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Dove Shampoo, Oxygen Moisture 12 oz

Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo Experience Weightless Moisture Breathe life into your hair with Oxyfusion Technology Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo Dove Oxygen Moisture provides your hair with moisture and 95% more volume*. The gentle shampoo is made with our Oxyfusion Technology, a new generation of moisturization. With lightweight, oxygen-fused conditioning ingredients, it gently cleanses while adding natural volume to give your hair fullness and bounce. For best results, experience the Oxyfusion Technology with the full line of Dove Oxygen Moisture Products Cleanses for bounce and natural volume Moisture with 95% more volume* New Oxyfusion technology *when using shampoo, conditioner and treatment as a system or other products in the range versus flat, limp hair. Dove is committed to building positive self-esteem and inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential–but we need your help. Each time you buy Dove, you help us and our charitable partners provide inspiring self-esteem programming for girls

Key features

  • With lightweight, oxygen-fused conditioning ingredients
  • Cleanses hair while adding natural-looking volume
  • Provides your hair with moisture and 95% more volume when using Shampoo and Conditioner as a system or other products in the range vs. flat, limp hair
  • For fine, flat hair
  • Give your hair volume and bounce
  • For best results, experience the Oxyfusion Technology with Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner and the full line of products
  • Enjoy beautifully bouncy and moisturized hair, full of natural volume
  • Made with lightweight oxygen-fused conditioning ingredients
  • Gently cleanses, gives bounce and natural volume for fine, flat hair
  • Learn more about the dove range of oxygen moisture products at and join the community at

Honest reviews


Amazing shampoo

I received this today and half of the product was spilled out in the packaging. Amazon definitely needs to find a better way to ship items such as this. It does smell unbelievably great, though, and I will update this review once I have used it a couple of times.Update: This shampoo is super great. Lathers like crazy, smells amazing. And I love the volume it adds to my basically flat, fine hair. It really is a very nice shampoo. As other reviewers said, it is quite a different texture from other shampoos – thick and gel-like. So you don’t need a lot. It lathers like crazy and rinses well, and I just cant recommend it enough for a person with fine, thin, flat hair.

Amber Marenisco, MI

Not the greatest

This shampoo has a pleasant scent and lathers up pretty well, but beyond that it’s not all that great.It almost leaves a sticky film after shampooing.Nothing out of the ordinary. I’d skip buying it.

Geraldine Pacific, MO


My middle daughter used the shampoo and conditioner last night. SHE LOVES IT! This morning her hair still feels wonderful and has a nice shine to it. She has hair that can look like a birds nest when she wakes up. She needs a moisture shampoo and always needs conditioner.My youngest daughter used the shampoo this morning and so far she is also very happy. Her hair is not as dry and never needs conditioner.We all like the gentle fragrance of this shampoo. I know we are going to be buying Dove Oxygen Moisture shampoo again and again.

Rosario Barnard, VT

love it

I love Dove products. This shampoo does exactly what it promises. It does provide lift to otherwise limp hair. It’s weightless. It lathers up nice and rinses fast and clean. I used it 3 times just to make sure before I reviewed it and I can see a difference in my hair. I have very thick, long hair so a shampoo that provides moisture and lift is always a good thing. My hair feels very clean after shampooing also. Great product

Jackie Conneaut, OH

Feels Good

I have naturally curly fine hair and have tried about everything on the market that claims to do wonders for such hair. Naturally I am pretty skeptical. Today I decided to try this product and see whether it adds volume as it claims. I didn’t use any volume adding product. My hair looks good, feels good, is soft yet has some additional volume. The shampoo does not weight the hair down and did add some volume. Percentage? Who knows but I would say it is perhaps 20% improved. It is a product worth trying if you have fine limp hair and are looking for some improvement.

Eloise Casco, WI

Gives you a mild, clean feeling

I have soft flat/fine hair so I try to find shampoos that give it some “oomph” without spending a fortune. This new Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo does a decent job of cleansing my hair without weighing it down. The shampoo itself is almost gel-like; it’s thicker than traditional shampoos, so it feels concentrated and you don’t have to use as much as a regular shampoo. It does a great job of lathering, making me feel like my hair is really getting thoroughly washed. The scent is very light (like regular Dove soap), so I imagine it would be acceptable for both men and women. While I’m not sure how much volume it actually gives my hair and if the “oxygen moisture” is actually working, I will say that my hair doesn’t feel weighed down after shampooing. Because I’m not actually sure how effective it is with my hair, I don’t know if it’s worth the extra cost to purchase this shampoo on a regular basis, but I’d definitely consider re-purchasing it if I saw it on sale.

