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Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar, 4 Ounce, 8 Count

Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented Beauty Bar pampers sensitive skin with Dove ¼ moisturizing cream, and a truly mild formula that’s hypoallergenic and unscented. Dove is the #1 cleansing bar recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians. At Dove, our vision is of a world where beauty is a source of confidence, and not anxiety. So, we are on a mission to help the next generation of women develop a positive relationship with the way they look – helping them raise their self-esteem and realize their full potential. Why is this important? Dove global research shows: Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful, and anxiety about appearance begins at an early age. 6 out of 10 girls are so concerned with the way they look, that they actually opt out of participating fully in daily life – from going swimming and playing sports, to visiting the doctor, going to school or even offering their opinions. At Dove we believe that women and girls of all ages should see beauty as a source of confidence, not anxiety. And when women and girls choose not to participate fully in life, society as a whole misses out. So we’re on a mission to help the next generation of women develop a positive relationship with the way they look – helping them raise their self-esteem and realize their full potential.

Key features

  • Helps your skin retain its own natural moisture
  • Brings out skin’s natural softness and true beauty
  • Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother than soap
  • Contains one-quarter moisturizing cream
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Honest reviews


Excellent for Sensative Particlulars

I typically have to use hypo-allergenic, pricey feminine wash for my extra sensitive particulars. This Dove bar soap has replaced the expensive feminine products in my shower and works for my entire body and face as well. It’s gentle, leaves my skin clean and soft, and last’s longer than liquid gel body wash. A GREAT value.

Roberta Gause, TX

Good if you need it

I started using this instead of the regular formula Dove (and other competitors like Lever) due to a skin irritation. The doctor actually prescribed this soap since it has moisturizers and no irritants. For that, it’s certainly the best available- I haven’t had a problem since changing to it, and am effectively buying this in bulk now since it appears I need it.The one major complaint I have about this soap is that apparently one of the things they took out was the binder. Compared even to regular Dove (which isn’t particularly known for its durability) this soap has a very short life-span. This is largely due to the fact that when it gets to about a half inch in thickness, it crumbles and disintegrates- and this is through regular use, not abuse like dropping it. This results in a lot of wastage, and a bar usually lasts me about 2-3 weeks. The original Dove lasts at least a month per bar, and some cheaper soaps like Lever 2000 can last a good two months. As such, though these sensitive skin bars are great for your skin, they certainly don’t come cheap. I wouldn’t recommend you use them unless the regular Dove and/or competitors’ soaps cause you skin problems.

Eve Livermore, ME

I’m a perfectionist and this meets the grade!

I have very sensitive skin and this leaves no soap residue. I highly recommend this product this is the only bar soap I use. It is a little softer then most due to it’s moisture however so you may run out a tad sooner. See my other reviews I have oily skin too!

Penelope Bowlegs, OK

Breaks Up so you don’t Break Out

Dove beauty bars are generally great products with a price that’s affordable enough to use as an everyday shower soap. While a little pricier than some soaps, Dove is usually easy enough on the skin to even be used effectively on the face. The sensitive skin bars take this even further for those needing an even gentler cleaning solution. It’s great to not need a separate soap for your face and to have soap you can use as much as you want without your skin suffering for it. However, the lack of binding agents is a major negative. This soap CANNOT be left to sit in water or handled more than necessary. Doing so will break up the soap, which, even with care will not have as long a life as most soap bars. This can add a lot to the cost of the product in the long run. So, I would recommend trying the regular dove beauty bar before you go with the sensitive skin formula. However, for those who need something extra gentle, this is certainly worth a purchase.

