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Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner, 12 Ounce

Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner Experience Weightless Moisture Breathe life into your hair with Oxyfusion Technology Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner Dove Oxygen Moisture provides your hair with moisture and 95% more volume*. This gentle conditioner is made with our Oxyfusion Technology, a new generation of moisturization. With lightweight, oxygen-fused conditioning ingredients, it moisturizes hair while adding natural volume to give your hair fullness and bounce. For best results, experience the Oxyfusion Technology with the full line of Dove Oxygen Moisture Products. Smoothes hair without weighing it down Moisture with 95% more volume* New Oxyfusion technology *when using shampoo, conditioner and treatment as a system or other products in the range versus flat, limp hair. Dove is committed to building positive self-esteem and inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential–but we need your help. Each time you buy Dove, you help us and our charitable partners provide inspiring self-esteem programming for girls

Key features

  • With lightweight, oxygen-fused conditioning ingredients
  • Conditions and smoothes hair without leaving residue
  • Provides your hair with moisture and 95% more volume when using Shampoo and Conditioner as a system or other products in the range vs. flat, limp hair
  • For fine, flat hair
  • Give your hair volume and bounce
  • For best results, experience the Oxyfusion Technology with Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and the full line of products
  • Enjoy beautifully bouncy and moisturized hair, full of natural volume
  • Made with lightweight oxygen-fused conditioning ingredients
  • Moisturizes for instant smoothness without weighing hair down, for fine-flat hair
  • Learn more about the dove range of oxygen moisture products at and join the community at

Honest reviews


Fortifies, thickens

This is an excellent conditioner for managing my difficult cowlicks, and my hair does feel very soft and thick after using it. The only reason I’ve deducted a star is that I notice it tends to leave a little too much residue without extra rinsing.Fragrance is very mild, pleasant.But I do like the way it makes styling easier, where many conditioners seem to make no difference.

Maryann Ardenvoir, WA

Keeps my daughter’s hair smooth and untangled

So I’m a dad, and I know little about girls hair, but when I have to wash my daughter’s hair, which for some reason seems to become a birdsnest on a daily basis, I need something to help smooth all the tangles that doesn’t result in her crying from pulled hair. So I’m very liberal with conditioner, pouring it in, and it gets the job done. I got this for use after her swim class and thought the moisturizing would be good after all the chlorine as well.

Millicent Vaughan, NC

makes my hair have flyaways

This conditioner has a great scent and feels rich and creamy. My hair is very dry so I had high hopes of this adding some extra moisturizing to my hair. It makes my hair feel well conditioned while its still wet but when my hair is dry ( I air dry) it looks and feels dry. It leaves me with flyaways. My hair is also thick so this product may be more suited to fine hair.

Kristina Mainland, PA

Bouncy hair!

I haven’t been a fan of Dove shampoos or conditioners in the past. For some reason, my long, fine hair doesn’t do well with their ingredients. I was eager to try this new product because it’s specifically designed for fine hair. Wow! I am really impressed! First, I like the scent. It smells clean and fresh. The conditioner is creamy and rinses well. I let my hair dry 2/3rds of the way and then took a blow dryer to it. I set my hair in hot rollers and voila! Lots of bounce and shine. Unfortunately, I did not use the paired shampoo. I will update my review if I decide to try both.

Krystal Emmons, MN

Works on Thin Fine Hair

I have used this product several times and it work just fine. I do have thin fine hair and have to be careful with conditioners . They can be heavy and make my hair very flat. Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner does not do that. It leaves my hair soft but with body. It does what it says.

Pamela Altaville, CA

Okay conditioner, not great

I used this conditioner in conjunction with the matching Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo. I found the shampoo to be quite drying, so the conditioner had a significant job to do. This conditioner is quite thin, as is expected of a volumizing conditioner. It did an okay job on my hair, but not wonderful. In all honestly, the matching shampoo was so harsh on my hair that I’m not sure the conditioner ever had a chance. My hair was not bouncier, nor was it silkier (again, though, I think some of that blame can be placed on the shampoo). This conditioner does smell good- with a pleasing fresh scent. If you want a light conditioner, my advice would be to use this conditioner with a different shampoo (Dove or otherwise, I’ve found some of Dove’s other shampoos to be quite good).

Elise Bangall, NY

Love It

My daughter used the Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner last night and we are VERY HAPPY. Her hair has not looked this good in months. The shampoo and conditioner has left her hair soft, shinny, and healthy looking. The fragrance is light and gentle. I plan on purchasing this product again and again.

Hilary Silsbee, TX

A nice conditioner, works well

This is a nice conditioner and works well. It is exactly what I expect from Dove. It is gentle, but does everything you would expect from the conditioner.

Carolyn Upsala, MN

Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner: Feed Your Hair!

