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Dove Ultimate go fresh Cool Essentials Anti-perspirant/Deodorant, 2.6 Ounce

Stay protected from odor and wetness all day long with the crisp, soothing scents of cucumber and green tea. Enjoy an extra burst of freshness anytime, anywhere when paired with Dove go fresh Cool Essentials Body Mist.

Key features

  • 24-hour odor and wetness protection
  • Crisp and soothing scent of Cucumber and green tea
  • Stays on skin, not on clothes
  • Stays on Skin. Not on Clothes!
  • Cool Fresh scent with cucumber and green tea extracts

Honest reviews


Excellent deodorant, great smell

I bought this based on the good reviews from other users and because I love the smell of the other Dove products in the cucumber scent. I figured it would smell nice and work like any other deodorant or anti-perspirant on the market, no big deal. It works BETTER than any other product I’ve used before and it smells fantastic! No greasy feeling when you apply it, no marks at all on your clothes after you apply it, it goes on dry and stays that way. Even in the high humidity and heat of east Texas combined with a day full of chasing dogs and horses around I did not find I had to reapply three or fours into my day. By the end of my day, I still felt and smelled fresh and clean. The Dove does cost more than other brands which at first glance is a negative, but then again in the long run I’m using less of it so it’s a wash. (pun intended.)

Freda Stuart, FL



Nancy Adams, NY

Price jump!

I really like this deodorant, it smells great. Was going to buy from here but the price jumped from $12 to $20 in a day! Now it’s cheaper in store!

Concetta Carrboro, NC

Love this product

Just like a whole line of Dove cucumber and green tea collection of soaps and body washes, this product smells good and is very reliable. I dont know anyone who dont like this product so far.

Earline Enid, MS


I am a foo foo type of gal and usually go for the floral in deodorant or perfume. I tried the rose scented Dove and was not as happy with it as I am with the Fresh and Cool Essential. It is the only deodorant that I will use now as it makes me feel fresh all day long. The scent does not interfere with my perfume as you might think it would as it is not strong in odor. It keeps me fresh and dry even when I am sweating in 112 degree temps in the south this summer. I apply it after a shower at night and again in the morning. I even have it in the travel size to put in my purse when I am traveling overseas and not able to shower as often as when I am home.

Robbie Palenville, NY


Cool..Clean…not overpowering scent. What more can you ask for? I initially purchased this product at a neighborhood drugstore but when I ran out, I opted for Amazon’s lower price and awesome shipping.

Carly Ore City, TX

Smellin Dove Fresh 🙂

I love, love, love smelling Dove products. They all smell simple: fresh and clean, and don’t compete with my perfume. I had used the normal Dove Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant, Invisible Solid, Original Clean for years before I finally made the switch to this product.. and I am certainly glad that I did.I just love the fresh, crisp smell of this deodorant. I have sensitive armpits (especially after shaving, which I do every 2-3 days) and this product always helps with my irritation. After all, nothing is more embarrassing than having to scratch your armpits in public 🙂 haha. And being that I do not “apply sparingly” (I have a ritual of putting it on each armpit for 10 seconds, and then repeating) this stick can normally last me 2-3 weeks… which is pretty dang good considering how much I put on. Not to mention the price is pretty dang good for a reliable product. Most of the times I buy as many as I can when I find it on sale at the grocery store.I also love the solid, although I have to be honest it still shows up on clothing. I apply my deodorant with my shirt on, normally just pulling down my collar and reaching in, so of course I never get it on the sides of my clothing… but it still shows up in the armpit of the shirt when I take it off. Maybe its just because I put so much on, but I’d rather have the stain than be smelly :)I would highly recommend this product.

Valerie Angle Inlet, MN

Love it!

Always loved Dove deodorant but when Ultimate came out I was excited to try it since it was suppose to stop irritation after shaving. I was not disappointed, this is the only deodorant I use and will search for it. Love this product a lot and will definitely recommend!

Jo Potosi, MO


I like it" bit I don’t love it. I like the scent because the use the soap as well. But I don’t love the consistency of it. With with original it goes on and does leave too much of a white powder behind. This one leave a lot behind but it’s still an ok product.

Janna Cameron, IL

Smells Too Strong

I got this travel size deodorant as a backup in-case I needed a little refresh in the afternoons. It worked, but the smell is way too strong. It was more of a chemical smell than refreshing cucumber. I stopped using because it would begin to burn my nostrils. Replacing a foul odor for another tear-jerker is not what I want. I am using a natural deodorant now with a mild smell.I’m giving this product 2 stars because it was cheap, and it did keep me dry. It’s not getting more stars, simple because the smell was nauseating.

Alberta Oakmont, PA

Love this deodorant

This is my favorite deodorant and I would have absolutely no complaints if I had known when I ordered this product that the scent I had wanted was on back order. Not knowing that, I ended up having to change my order at the last minute(the last date it was supposed to ship, I was made aware) to a scent that, while it smells good, is not what I wanted or even my second choice in scents that Dove carries.Other than that, I have no complaints.

Lolita Hamden, OH