Diane Stockton, IA

Doctor prescribed tips for eczema – not the new Dove

Our baby daughter started suffering from either dermatitis or eczema a year ago – just a red bumpy rash – and unscented Dove was recommended by the pediatrician, pediatric dermatologist, and allergist. Unfortunately, they didn’t know the manufacturer had changed the product formula. We really wish they had – it would have saved her a year of terrible itching its new formula caused. We didn’t know the Dove doctors have been recommended for years was no longer the same product.A wild goose chase ensued. A change in her diet to Alimentum resulted in dramatic improvement after a milk allergy was diagnosed. However, small raised red patches and intense itching that caused frantic scratching to the point of bleeding soon became major issues; atypical eczema was diagnosed.Treatment until just a few days ago had been warm daily baths and unscented Dove, along with hydrocortisone 1% on spots and Cetaphil cream all over. Children’s Zyrtec did not seem to alleviate the itching, although it did help her sleep. A visit to a dermatologist and a prescription for Calcitrene did not help either. Only a physical barrier – footed PJs with both zippers and snaps, kept her from picking at her skin constantly.Quite by accident I used unscented Dove two weeks ago. I suddenly found myself having intense itching as well. Could it be that my daughter was allergic to Dove too? It did make sense as Dove was used directly on her exposed areas, arms and torso, and she had her most intense and frantic itching episodes after her bath. We discontinued Dove immediately and her intense itching subsided overnight.What I didn’t understand why I was suddenly was allergic to the new bars. After doing some research it turns out that Dove has discontinued the old Dove unscented bar along with the Dove for sensitive skin (the one with sweet almond oil – itself an allergen) and combined them into one bar, Dove Unscented for Sensitive Skin. In so doing, it’s changed its main surfuctant and other ingredients.An online search revealed complaints about itchiness and the new Dove. One wbsite site in particular on the treatment of eczema has an enormous amount of information on detergents, soap and their effects on eczema – especially the change in Dove soap. It no longer recommends it for eczema. Please see the comments section for more information.Interestingly, itchiness and redness with the new formulation was brought up by a costumer in Dove’s own website and no solution is given other than Customer Service’s phone number.I’ve also found some mentions of another Dove ingredient, “Sodium tallowate” – tallow, sometimes derived from cattle – as sometimes causing a reaction in people with milk allergies, causing flare ups in acne and eczema. Whether this too caused an allergic reaction in our daughter, I don’t know.We thought our case was isolated. However, it’s possible that the skin problems related to the new Dove may be more widespread. I hope this information helps as this change was done quietly by the manufacturer.We also found sweet almond oil in the Cetaphil cream she was prescribed – an allergen for anyone with a tree nut allergy. We stopped using it later and the remaining red raised patches she had also diappeared. Other changes that were recommended including a change to Tide Free – it didn’t help my daughter but it healed my red, cracked hands, the result of doing laundry 2-3x a day with All Free.Granted, individual reactions to products vary but the new ingredients in Dove may be causing allergies rather than helping them. None of the three doctors consulted knew of the formula change in Dove nor realized that the “Dove + cetaphil” combo they were recommending were causing the very symptoms (itching and rash) they were trying to treat. It’s possible parents may just assume it’s ongoing eczema, just like they did. It may not be.

Monique Vienna, MO

Use before getting a spray tan & after for maintaing it…

I love Dove soap. It’s my favorite. I don’t like liquid soap which to me seems to be way expensive & wasteful. So when my daughter called and asked if we had Dove soap at home I said, “Yes, we always do.” But then she stipulated unscented…I never knew there was such a thing. She went on to say that she was going to get a spray tan & a few soaps were recommended because their PH level was lower & they don’t contain mineral oil, baby oil, etc. Dove soap for sensitive skin/unscented is also recommended to maintain the spray tan. Soaps that have mineral oil or high alcohol can strip and breakdown the tan faster. She purchased the Dove for sensitive skin/unscented, her tan looks absolutely wonderful & hopefully will last longer because she’ll use this soap along withJergens Shea Butter Lotion – 16.8 oz.. Who knew there are so many rules…98% of which I didn’t add to this review…for getting a spray tan!?!

