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Dove Men+Care Fortifying 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner, Sensitive Scalp with Caffeine, 12 oz

For healthy-looking hair, full of strength and resilience.

Key features

  • Strengthens and thickens hair
  • Best care for men’s scalp health
  • Infused with caffeine and tea tree extract to gently cleanse
  • For healthy-looking hair, full of strength and resilience

Honest reviews


not for my husband’s scalp

This was an amazon vine product and I did not even want to review it. If I have nothing nice to say, I rather not say anything. It really did not make scalp any healthier and even the other way around. No bueno.

Hallie Pleasant City, OH

A reasonable choice. Not maximum “clean feeling” results.

Amazon sent me a free bottle of this shampoo to review. It has a masculine cologne-like scent which doesn’t linger excessively. It’s pretty easy on my sensitive scalp. The built-in conditioner leaves my short hair feeling softer but slightly less clean than I’m used to, which makes me unlikely to purchase more.

Allie Cumberland, WI

Didn’t irritate my partner’s sensitive scalp, liked the subtle conditioning agents

This shampoo is meant for men who have a sensitive scalp or scalp condition of some kind, who maybe don’t want to use a separate conditioner product. My partner has a sensitive scalp which is made worse by eating certain foods such as wheat, and it’s also irritated by most commercial hair care products.The shampoo didn’t make his scalp issues noticeably better, but it didn’t make his scalp worse either, which is actually a pretty good review. Usually, after a few days of using a new shampoo, he develops a rash on parts of his scalp that can be itchy and red.As for the conditioning agents, he personally didn’t notice much of a difference. He doesn’t normally use a hair conditioner, and felt like this shampoo didn’t strip his hair anymore than other shampooing products. However, after the first use, I thought that the ends of his hair looked a little bit more moisturized. So, if you’re a person who likes a very light amount of conditioning or doesn’t usually use a conditioner at all, the amount of conditioner in the shampoo would probably be just right for you.I thought the scent smelled a little bit like commercial men’s deodorants. Definitely manly, pleasant in its way, but it was a little disconcerting to sniff his head and smell a scent that I usually associate with his deodorant. That said, I’m used to using very natural products that have either no scent or a little bit of essential oil, so people who are used to using products from the drugstore are probably used to some level of scent and hair care product.

Renee Savannah, MO


This product is so awesome. It smells good, works good, has all the right ingredients, and does all the right things. It works very wonderfully! I love all Dove products, and this particular product is no exception! I envy the man I gave it to! (But that’s okay – because there are plenty of Dove products out there for woman, and believe me, I’ve used my share!)Highly recommended.

Antonia Poestenkill, NY

Dove’s “Men’s Care” Sensitive Scalp (Caffeine w Tea Tree Extract)

The fragrance is very nice. Not heavily scented.This is a combination shampoo and conditioner and it lathers very nicely.Leaving it on for about 3 minutes, more or less, left my hair clean without that slippery feeling that you normally get when you use a separate conditioner.*** ***It’s now about 4 hours since and my hair feels clean and not stripped of any moisture. (Usually my hair feels dried out, but not this time.)A good alternative to some of the more expensive brands.

Julie Oquawka, IL

My new favorite shampoo

I really like this shampoo. It lathers well. It has a fresh fragrance. It leaves your hair feeling smooth and clean. For now, I think this shampoo is my favorite and I’ve tried many different brands and types of shampoo.

Dominique Buck Creek, IN

Pretty Good

This is a pretty good 2 in 1 shampoo. It has a very mild and pleasant smell in the bottle. Maybe I like it because I am a fan of both coffee and tea (this shampoo has caffeine and tea tree extract). I do not know if this might be an issue for people with caffeine sensitivities. I did not feel a caffeine buzz after shampooing.The bottle is easy to open and pour and it does its job without any side effects. A reasonably small amount is good enough for an average shampooing. The cone-ish shape of the bottle helps in not squirting out too much. The shampoo has a mostly neutral taste, but I did not taste-test it – it was an accidental tasting 🙂 I am not picky on shampoos, so this works just fine for me.As another reviewer pointed out, the back of the shampoo has some silly “manly marketing” calling shopping and team losing as irritations. In this case, the “manly marketing” is even more ridiculous because the brand name is “Dove”. Nothing is more “manly marketing” than a dove 🙂

Jaclyn Port Hueneme Cbc Base, CA

Love the Tea Tree!

