MULTI-USE: Popular with DIY homemakers as this soap can be grated to form part of a homemade powdered laundry detergent.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND VEGAN: Certified organic by the USDA National Organic Program and certified Vegan by Vegan Action.
  • RECYCLED PACKAGING: Wrapped in 10% hemp-flax and 90% post-consumer recycled (PCR) paper.
  • TEA TREE: Made with pure organic tea tree oil for a fresh scent and smooth feel.

Honest reviews


Not So Mild…

The soap is very nice, and doesn’t dry out my boys skin. I like that it’s free of everything, and has a very light gentle scent. The only problem is that it burns my boys eyes. It’s not as bad as the Baby Bee soap, which stings like crazy, but it definitely burns their eyes.

Lenore West Mansfield, OH

Buy at Trader Joe’s

Excellent soap. Great lathering, wonderful scent and ingredients you can feel good about. I’m truly clean when I step out of the shower, but not dry. $3 a bar at Trader Joe’s.

Karina Nichols, FL

Headed to the top

I have read, with amusement, some of the reviews of this soap. How complicated they seem to feel washing one’s hair to be."Oh it will dry my hair, oh it will dry my scalp, you have to mix it with something else." Maybe I’m just too dense to understand or because I’m a man, I don’t get it. I’ve used this soap – that’s this soap, nothing added, no magic blending with something else – and I cannot in all my 81 years (and yes, I’ve been blessed to still have a full head of hair) remember my hair looking or feeling as soft, silky and shiny as this soap leaves it. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong. I first hook my spray head to the hose on my sink. Next I wet my hair with pleasantly warm water. Then, in my left hand, I take the bar of soap and rub it over my hair. It makes a great lather. I rub the soap into my hair and using my finger tips, really get it down onto my scalp. I use my spray to rinse off my hair. If my hair doesn’t squeak when I rub my hands over it, I soap it up a second time, rub, rinse and towel it off. I comb it and let it dry as I go about my daily duties. I do this about every 4 days or more often if I do something that gets it dirty like plastering or tossing hay. My scalp doesn’t itch anymore either. I neglected to say I had been having trouble with itching.I’ll continue to buy this stuff as long as I need it. OH yeah, I do use it to wash my face and the rest of me as well. The smell, BTW is very light but pleasant.

Bernice Bulger, PA

Natural soap–I really like it

I’ve used the Dr Bronner liquid soap and really like it so I thought I’d try the bar. Not disappointed. Lathers great and rinses clean. The bar is large so I tried cutting it–didn’t work too well as the smaller part broke into pieces. I use it for washing my face and body. As with other soaps do not leave it where the water will constantly be on it or your soap will be gone too quickly. Will be using again.

Rosanna Scooba, MS

Smells great and feels great

My friend turned me onto Dr Bronners Bar Soap a few months ago, and I haven’t looked back. The Peppermint is my favorite scent, and I love the way it makes my skin and face feel. It was a little pricier on Amazon than my local stores here, but I needed a delivery quickly. Prime came through for me, and I received my soap in a timely fashion.

Kelsey Windsor Heights, WV

Nice flavour

I prefer the lavender soap but wanted to try orange too. It’s very fresh. Def try lavender if you haven’t.

Samantha Andrews, NC

Best Soap Ever

I had a terrible skin ailment that only seem to get better with this soap. Ended up using the whole bar but have not had a problem since.

Flossie Kenai, AK

I love that its organic…..

This is a great organic soap however it doesn’t last very long for the price…it will leave you squeaky clean..but it dried out my skin…I need something a little more moisturizing.

Melody Park City, UT

Good product!

If you want organic and natural……….Dr. Bronner – Organic Citrus Bar Soap, 5 oz bar soap…..They are a good line of products!~

Phyllis Delano, PA

Perfectly natural

I was looking for an SLS free organic soap bar and came across this one! There is no scent to it, but it suds up very well and leaves your skin squeaky clean. I think this bar would be great for young children with sensitive skin. I bought a scented bar later, but I think this is still a good buy.

Estela Clayton, WA


I chose this soap because it doesn’t have the chemicals that regular soaps have. It lathers up nice and washes away without any film on my skin. The smell is very pleasant as well. I would recommend this to others.

Ashleigh Ball Ground, GA

Great for sensitive skin!

I love this soap and its great for people who are sensitive to fragrances. I dont usually like bar soaps but this one makes my skin feel smooth and it lasts for a long time. I have always been a fan of the Dr. Bronner’s soaps. I am currently trying the tea tree one to see how it does compared to this one for my sensitive skin; so far so good!

Kitty Noorvik, AK

strong pleasing scent.

recommend- strong, fresh scent. Good lather. Good moisturizing effect. All natural ingredients. Only drawback is the price, but this is a high quality soap, so one expects to pay more for this quality. Dr. Bronner soap comes in several scents which is also a plus.

Lisa Benton, IL


I discovered this at a local health foods store about six months ago, and I am so glad I did! It takes my makeup off perfectly, leaving none of it behind while also not stripping my face of natural oils. My skin doesn’t feel tight and gross after I wash with this. This soap bar is also so perfect for washing makeup brushes! I get my brushes wet and swirl them around on the bar. It cleans them right up, and doesn’t take forever either. This is definitely an item that I do not want to be without!

Katherine Grantsville, WV

Five Stars

This soap is very creamy, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Jannie Ross, TX

Smells Nice

I like the way this soap smells. I live in New Mexico (the desert) and wish it was just a bit more moisturizing. That seems to be a problem here with most soaps though.

Andrea De Land, IL

Dr. Bonners Mild Baby Organic Soap

I love all Dr. Bronners soaps especially this one. It’s great for sensitive and oily skin. It doesn’t over dry your skin since it’s made with oils and it dissolves the dirt as well the oil. All Dr. Bronners soaps will leave you feeling refreshed and clean. I LOVE THEM! Definitely will recommend this product.

Shannon Jerusalem, OH


I have yet to use this. I purchased this for my daughter to use. She is not a fan of scents, so I am hoping she will love this product. I am a big fan of Dr Bronners products though

Essie Carnegie, PA

Nice soap

This is a very nice soap that lathers up very well and makes me feel very clean. My one complaint is that the soap smells a bit funky. I got the peppermint, and while I can definitely smell peppermint, there is an underlying smell that I don’t like that takes away from the peppermint. I was hoping for a more pure peppermint smell, but the soap itself works great!

Lilia Windsor, VA

Love it!

I’ve never used this before but wanted a safe soap for my sensitive skin. This tried and true bar is just what I wanted. Just what Mom would have recommended.

Tiffany Randolph, ME


Nicely fragranced, good large size for a soap bar, and it is real soap.It is REAL SOAP, which some people find drying to their skin.Still gets you clean and leaves a light scent.

Alexandria Montpelier, OH

This one’s just okay..

Again, this soap lathers well & lasts longer than ur average soaps. But I found this bar in particular was more milder than the others I’ve tried. The scent was alright, reminded me of Jergens original lotion. But it faded really fast. Was disappointed in that. Other than that, it did serve it’s purpose.

Gina Bowdon, GA

Smells good

Didnt last long. But in order to save money and buy same product you might want to buy a bottle of castile soap from the same Dr. Bronner. Would last you longer

Cheri Waverly, NY