Ernestine Rollinsford, NH


This New ‘Dove Oxygen Shampoo’ cleans the hair well, and adds volume and bounce, with it’s combined Moisture Plus. We have been using Dove beauty products over 10 years, and have had no complaints. We trust their products for a few reasons, after trying several different Dove products, including other shampoos, and bar soap.This New Advanced Hair series allows you to use everyday if you wish, without leaving your hair oily, or hard to manage. After each use, your hair feels clean, and has body, and fullness. Only a small amount is needed to massage with a good lather, and the 12 OZ bottle will last quite a while. The slender container it comes in can fit anywhere, and we love the sweet, fresh scent, which you can smell for hours later.In addition, my daughter and I have dry, sensitive scalps, and we find this product extremely safe. No allergic reactions noted, and we enjoy using it as much as we wish, without any problems after-wards. We will continue to use this product, and will indeed be ordering it in the future. Highly recommended!

Elba Hulett, WY

Very good

Moisturizing and volumizing are often at odds with one another. And frankly, well I don’t like the feeling of dry hair, I’m not usually too bothered by most shampoos and rarely do I feel the need for more volume, either! But this is a solid product – my hair feels clean and not left with residue and my hair doesn’t feel flat or too dry, either. The shampoo’s scent is pleasant without being overpowering or too perfumey. It’s a fair shampoo representation of Dove bar soap, in fact . . . so if you like that, you’ll like this!

Harriet Daggett, CA

Dove Oxygen Moister Shampoo, 12 Ounce

Dove Oxygen Moister Shampoo, 12 Ounce. I love this shampoo. It makes my hair feel so good and clean. It does its job perfectly. And mankes my hair just perfect.All Dove products that I have used have been superb. Dove is obviously a company that makes good quality products and gives me the quality I expect; actually it exceeds.This shampoo makes my hair feel good. And clean.I love this shampoo and will continue to use it.

Lela Hull, TX

Really does add volume

I have fine and flat hair and have tried many different products over the years. Many such products for just my kind of hair often claim to be hair thickening shampoos which also add volume. Some help a little and some do nothing. This Dove Oxygen Moisture shampoo claims to give bounce and natural volume. I am a guy with short hair so cannot comment on the bounce but a definite increase in volume was noticed by only the second day of use. This shampoo is a pleasure to use. Very little is needed to get a rich lather and it has a very pleasant clean scent. I could really feel that it cleaned my hair thoroughly. I did find that not as much volume was achieved if the shampoo was not used with the conditioner. After using both my hair had a healthy volume not seen in a while. The only negative I find is that if I only use this brand after about 2 week its effectiveness starts to lessen and the product starts to feel like it is weighing heavy on my hair. But all I need to do is switch to another brand for a day or two and then the Dove again provides the great volume and adds the same natural feeling to my hair. If you have fine and flat hair I’m sure you have also tried many products. I definitely recommend giving this brand a shot.

Lila Cherry Tree, PA

Leaves hair clean and not weighed down

I find cosmetic companies’ advertising claims to be meaningless hype, and "oxygen fused ingredients" (what does that even mean?) is no exception. BUT I do like a few things about this shampoo and one of them is that it leaves my hair very clean. I’m middle-aged, with dry hair and skin, so I try to shampoo only every other day instead of daily. With some shampoos my hair is flat or limp or greasy by day 2 but with this Dove it still looks clean the second day. It works for me.THE GOOD:+ Very thick, so it doesn’t run off of my hand or my head before I even start lathering… I feel this is less wasteful.+ Leaves my hair very clean and not limpTHE MEH:- Boring scent. I like a little aromatherapy in my shower.BOTTOM LINE: Not groundbreaking but I enjoy how clean and un-weighed-down it leaves my hair.

Christy Powell, TN

A new generation in Dove products!

I find myself really liking this old but almost forgotten name brand. They have stepped up to the bad with this one and have come up with a really unique hair product that fits the average budget. No need to go to the salon and pay high prices for a shampoo that leaves your your hair feeling like it has life! This product will satisfy AND not empty your wallet!

Saundra Harrisburg, PA

Hoarding this all for myself! Excellent shampoo!

I am not totally certain why this is such a good shampoo, but it is. I did some research.This is a new technology according to what I read which uses oxygen to infuse moisture into the shampoo. It targets making the most of fine, flat hair.I love it because I HAVE fine, flat hair.I am very pleased every time I use it and am (as usual with a fave product) hiding it from everyone in my large and unruly family of men! 😉 I am sure they will catch on soon. That will be OK!However, until then, it is mine … and it is making my hair lively and lush looking. Great shampoo by Dove!jean

Avis Westfield, IA

works just as well as all dove shampoo

I didn’t notice any dramatic difference in my hair between this shampoo and the regular dove moisture shampoo that i always use. The two minor differences i did notice however were that i liked the scent of this one better, its more sweet smelling, and its a thicker consistency. not sure if the latter is better or not. i would recommend this to other dove shampoo fans.

Ivy Taft, TX

I fit the “fine and flat” hair profile.

