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Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade & Organic Castile Liquid Soap –

Completely biodegradable and vegetable-based, our Castile Liquid Soaps have been called the “Swiss-army knife” of cleaning – usable for just about any cleaning task. These simple, ecologically formulated soaps are gentle enough for washing body, face or hair, but also powerful enough for tasks like dishwashing, mopping, laundry and even pest control. Different tasks call for different dilutions of the soap. Dr. Bronner’s continues its mission and commitment to building an engine for promoting and advancing positive social change. From pioneering USDA certified organic personal care products, to creating Fair Trade projects across the world that ensure fair and just treatment of farmers and workers, to creating a socially responsible workplace here in the U.S., we strive to honor our heritage with progressive business practices, while devoting profits to worthwhile causes and charities worldwide.

Key features

  • SMOOTH AND MOISTURIZING: The organic and vegan ingredients are combined with a pure-castile liquid soap base for a rich, emollient lather and a moisturizing after feel.
  • NATURAL: Smooth and luxurious soap with no synthetic detergents or preservatives, as none of the ingredients or organisms are genetically modified.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND VEGAN: Certified organic by the USDA National Organic Program and certified Vegan by Vegan Action.
  • RECYCLED PACKAGING: Packaged in 100% post consumer recycled (PCR) plastic bottles.

Honest reviews


Best Multi-purpose soap ever!

I have been using Bronner’s for 8ish years and the formula has been consistently amazing. I started using it as a basic cleaner for floors and surfaces, and have slowly been trying out the other uses they advertise! It works great as body wash and face wash (especially the peppermint scent to wake you up) I’m buying the lavender scent to try it out on laundry.As a side note, if you use it for body wash, you definitely need to follow dilution instructions and ideally add some sort of neutral moisturizing oil (i like a bit of almond and vitamin E from the Jason line) otherwise you will really strip your skin and aggravate any dry skin conditions. If you do it right, this is an awesome body wash!

Minnie Oswegatchie, NY

Soap of many uses

One of my authors recommended this soap as an effective agent in home made house hold cleaners. In an attempt to move my household in a greener direction, I am trying to cut out as many harmful and toxic products from my home. This had led me to making many of these products and using Castile soap has made them just as good as the commercial items. You can use this soap as a body wash that leaves no residue behind, I use it when bathing my puppies because of how gentle it is and how soft it leaves them, as a regular hand wash soap, sub in dish soap when I run out and forget to get more and so on. You can use this soap for whatever you need.

Cora Conover, WI

excellent soap

This is one of the best shower gel/soap without too many preservatives. It is expensive, but the bottle is big and it will last you months. I don’t wash my skin every day to avoid drying it, especially in the winter months. This soap will not dry your skin like others. It smells great, natural and not artificial like most of the liquid soap. U used it once on my hair and it was all right. I would stick to just using it as body wash.

Elise Chickasaw, OH

All purpose soap

I’ve used Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soaps for decades for bathing, washing dishes and laundry. It’s a safe, effective cleanser.Unfortunately, in the past year or so I’ve noticed something I never did before: when I use it for dark laundry in a delicate cycle, cold-water wash, the soap sometimes does not wash out completely, leaving white, powdery streaks on the clothing. It doesn’t stain them and can be brushed off, but it’s a hassle. I do not have this problem when I hand-wash delicate lingerie with this soap.Over the past year I’ve also stopped using this soap to hand-wash dishes, instead using a combination of baking soda and vinegar, because this liquid soap streaks glasses and leaves a residue on plates and cutlery. This is also a problem I never had before, and it makes me wonder if the formulation for this soap might have changed in the past year or so.For hand-washing and bathing, though, I continue to use this soap.

Josie Centralia, PA

What a find

I found this quite by chance after reading someone else’s review. I was looking for an organic lavender shampoo. I love this stuff. I get squeaky clean hair and a squeaky clean body too. I used to have a dry flaky scalp. No more. Gone. Yes it does leave your hair all tangled up afterwards but with their conditioner/styling cream this sort it and you get soft hair. One thing you dont get is a lingering smell of lavender on your hair or body, after use. It lasts a long time too. Considering getting the unscented/mild one for my children.

Henrietta Saint Louis, OK

BURNS! Clots! the dispenser! Goes bad fast !

I used to love the product until i put it in the dispenser. It clots the pump in about a week and one time it shoot in the the eye. DMN! that hurts like hell! BTW it burns on cuts and intimate parts as well. I tried foam dispenser, but it is so think that it does not go through foam dispenser. GRRR… I diluted it with water, and it went bad and stinky in few weeks…Switching to the African Black soap. It has very nice ingredients too, but it does not burn! Foams well in the foam dispenser. Does not clot as bad in the pump. Costs the same.

Margaret La Fayette, GA

Lavender Scent Long Remains

Besides using this soap for washing delicates, I simply add a squirt and suds up a sink in the bathroom and the scent pours throughout the rooms for days. You just have to keep sudsing up the mixture which also serves to wash your hands after bathroom use and voila very simple method to keep life in flowers and sunshine. Also use to clean the toilet bowl and remains fresh scented when adding extra drops. I have a smaller bottle readily available and the larger container bought for much less to provide refills. High recommend!

Dale Veneta, OR

Use it for Everything!!

Hand soap, cleaning my house, my body, everything!! I put some in a spray bottle with water and even clean out the toilet with a drop. A little goes a long way, the scent is true lavender and not perfume smelling. Love it.

Brigitte Fort Defiance, AZ

wonderful product

After reading the reviews and do my own research I decided to try this. I love it and will never go back to bar soap. It is gentle but strong enough to get the job done. The scent is great especially if you use it at night before bed. It is very concentrated and will last a vey long time. Great bargain for the price and the benefits.

Dora Monticello, MN


Highly recommend I plan to order more in the near future. Fast shipping considering that I am currently overseas. Thanks

Shana Rothsay, MN

love the smell

Really nice smell – not too sweet. Smells like real lavender. I just started using this soap and right now I just use it in my kitchen, to wipe down the counters – it makes the kitchen smell wonderful. I’m thinking of getting another bottle of it to use in the shower…

Adrienne Water Valley, TX

Great product from great company

I find it hard to find any kind of castile soap that I like the scent. For some reason, I waited to try lavender until I had tried a bunch of other scents offered by Dr. Bronner’s. Lavender is definitely my favorite so far (I’ve tried tea tree, eucalyptus and rose). I love the company’s ethics, I like that they aren’t afraid to fight for things they believe but their soaps actually work well on top of the great company.

Alana Wilcoe, WV


I have not use this brand yet but soon will I heard it is very useful for hair skin and house

Nanette Tonopah, AZ

Excellent Natural product

I once found a bottle of this soap on a clearance end-cap. I was not familiar with it but decided to give it try (I really liked the lavender scent). This stuff is awesome! I used it as both a shampoo and body wash! This is a perfect alternative to using chemical-laden health products.

Olga Barlow, KY

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap really is magic!

I have some problematic skin allergies with most bar soaps. However, I found this great soap through my grand daughter who assured me that it is just as ‘magic’ to use as a shampoo as well. I use it for my shampoo also. I will not bother with bar soaps as long as I am able to purchase this wonderful product. It arrived packaged extremely well and in two days.

Jewel West Friendship, MD

Love the smell!

I love the smell of this soap! It does a great job cleaning and was the perfect complement to my homemade laundry detergent.

Georgia Cedar Knolls, NJ