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Dove Sensitive Skin Nourishing Body Wash, 24 Ounce,Unscented

Nourish your skin with Dove Sensitive Skin Nourishing Body Wash; our mildest cleanser ever. Our unscented, hypoallergenic formula with NutriumMoisture nourishes skin deep down.

Key features

  • Unscented, hypoallergenic
  • Dove Body Wash’s mildest cleanser
  • Contains NutriumMoisture proven most effective natural nourishment to nourish deep down
  • 100 percent natural moisturizers
  • Dove Body Wash is the #1 choice of dermatologists

Honest reviews


Where do they get off, calling this unscented??

OK, I am sensitive to fragrances and scents in products. I saw this body wash for sensitive skin, with Unscented on the label. I thought, “Great!” Bought it. Tried it, and wondered why my hands smelled. Read the fine print on the label–it has fragrance in it!! It is not unscented!! This is misleading labeling. I thought I would use it by the kitchen sink as a hand wash rather than a body wash, and it has enough fragrance in it that my cat will not eat her food if I touch it after using this product on my hands.To all the reviewers who love this…OK, maybe the soap part works for your sensitive skin. But if your skin is sensitive to fragrance, like mine, or you have nasal allergies to fragrances, DO NOT buy this product.Do I sound upset? I am upset–how can a reputable company call a scented product “unscented” and sleep at night? Why not just say “sensitive skin” and leave it at that? Don’t make untrue claims on your label.

Adelaide Ulmer, SC

Fragrance Free? Really?

Bought this inially for my husband and he didn’t like it at all. Rather than waste the product, I tried it twice. I am sensitive to all perfumes and don’t wear them. Most anything can give me a rash. This product has a distinctly perfumey scent and if you truly have sensitive skin, I can’t imagine this working for you. The product is too thick to dispense properly and the bottle is much too large to hang onto. Very unhappy with this product. When I went to the Dove website to send my comments, the Contact Us button wouldn’t work.I am now buying Aveeno Fragrance-Free and happy with that.

Kathy Saint Rose, LA

Dove Body Wash – Excellent Body Cleanser

Dove Body Wash is an excellent product to help the skin retain its natural moisture. Many body washes create the feeling of skin softness but are actually stripping the body of moisture. So the skin feels soft to the touch temporarily but quickly becomes dry again.Dove Body Wash ingredients clean gently and the residue it leaves results in a protective barrier on the skin to help the skin stay hydrated.The key to success with Dove Body Wash is to give it time. Over time the ingredients in Dove Body Wash will build up so that your skin’s moisture level is greatly improved. And you will enjoy soft, sensual skin.Many people have dry elbows and knees in addition to dry body skin, especially in winter. But if you use the wash on a consistent basis this can be alleviated. The length of time will depend on how dry your skin is. Plan on about a month of consistent use to get rid of most dry areas.I use it on a daily basis and found each day my skin becoming softer and hydrated. It took about 3 weeks for my elbows to become permanently soft. (I am sure they would become dry again if I discontinued use.)If you want lovely, soft skin instead of buying a product that tricks your skin with a temporary good feel that never becomes permanent, try Dove Body Wash instead.My only complaint on the product is it is hard to get out of the bottle when you are near the end. However, given the excellent price point and the excellent results it is a great buy.~ Lee Mellott

Ashlee Lucas, KY

really thick and moisturizing

This is a wonderful shower lotion, very thick and moisturizing. I use it as a shave cream and it works great. There is a light smell to it but no added fragrance, so you’re just smelling the actual ingredients.I’m not going to mark it down for the packaging, but for the future I would recommend that Dove put it in a bottle that dispenses from the bottom rather than the top. This body wash is so thick that it’s hard to shake it down enough to squeeze it out of the bottle. I lay my bottle flat on the edge of the tub, and that solves the problem but takes up a fair amount of room.This was a bit more expensive than some bath lotions, but a little goes a loooooong way, so you use less than you would with some of the more watery bath washes I’ve tried lately.(Please note that one lukewarm reviewer marked down the product after it was damaged during shipping, and they never actually used it!)

Tamara Westfir, OR

Better than the soap

I’d been using Dove soap bars (sensitive skin, unscented) for some time now, as directed by my doctor to deal with some skin irritation. It worked well, but the soap has a big problem: when it wears down to about half its size, it starts crumbling. If you drop even a relatively new bar, it’s very likely to crack cleanly in half.Then I saw this on the store shelf the other day and decided to try it out. It obviously eliminates the crumbling problem, but is it any better than the bar soap? In a word, yes- it actually seems to be even milder despite the fact that it is actually scented, unlike the bars. It’s also easier to apply and, from the way things are looking, will last longer for the money than bar soap.I probably won’t go back to bar soap of any sort after this.

Beverley Warwick, RI

Less scented, but not unscented

I bought this body wash because my piercer recommended it for my new piercing. I eagerly went to the store and picked it up, got home and jumped in the shower to scrub my new piercing. The body wash smells just like Dove’s bar soap. I turned the bottle around, looked at the ingredients and noted that the 3rd from the last ingredient is fragrance. Bummer! I guess it says “unscented” not “fragrance free”, so it’s not totally deceptive. The fragrance is very light and clean smelling so I’ve continued using this on my body and am not unhappy with it. My skin isn’t particularly sensitive, but I stay away from cheap, strongly scented products because they tend to dry out my skin more than more natural products. This wash doesn’t dry my skin out, but also doesn’t make it feel nourished. I’m indifferent to it. I’d use it again if it was around, but I won’t be buying it again.

Pat Harpersville, AL

Disappointed in Dove!

The only way Dove can call this “unscented” is because that must be the name of the fragrance they add to this product. Unfortunately, it is VERY fragrant and while it doesn’t seem too bad once rinsed, it wasn’t my favorite smell on earth. I could have gotten past it though if the product actually worked as you would expect for a sensitive skin product. It actually made my husband and I have drier, itchier skin than usual, even with a good sensitive skin moisturizer being used afterward. I’m not sure if it’s related (could just be a hormonal thing), but my back and shoulders have also had a terrible acne break-out since using it. Never again!

Alyssa Kennedy, MN