The container for this shampoo says it is for “fine and flat” hair. Well, I certainly fit that description. I liked the shampoo – a thick gel which only required about a quarter coin size portion. The first lathering did not completely remove all the styling and hair spray product residue in my hair so I lathered again, using slightly less that second wash time because my hair had started on the process of being clean. The final rinse seemed to take a little longer to work all the product out of my hair than the shampoo I normally use, but eventually it was all rinsed out. I’ve been using this shampoo for eight days now, plenty long enough to feel that I understand how it will work for me. I do not notice any specific scent, just freshness. As for giving my hair any “bounce”, well, that just isn’t happening. For one thing, my hair is very short so not much room for bounce, but I’m also not noticing any lift for my hair. I still have to use styling products in order to create any volume. I tried to go without the styling product after the first shampoo with this Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and it was not a pretty sight!I have dry scalp which can be quite itchy and this shampoo helps, maybe just a little bit, but not like a medicated shampoo will. I think this shampoo will work best for me when I alternate it with the shampoo I normally use. This one seems to be a good basic shampoo which will keep the itchies at bay for a day or so, but the “oxygen” feature isn’t going to moisturize my scalp enough for me to totally abandon my regular medicated shampoo. I wish it had worked because that medicated shampoo is really expensive!

Jesse Yellow Spring, WV

Love It

I have noticed that shampoos get their share of five star reviews and one star reviews. I have come to the conclusion that everyone has a certain body chemistry that works well with certain kinds of shampoo, and not so well with others. Having said that, this shampoo got rave reviews at our house.It seems that the three people who have used it remark on the way it leaves their hair feel, along with the pleasant smell. Indeed, no one wanted to give this shampoo up to try another kind (may I have that one back now, please?). Yes, we have tried many different brands and types of shampoos, but there is something about the way this one works on our hair that makes us want to jump in the shower for a quick shampoo.I wish I could quantify or explain better how this shampoo works for us, but I have yet to put my finger on it. In the meantime, I can see this shampoo will be a popular buy when we need more shampoo.Enjoy!

Maryann Dryden, ME

Superior shampoo for both men and women.

Very nice shampoo. Clean smelling, lightly scented-pleasant-not over powering. No awful, heavy perfumes here-guys like it. It just cleanses and gets the job done in a superior way.Gentle cleansing for hair, lathers nicely.A little goes a long way. Favorable response by both men and women.Conclusion: Nice product. Would get again.

Selina Pembroke Pines, FL

Love Dove

I have used this shampoo for several weeks. It is light and makes my hair feel very clean. It moisturizes, but doesn’t leave behind any residue. Smells great! Shipping packaging was not great – the bottle arrived 3/4 empty with shampoo all over the packaging– easy solution: tape the top of the bottle to secure it.

Angelique Cohasset, MN

Not Sold on This

I first had the Dove Hair Styling Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam and liked it so I thought I’d try this to see if they worked better together. I hate to say that I am not impressed. My hair seems drier after using this rather than the claim of it adding moisture. I’m not sure what the “oxygen” has to do with anything, but I suppose some marketing person promoted it as a positive thing.This shampoo is more like a gel when it comes out of the bottle. You really don’t need much as it lathers extremely well. My hair was squeaky clean in no time, which seemed more like a clarifying shampoo’s results than a moisturizing one. I didn’t have their conditioner but used a volumizing one that I had, then rinsed and towel dried. I then used the leave in foam and a heat activated conditioner I normally use and blew it dry. My hair was soft and had some body, but was not as shiny as usual. I’ve used it a number of times like this and, unfortunately, haven’t changed my opinion that it dries my hair more than my normal shampoo that I’ve been using for a couple years, Biolage by Matrix Hydratherapie Hydrating Shampoo, which was recommended by my hairdresser. My hairdresser even commented that my hair seemed drier when I was in to see her last week for a trim and she had no idea that I’d been using this shampoo.I believe that you need to clarify your hair occasionally, especially if you use a lot of products on it regularly. I will keep using this for that until it’s gone, and I will update if I feel anything has changed my opinion. I do have color treated, fine textured, wavy hair, so that could make a difference, and it may work better for others. I don’t see myself repurchasing this.

Roslyn Wethersfield, CT

my new full body shampoo!

I have been using this shampoo for a few weeks now, and it is my favorite shampoo! I noticed a difference in my hair right away, more pronounced after a week. My hair feels thicker and softer. My hair is normally fairly thin and just lies very flat, with several fly-aways, but with this new shampoo, it is smoother as well as fuller.