I like Dove products and I was glad to see that they have a sensitive scalp formula for men. My son has had dandruff problems for quite awhile. He has used the Dove Sensitive Scalp several times now and I have noticed quite a difference with his hair. I have not seen any dandruff. I also love that Tea Tree oil is one of the ingredients because it is known as being good for skin.My son loves that he gets lots of lather from the shampoo and that it has made such a difference with his dry scalp. This products works really well for men with sensitive skin.

Lana Uneeda, WV

Strong manly scent

This cream is a cloudy white cream that lathers well. Not much is needed. The aroma is quite strong (think Old Spice or Brut), which I negated with some citrusy body spray. I felt a nice tingling sensation during the shampoo, something that comes from the caffeine in this. Caffeine helps tighten up skin for a bit. This shampoo left no residue on my hair, which makes it easier to style after it’s dry.

Fanny Watsonville, CA

A+ all the way

A really nice product that leaves the hair and scalp clean and fresh feeling. The scent is light and not overpowering at all. Highly recommended

Deloris Macon, MS

Excellent Product, Excellent Price …

Having tried this product, I thought I would share my experience. I hope this helps you, the potential consumer, in your decision-making process:Product design:Since I ordered the body-wash, the shampoo, and this 2 in 1, I can say the collection looks aesthetically pleasing in one’s shower. Some products can appear garish (with clashing pops of color) but this line has a masculine sophistication. I suppose that if I could make one small suggestion, it would be to make the shampoo bottles open at the bottom. I like inverted bottles since it saves time when one approaches the end of the product.Functionality:The 2 in 1 has an slight but appealing fragrance. It has an excellent lather. And, it rinses super clean. My boyfriend used this and his hair was clean, not weighted down, and smelled great. I tried it and then layered an additionally conditioner over it. The results were nearly comparable to what I would achieve with my own expensive products (my hair was just slightly frizzier than it typically is).In sum, we both agreed that this is an excellent product at an excellent price.

Nettie Plainfield, NJ

Away with dandruff, part II

Older age, less hair, dry skin, and annoying dandruff flakes on dark clothing. Ptui. I’ve had difficulty finding effective dandruff control in a shampoo that I actually like. While this product isn’t promoted as being a dandruff shampoo, it contains tea tree extract, which works well for some folks as dandruff control. It doesn’t work that way for me, BUT it works nicely as an accompaniment to the Dove Men+Care anti dandruff fortifying shampoo, which is also available as part of the same product line. Use this one every day but for the 1-2x/week that you use the anti-dandruff shampoo, which contains pyrithione zinc. The two together work very well.Both products contain caffeine, which supposedly will stimulate hair growth in those of us who are challenged in that way. I’m waiting but won’t hold my breath.This shampoo has a very mild medicated-shampoo odor. It’s neither strong nor offensive, and is not noticeable at all after the shower. The shampoo foams well and your hair will feel clean afterward. I have no irritation, scaling, or dryness, so the shampoo/conditioner here does what it says it will do: gently clean, help with dandruff, and provide healthy looking hair.

Joanne White Earth, ND

Lots of Suds, Feels Good

This is a newer product on what appears to be the new scent of ‘Fresh Awake’. It also gives Caffeine! (don’t drink it though!) and Tea Tree extract. Caffeine is supposedly to give you an extra kick in the morning (or your hair an extra kick), and the tea tree is just overall great for your hair.Generally not a huge fan of the 2-in-1 Shampoos since I think you still need to use conditioner, and this is probably the case here, although you could get by without using it. Lots of suds, feels nice and thick, and feels like it cleans well.

Reva Terra Ceia, FL

Works and smell great

This two and one shampoo and conditioner works great. It smell nice and makes my son and husband hair look nice. My son has a problem with dry hair and oily skin so I don’t like him to use conditioner but this product works great to make his hair look nice and not make his face break out.