Dove’s new conditioner is smooth and easy to apply to wet, shampooed hair. It has a light, clean, fresh scent. It smoothes hair, without weighing it down. It seems to give my hair body and greater manageability, too. My very long hair looked healthier after I used it. I will be buying this, again!

Kristin Cisco, IL

No Moisture!!

I have no idea why Dove would bother putting “moisture” in the name of this product line. I used the Dove Oxygen shampoo & conditioner together, and they stripped my hair dry! Apparently, Dove’s idea of adding more volume is to remove all moisture that could possibly weight hair down, even if it’s moisture that you need. I do NOT recommend this for anyone with fine hair.I do recommend theCLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Conditioneralong withCLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Shampoo.

Adrian Centerville, GA

Weighed down my hair

I’ve been using this conditioner with the same shampoo in this line and unfortunately after a month of use, it has left my hair weighed down and oily. I have shoulder length hair that is medium-weight, it’s not particularly heavy so therefore I expected this product to work for me. It didn’t and being a big fan of Dove products, this is one of the very few times I’ve felt let down. It could just be that it didn’t work with my specific hair type and it may work wonderfully for someone else’s. The scent is very clean and fresh and my hair did feel soft and tangle free, so I didn’t hate this product, I just didn’t love it.

Bernadine Mount Pulaski, IL

No complaints

I’ve been using this in combination with the shampoo and like it quite a bit. Even though they have the same scent, there’s less of a chemical note to the conditioner so I like it even more.Like I wrote in my shampoo review: I don’t really notice a difference in volume or the texture of my hair, but then I’m a short-haired guy and wasn’t really looking for that. Sometimes I think regardless of label, the solutions can’t be that much different (volume enhancer, wavy hair, shine and sleek, etc.). But it gets the job done and leaves my head feeling clean, so no complaints.And best of all, dove is my brand of choice, so I appreciate being able to buy these products at a discount from Amazon.

Pauline Brookpark, OH

You Can’t Go Wrong with Dove Products

I’ve used this conditioner (and the shampoo) in the past so I was excited to see it in my monthly newsletter.Sadly, my thick hair doesn’t react well to many shampoos on the market. I’m happy to report that this product worked beautifully. After use, my hair looks healthy and shiny. As for the volume, I didn’t notice a great deal of it after using the product.I’ve used this along with the shampoo, the smell is awesome and last for days. I call it “perfume” for hair. I will definitely buy this product again and will keep using this for as long as it is on the shelves. You simply can’t go wrong with Dove products.

Sonya Lisbon, MD

Nice light weight conditioner

I’ve recently had my long thick hair cut and am now sporting a shorter more angled hair cut for summer. So I’ve had to switch out my usual thicker conditioners I used when my hair was long, to something lighter so my hair will stay fluffy. This Dove conditioner works nicely for this. It doesn’t weigh my hair down and yet still conditions it to keep it soft. It has a great fragrance too. It works great and is a good choice for conditioner when you want something to make your hair soft, but not weight it down and make it flat.

Lakisha Pikeville, NC

Not Enough Conditioning

I have used this conditioner many times over the last 30 days. I wash my hair most every day. I haven’t noticed anything special about this conditioner. It doesn’t provide much if any frizz control and it doesn’t smooth my hair either. The only thing I really like about is the light fragrance. It’s not overpowering like many shampoos and conditioners.

Marjorie Summerville, SC

Works great with the shampoo to add volume

This new Dove Oxygen Moisture hair care line is a definite gift to us sufferers with fine and flat hair. It can be difficult to find products that really clean the hair and make it look healthy and full and not flat and limp. This conditioner when used with the shampoo really did add definite moisture to my hair and a very noticeable amount of healthy natural volume. Just as with the shampoo, the conditioner has a very pleasant scent. It also rinses thoroughly while leaving your hair feeling soft and full. This is not a conditioner I would recommend using with any shampoo other than the Oxygen Moisture shampoo. I really liked this conditioner when used with the shampoo and was very impressed with the healthy volume it did provide. I give it 4 stars for after using the line for 2 weeks it does start to not be as effective and starts to weigh heavy on my hair. All I need to do is switch to another brand for a day or two and then the Dove again works very well. I definitely recommend this conditioner when used with the shampoo for anyone with fine and flat hair. You will be very impressed by the increase in volume you will notice pretty quickly.

Merle Atlanta, IL

good clean not too perfumy gender neutral smell

Great value, non-premium price. I really love the Dove hair products – good clean not too perfumy gender neutral smell, good washoutability, not watery, just right for dry hair. Great value, non-premium price.

Keisha Ottoville, OH

Oxygen moisture conditioner

This product does what a conditioner is supposed to do, removes tangles, and smoothes dry hair. There is very little scent, and it doesn’t linger after rinsing out. I didn’t notice any extra body or bounce in my hair. This is an average product, and I would buy again at a good price.