Chandra Jackman, ME

truly unscented, but the bar is too soft and falls apart w/frequent use

I am allergic to anything scented and can only use soaps that are truly fragrance-free. Some soaps will say they’re for sensitive skin, yet they’ll still have fragrance in them! Other than Ivory, which is very drying, Dove’s Sensitive Skin unscented soap is the only readily available and inexpensive soap I have found that fits the bill.If you are a frequent hand-washer, though, your hands will still feel dry after using this soap, and you’ll need a hand lotion (I used to use Jergen’s Ultra Healing, but they discontinued the unscented, so I now use Curel). I am in the kitchen a lot and wash my hands several times a day, so I am constantly applying lotion. Not sure if it’s because the soap does such a good job washing that it washes the lotion away, or if this lotion isn’t as good at absorbing into my skin as Jergen’s was, but I thought I should mention it.The only other issue that I have with the Dove soap is that, because it is such a soft soap, it doesn’t last long (melts easily), especially if you use it for frequent hand-washing. Once-daily use in the shower is fine (as long as you don’t leave it sitting in water), and at my master bathroom sink as well. But if I use it at the kitchen sink, within a week or two the bar is falling apart into small, soggy pieces (and I use a tray that doesn’t allow it to sit in water). We also make our own glycerin soap and that lasts a lot longer at the kitchen sink.So it’s better than Ivory, not as good as glycerin, but I’d still recommend it (unless you want to buy the soap molds and blocks of glycerin and make your own, because it’s crazy expensive already made into bars! Our cost is about $1 per bar homemade). Between the Dove and applying lotion everywhere everyday, I have very soft skin that looks younger than I am.

Alison Central Village, CT

Love it!

My husband has sensitive skin and we always use this soap. It works great for both of us. Any other soap makes his skin break out. I just got a 14 pack at Costco for 12 bucks.

Anastasia Renville, MN

Great Facial Soap

I use this soap for my face in the winter months when my skin has a tendency to be dry. I hate using facial cleansers because I find them inconvenient to use, especially when washing my eye area. This soap leaves my face moisturized. I don’t use it in the warmer months because my skin will get too oily, that’s how moisturizing it is.As for the lack of binders, I’ve never experienced that problem. I keep the bar of soap in a covered soap dish with drainage on the bottom. I guess it also helps that I don’t handle the bar that much, because I am just using it for my face.

Ernestine Cromwell, MN

Best soap for baby with eczema

My almost 3 month old son has had eczema since about 3 weeks old. I stopped all the baby soap and just washed him with water. There was some improvements, but he still had patches on his chest, back, and arms. I decided to try this sensitive soap and it has improved by son’s skin almost 100%!!! His patches are gone and his skin is so soft.If you have a young one battling eczema give this soap a try. It really worked wonders for my little one. I love it so much I started using it myself.

Joanna Avondale Estates, GA

One of the rare affordable soaps with pH 7.0!

I have very dry sensitive skin and I check the pH (with pH measuring strips) of any soap I use. Most soaps, even the expensive ones, have pH in the range 8-9.5, which means they are harsh on the skin and they strip off the natural acidic mantle.This soap has pH 7, which means its at the point of neutrality from the chemical point of view, and it is affordable.It cleans very well but does not dry the skin out.It is by far my favorite soap for the whole body and the only one I have been used in the past few years.I read some complaining about the short life span of these soap bars. Put them in the refrigerator for longer life.

Louisa Edison, OH

Perfect as facial wash

This unscented Dove soap bar is highly recommended for those who have Rosacea. It is extremely gentle and effective as a cleanser. I even started using for bathing my infant and gave up buying all those fancy baby soaps.

Liz Sultan, WA

Best for People with Allergies

Dove Unscented is a good product for those people with dry skin or allergies to perfumes. I’ve been using it for about 6 years and have no complaints. It lathers well, rinses off easily, and doesn’t leave a buildup in or on your shower walls or floor. Anyone dissatisfied with their current product and searching for something better should try Dove Unscented.

Alyson Fort Wayne, IN

Slightly better than fragranced Dove bars

Overall, this is a great bar. It has no scent whatsoever, no dye and still contains the 1/4 moisturizing cream found in all of Dove’s bar soaps. This is great for people who have sensitive skin. I use the bar on my face and find it to be very gentle to the point of not needing a separate facial cleanser.

Daphne Lakeville, MA

Works well for me

I usually prefer organic and natural stuff but once in a while when I am on a budget I try to find the best of the worst. So I regularly use it and it works well. Quite gentle and I have not had any irritations or dryness or anything I could complain about. Oh man, I like to complain when I can, but here, nothing. I like it.

Brittany East Syracuse, NY