Cindy Hereford, TX

Good Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner

The Dove Men+Care Sensitive Scalp Fortifying 2 in 1 Shampoo is a good product for people with dry scalps. Fortified with caffeine and Tea Tree Extract, this shampoo is soothing to the scalp and does not produce the tight/dry feeling after use. It has a flowery/menthol scent that may be too strong for some users. The mild conditioner has softening and thickening effects on the hair. Good shampoo.

Sonia Boxholm, IA

Working for my hubby.

My husband enjoys these kinds of shampoo and conditioners combined. He has been using, “Dove Plus Care 2 in 1” and finds that his hair is more manageable. I noticed the shine it adds to his silver white mane. Since his head a is a bit older, the “sensitive” product leaves his scalp feeling softer, less abrasive, no itchy or flake issues.Recommend as my hubby loves it.

Kelly Sistersville, WV

Like it!

My husband usually uses Dandruff shampoo, but I thought since this one has tea tree oil, it may work. Tea tree oil is a natural solution. I was pleased with the softness of his hair and the lack of dander while he used this shampoo.

Cecile Longwood, NC

Great 2-1!

Hard to find a good 2-1 shampoo especially for men, and especially for sensitive skin, but this one really fits the bill! No strong odors and cleans your scalp really good, no flakes and no irritation! Highly recommended!

Leonor Cowden, IL

Nice Scent, Helps Condition Scalp and Hair

Guys just don’t use conditioner – even if it makes their hair look fabulous, they just won’t bother with the extra step – it’s not efficient apparently. (At least, this is what my husband says!) They will, however, use a 2-in-1 shampoo…efficiency at its best! Dove’s 2-in-1 Shampoo smells great, is non greasy, and makes my husband’s hair look and fabulous. I tried it out on whim one night, and while I probably won’t replace my shampoo with it (just because I’d smell like men’s cologne! I like my girly shampoo and conditioners!) the feel of my hair felt wonderful. Longer hairs will have an easy time getting brushed without getting caught in brushes or combs. Highly recommended!

Tia Pebble Beach, CA

Good shampoo, though a bit smelly

I love the smell of this shampoo on my husband’s hair. He, however does not. He’s a non-scented kind of guy. Oh well, at least I’ll get to smell it on him until this bottle is gone. It’s subtle, not too strong… but he still isn’t a fan.Other than that, this is a good shampoo, lathers well, cleans well, according to him.

Karla Cheraw, CO

Good for thinning hair too

My husband was impressed with this shampoo. It smelled nice and got his hair squeaky clean. The big plus was that it actually seemed to add a bit of body to his thinning hair. Not as much asDove Men+Care Thickening Fortifying Shampoobut still nice. Oh, and it didn’t bother his scalp. But with his hard head that is no wonder.

Casey Brantwood, WI

Hubby Loves it, I like the smell

My son and husband like this product a lot. A big plus is the 2+1 feature which my son asks for – why? It’s much easier when a man has long hair that needs conditioner to just take one bottle to the gym.The leather is super rich. I had to try it for myself after my husband told me that ‘it reminds me of that shaving cream the way it just foams up.’ It does have very rich lather that leaves your hair feeling very clean.The scent is manly, but invigorating so even as a woman I enjoyed it as a change of pace. It’s too masculine a scent for me to use on a regular basis though.

Mavis Kawkawlin, MI

Fine, nothing special. I was hoping that the tea tree would be more prominent …

First of all, the shampoo is not very “lathery”, at least not like other “regular ” shampoos. This isn’t a big deal, just more of a feeling preference. I am not so sure the caffeine part actually does anything besides sound good. Like Starbucks for your hair … 🙂 I was really hoping that the “Tea Tree” portion of the shampoo was stronger. It ins’t. Th shampoo is fine and cleans well, it has a pleasant odor, but it ins’t all that invigorating, like you would want this shampoo to be. I guess that is why it is a “sensitive scalp” shampoo, but it just seems overall like it doesn’t do anything really well …However, I must say, that if you are looking for a mild shampoo that is lightly invigorating, then this might be right up your alley. It is worth a shot ….