Bettye Glenwood, IL

Thickest shampoo I’ve ever used

This shampoo has a pleasant, very mild scent that doesn’t linger. The texture is really thick, more like a gel than a liquid, and a little goes a long way. The lather in your hair is very thick and creamy.I have used the shampoo both with and without the Oxygen Moisture Conditioner and I definitely like it better with the conditioner. When using the shampoo alone, my hair was more difficult to comb out, with some tangles.I have fine, thin hair and, despite the claims that this shampoo creates “bounce, fullness, and natural-looking volume,” I didn’t really expect to see much difference. However, I did like the look and feel of my hair after using this shampoo and I think it really does create a bit more fullness and volume (I think my hair is too short to have “bounce”).I like this shampoo. Having said that, however, I’m not sure that I like it well enough to change my standard practice of just buying whatever is on sale.

Pauline North Haverhill, NH

No noticeable volume

I love Dove beauty products and I’m rarely disappointed by them, unfortunately this is one of the few times that I wasn’t entirely pleased with one of their products. After using this product for a month I can honestly say that there wasn’t any noticeable volume in my shoulder length, medium-thick hair. In fact, it seem to make my hair feel oily even after I used less shampoo. This particular product just didn’t work for my hair and maybe it’s just because of my hair type. It does have a very clean, fresh scent that lathers nicely and a little bit goes a long way, so it may work great for someone else’s hair type.

Kathrine Worden, IL

Soft and manageable hair

Hair feels very soft, full, and is easier to handle. I have two cowlicks, and without the right shampoo, by the time my hair dries, it goes in all different directions. This, combined with the excellent companion conditioner, works wonders for styling.Note that I’ve been using it only mildly humid conditions in cool weather. The real test comes in the Florida summer!

Willie Waco, NC

Excellent gentle shampoo

What I enjoyed most about this shampoo was the thick lather it makes. There is a slight floral scent as you first use it which quickly disappears. IT rinses out more easily than most from my thick hair. I also noticed that there is a slight thickening effect in my hair, with excellent frizz smoothing. My hair looks great after using this. It’s gentle enough for every day. I will say that I had slight scalp itch from it but to be fair I have that with lots of shampoos lately and it must be an ingredient in them which I am reacting to. I have only found one shampoo that doesn’t make my scalp itch but it is quite expensive. But the itching subsided after my hair was dry and did not raise bumps as some shampoos have done. My hair is more full and manageable than it was before using this so I will continue to use it.

Brigitte Thrall, TX

No complaints

I’m a big proponent of Dove products. It’s my brand of choice for shampoos, soaps, deodorants, and shaving products. My only issue is that they tend to be a little overpriced in stores. That’s why I always appreciate getting them at a deal here on Amazon.For starters, let me state outright that I’m not all that picky with shampoos and such. That said, I like this one. At first I thought the smell was a little too chemical for my liking, but it’s grown on me. However, I do think the conditioner smells better oddly enough. I don’t really notice a difference in volume or the texture of my hair, but then I’m a short-haired guy and wasn’t really looking for that. Sometimes I think regardless of label, the solutions can’t be that much different (volume enhancer, wavy hair, shine and sleek, etc.). But it gets the job done and leaves my head feeling clean, so no complaints.

Geri Jewell, OH

Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo

The first thing that put me off is the fact that the top was off the bottle and 90 percent of the contents was spilled into the padded envelope and my mailbox. It took me a half hour to clean everything up and find I actually had enough left to wash my hair.The shampoo is thick and creamy and smells really fresh, not perfumed. It suds up thicker than my usual shampoo but I didn’t feel like it cleaned as well. My hair felt thicker, but like it was coated. After drying my hair it was quite a bit more tangled, but I didn’t use a conditioner. Once completely dry, my hair did feel softer and fuller. Even the next day my very curly hair feels soft.Maybe it takes some getting used to.

Alison Bloomingdale, IN

Leaves Hair Light

I have tried Dove shampoos in the past and figured I would love them because I love the soaps and deodorants. But the shampoo I have used in the past left my hair feeling heavy and like I couldn’t get everything out. This shampoo is so much better. It has a nice, fresh smell and lathers so well. It leaves my hair feeling light weight and manageable, not heavy and almost oily feeling. I would definitely use this product again.

Carly Piermont, NH

Another Great Dove Product

This is a great shampoo for fine hair. It doesn’t weigh your hair down or leave it oily like some shampoos. I like the pleasant, not too strong, scent. Makes a great family shampoo.

Dominique Wye Mills, MD

Great value, non-premium price.

I really love the Dove hair products – good clean not too perfumy gender neutral smell, good washoutability, not watery, just right for dry hair. Great value, non-premium price.

Coleen Adona, AR

Oxygen Moisture Shampoo

The variety of Dove shampoo that I sampled was listed as adding volume. After use, I did notice a little more volume – not as much as other volumizing shampoos I have tried – but this one did not dry out my hair as others tend to do. There is very little scent, and it does not linger after rinsing out, which I like. It seems like I’m able to go an extra day between shampoos. Good product.

Lou Wilton, MN