Adrienne Swannanoa, NC

It’s alright

I didn’t realize this conditioner was meant for fine hair. My hair is very thick, but I do have some annoying, wispy hairs that haven’t been bothering me as much since using this. It doesn’t do as good of a job at keeping my hair tangle free as the brand I usually use, but it works okay and keeps my hair soft. It doesn’t small overpowering either. I can’t say it gives any volume, as my hair has been flatter since using this. It’s an average conditioner. Not bad, but not awesome either.

Zelma Ararat, NC

Does a good job for the money

In my experience my hair looks softest and healthiest when I use salon brand shampoos and conditioners, especially those that are free of sulfates. (To date for my thick color-treated blonde hair Kevin Murphy’s products have worked the best.) But when I’m on a budget or convenience-minded I’ve found the Dove shampoos and conditioners to be great for the money. While the results I get aren’t quite on par with the salon shampoos, they do a pretty good job of keeping my hair soft and healthy and without any build up or residue.Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner, 12 Ounceis no exception. I feel that it more than meets my expectations, especially for the price. The only caveat worth noting is I don’t necessarily see a discernible difference between this conditioner and other Dove conditioners I’ve tried. No matter which I use the results seem very similar for me and my hair type, but obviously hair types can vary so my results may not be typical. But overall I think it does a good job for the money.

Lora Bridgeport, OH

Good hydration for my naturlly curly hair

My hair type is long, naturally curly and color treated, so my biggest issue is usually dryness. I tend to condition my hair every day, but only wash it every 2-3 days to keep it from drying out. For me a conditioner that rinses out well, but still helps retain moisture in my hair is important.Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner,not only rinses well, but it also leaves my hair soft and with less frizz. All in all it’s a good conditioner to keep in my rotation of products and the price is very reasonable.

Becky Castalia, IA

I am pleased

I’ve been using this product for the past two weeks, and am pleased with it. I normally have fairly dry hair, but since I’ve been using this conditioner, I’ve noticed less dryness. It’s just as easy as the next conditioner to use and has a nice fragrance. I won’t mind ordering it again.

Velma Slatersville, RI

Nice Shine

When used with the shampoo it leaves my hair manageable and easy to style. This is a great combo to change to for variety.

Henrietta Lady Lake, FL

A Winner!

I have thick hair that could occasionally use a little more "oomph." So I tried this Dove Oxygen line in an effort to get that little extra boost. In the past, volumizing shampoos and conditioners have tended to leave me with 80s looking "mall hair" … just too much volume! Nonetheless, this conditioner gave me the small boost that my long, weighty hair needed. The results were subtle (which is what I wanted) but really quite lovely. (Shiny, bouncy, clean hair!)Other notes: mild scent, clean rinsing, and inexpensive. Finally, the upside-down bottle makes get those last drops easy. Try it, you may love it!

Tabatha South Pekin, IL

Better than other Dove products

This works better on my daughter’s medium weight hair than my own very fine, but for both it was much better than other Dove products I’ve used. No obnoxious odor, rinsed out fairly well, good texture afterward. I’d buy this.

Gloria Courtenay, ND

Moisture Conditioner by Dove Works And Lasts

Dove designed its Oxygen Moister Conditioner for ladies with fine, flat hair with its oxygen-fused formula that quickly spreads into your hair.The new moisture formula is marketed by Dove as Oxyfusion Technology and claims to make your fine, flat hair more lively and easily rinses off your hair without leaving residues. It has a nice clean scent and retains the body in your hair for days. This 12-ounce product is very reasonably priced which makes it easy to try.My wife’s hair is fine and she likes to use a conditioner that will give her hair body after one use, which this product did. She likes it and I think you might also.

Liz Hobart, WA


This conditioner was light and left my hair with a lot of body and bounce. I only used it to condition my hair (without using the shampoo from this line). I had no residue on my hair and it wasnt weighed down at all. The fragrance was light and I would highly recommend this one (second only to the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner).

Anna Grambling, LA

Not bad

I love the Dove Oxygen Moisture foam. It has been great for me. But this conditioner did not work well for me.This conditioner did not feel very moisturizing while I used it. But after I rinsed it out, I could not even tell I had conditioned. But as my hair started to dry it felt filmy and coated. I made sure that i rinsed a lot the next time I used it, but it was still filmy and flat.

Charlotte Caldwell, WV

Kentucky Derby Winner!

Dove oxygen moisture conditioner is a winner. If I was going to race it against another product I would bet all my money on this one knowing it will win. This conditioner will run you all day, all night, and to your personal finish line.

Camilla Plainview, TX

gentle, fresh scent

Dove hair products always work out well, and this one is no exception! The scent is light, and if used with a good shampoo, the conditioner moisturizes and adds shine without weighing hair down. Good stuff, especially for treated hair!

Johanna Loami, IL