Sheri Moorestown, NJ

Dove Sensitive Scalp

I’ve used many Dove products over the years.I ordered this 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner for when my dad comes to visit me, but I decided to try it too.For some reason I prefer more men’s fragrances than women’s, they don’t smell as perfumey like some women’s fragrances do, some of which aggravate my asthma/allergies, or give me a headache.This 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner has an uplifting scent, which is not overpowering.I do have a sensitive/dry scalp, which this 2 in 1 product did not irritate my scalp at all.I did however need to add a leave in conditioner, because this product did not condition my hair enough, which is long and thick, but for a man who has less hair, they probably wouldn’t need to use a separate conditioner.I know this won’t pose a problem for my dad, because he doesn’t have alot of hair.All in all this is a good product.

Virginia Finland, MN

Another great Dove product

This 2 in 1 shampoo conditioner is a wonderful product! Just like other Dove products, it boasts it’s moisturizing ability and I think it really does make a difference. My husband has very dry skin in the winter and this shampoo/conditioner did just as well if not better than the usual dandruff types of shampoo’s he usually uses to help with dry scalp. I also used it on my shoulder length – very curly – very thick – hair and thought it was wonderful! I didn’t even use a separate conditioner and didn’t miss it at all. I liked the nice “clean” smell of the product also. It didn’t scream Man! (or Lady!) and after rinsing it didn’t really even stay with you.I would definitely recommend this product and will probably buy in the future.

Dollie Amarillo, TX

Love it, really cleans!

I love using shampoo with tea tree oil. It really cleans well and leaves my scalp feeling good. I feel like it opens my pores up! I don’t mind the smell, because I am used to stronger (we use tea tree oil when we get a note from school saying that someones child had hair lice, and that is a pretty strong smell). I find that when I keep my hair longer than normal and gel it, this combination cleans it well and still conditions a little. It’s not the best conditioner, but then I don’t expect much from any combination shampoo/conditioner. I like that it is not very expensive, because some tea tree oil shampoos cost quite a bit more. It lathers up well and rinses off well. I leave it on for a few minutes. This is one of my new favorites! I also like the shape of the bottle. It dispenses easily enough and does not fall over easily (unlike many of the ones that have the dispenser on the bottom).

Tamika Galt, IA

Like it.

I love Dove’s products for sensitive skin. I use their body wash and it is one of the only ones that doesn’t totally dry my skin out. Pretty excited they have decided to make shampoo too, especially a 2 in 1 for Men. The shampoo does its job. It has a thick texture and is very refreshing, makes your scalp feel super clean. My only complaint is the smell of it. I hope they come out with something that doesn’t smell so strong. Regardless, I’ll still use this until they come out with something that smells better. (The smell isn’t bad, by any means, just a little strong.) If you’re a big fan of Dove, you’ll probably love this product.

Vivian Garrett, KY

Pretty Standard

I usually use Pert Plus, and even though I know it is just cheap and easy, I’ve come to be used to how it feels. When I use other shampoos at hotels, my hair feels a little harder and possibly more tangled. This Dove 2-in-1 did a pretty comparable job to the Pert Plus: my hair felt a little harder and looked a little darker at first, but an hour later each day it feels the same as always. The only other difference is the smell. The Dove smells like the ubiquitous men’s smell, which I’m not a big fan of, but it doesn’t last very long.

Maggie Waterproof, LA


My husband and son used this shampoo and I liked the results. Their short hair came out fresh smelling and very soft.Though scented, both my guys liked the smell and so did I. My tween son didn’t comment on how it felt, but my husband said that his scalp felt tingly and nice. He also said, however, that he had a headache.Now given that the weather’s been changing I didn’t think anything of this comment… at least not initially. However, every time he’s used this shampoo he gets a headache.Not sure if it’s the scent or the caffeine or what, but I’m giving this shampoo and conditioner a neutral recommendation since it appears that it’s possible that some people have a reaction to it.Pam T~mom/fur-mom

Karina Brice, OH

How to Get a Man to Use Conditioner

My husband and son both have gorgeous heads of hair – but getting them to use conditioner is ridiculous. They always say it’s not “manly”. My husband does like the DOVE brand, however, and agreed to give this a shot. He loves it. He says you only need a small amount to get a good lather and I can tell you that his hair is definitely much nicer! Even my son loves it and look for it in the shower, refusing to use anything else :D. We’ll definitely be buying more of this!

Jacqueline Oak Park, CA