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Dove Men+Care Face Wash, Sensitive+ 5 oz

Dove Men+Care Sensitive + Face Wash effectively cleanses and is clinically proven to fight skin dryness.

Key features

  • Suitable for daily use
  • Clinically proven to fight skin dryness
  • Mild and gentle on skin
  • Leaves skin feeling effectively moisturized
  • Rinses off easily

Honest reviews


Great for guys

I’ve only recently started using Dove’s personal care products for men. (I guess you can’t still call them “beauty products,” right?) So far, though, you can definitely call me a fan. I’ve been trying out this face wash and have been very pleased with the results so far. I typically use this after I shave, which isn’t every day. It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh, without being greasy or stinking of perfume. I probably should have gotten the sensitive skin variety, since I definitely have sensitive skin. But so far no problem with breaking out or anything. Another winner from Dove!

Myra Weir, TX

Works like intended

Sensitive face washes are usually much more gentile, and Dove Men+ Care Sensitive is no different. I works like intended without over drying, which is important during the winter. The scent is a little stronger than Neutrogena but not over powering like other men’s products.

Consuelo Kingsley, MI

Good wash, not for all skin types

There’s lots to love about this face wash from Dove. It smells wonderful, has a nice creamy texture that doesn’t over-dry the skin, and is allegedly suitable for sensitive skin. There’s also some down sides, unfortunately. Here’s my PROS V. CONS:PROS:- Smells nice- Not over-drying- Good value- No harsh chemicalsCONS:- Strong fragrance will disagree with folks who have very sensitive skin- Will need to use with a moisturizer (although it’s not overly-drying, your skin will still feel taut without a moisturizer)- No ingredients to prevent acne- Thick creamy texture is hard to wash away. You’ll need to wash your face VERY thoroughly to get it all off (which is harsh on the skin, but if you don’t wash thoroughly you’ll break out)OVERALL: If you have great skin already and would like a cleanser that is simple, will make your skin feel refreshed, won’t turn your skin red, and smells wonderful, I can definitely recommend this. Unfortunately, if you have acne-prone skin or don’t like to use moisturizer or dislike having to splash water on your face for over a minute to wash all the soap off, I don’t think this cleanser is a good idea. It may smell wonderful, but it really isn’t all that great in the long-run.

Natalia Cornwallville, NY

Very moisturizing men’s facial product

I got this product for my husband, who has finally become interested in washing his face with a facial care product rather than old-fashioned bar soap. He decided to compare this produce and another that he purchased in-store,Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash, using the two on alternate days. His report to me is that he found the Dove product to be just “okay” and that he preferred the Purpose wash.Here are my husband’s reasons for finding this product to be only average:*He states that the thick nature of the wash makes it more difficult to rinse from his face–i.e., he feels as if there is a residue left behind.*He notes that there is a mild scent to this product. (Personally, I thought it had a pleasant, subtle, soapy-type scent, but I guess he would prefer no scent at all.)*He would prefer that the product have a pump, which he finds easier to use.My husband plans to continue to use this product for post-shaving, when his face could use some extra moisturizing, and he would recommend it for this use or for someone with extremely dry skin. However, for everyday, my husband prefers to usePurpose Gentle Cleansing Washinstead.

Kayla Pana, IL

Cleans well, but the hydration is short-lived

I’ve used several face washes that left me dissatisfied, but I had high hopes for this product because I’ve been impressed in the past with other items from Dove. This one, however, ended up being a letdown by not delivering what is promised.As a cleanser, this does a fairly good job. Although the consistency is slightly soap-like, it doesn’t create many bubbles or leave an oily feeling on your face after use. I could have done without the slight fragrance, but it did make me face feel refreshed after use. The biggest disappointment came about half an hour after use, when my face started to feel dry and tight, much more than it had previous to even using the product. For a product designed to hydrate dry skin, I found it had the opposite effect.My experience doesn’t seem typical when reading other reviews, and I don’t want to slam this product despite my dissatisfaction. Dove is a good brand, and hopefully others who choose to try this product will have a better outcome.

Sherry Swansea, MA

Dove Men+Care Sensitive

The Dove Men+Care Sensitive face wash is a nice lotion type wash instead of a gel or foam. It is truly mild and fragrance free so is suited to sensitive skin.It washed my face completely, got it clean without any feelings of irritation or dryness.As with most Dove products, I like this one and would recommend it.

Sheree Fayette, MS

Great Face Wash

Lathers well and rinses clean, leaving a fresh hydrated feeling. Could use in the shower or at the sink. A convient size for traveling or for your gym bag. Dove makes the best products!

Rose Lisbon, LA

Initially, very good, but the clean feeling didn’t last

After using this face wash, I loved how my face felt and I thought this would be an amazing product. My skin felt tighter and very clean after one application. My disappointment came when just a few hours later, my face was extremely greasy and oily, which is not my natural skin issue. My skin is always too dry and not too oily. So, I can only conclude that this face wash, while it initially cleaned my face well, wound up actually not helping my skin at all.

Celia Redbird, OK

A pleasant smelling and useful product

I found that this face-wash came in an easy to use good looking container, was mild, felt creamy, had a slight pleasant fragrance, even a small amount produced a large amount of suds, and the cream washed off easily leaving my face feeling clean.

Abby Bernardston, MA

Good Face Wash, Minimal Hydration

This is a pretty good face wash. It foams up just enough, and leave me feeling clean and alert. It has a nice mild scent with hints of citrus, and is on the gentle side, without exfoliating scrubs or what have you. I particularly appreciate the instructions, which (apparently unironically) instructed me to wet my face, rub the soap into my face, then rinse the soap off. It looks like Dove thinks they have a lot of work to do when introducing men to grooming products.My only gripe is that I don’t feel the “hydration,” or even understand what this soap is supposed to do that a non “hydrate” product wouldn’t. I don’t feel particularly different after using it than from any other soap – I feel the same tightening and slight drying sensation that I would from a bar soap. Some of the other Dove products, particularly theDove Men+Care Hydrate + Face Lotion, do leave my skin feeling less dry than usual, but IMHO, without the lotion, the face wash is a nice soap, but that’s it. Four stars for a good face wash, minus one star for overselling.

Kayla Fairgrove, MI

Good facial wash but rather strong fragrance

I know….I know I am a woman trying a man’s facial wash but I am very particular about what my husband uses on his face after three skin cancer operations thanks to his golf addiction (even though he wears a hat and sunscreen). Yes, he uses skin products prescribed by his plastic surgeon but occasionally runs out and needs a product to bridge until he picks up the next prescription. So I became a guinea pig the past two weeks. Cleansing my face twice daily it passed the picky wife test. It was gentle but removed my makeup without a problem. Although I wasn’t crazy over the fragrance even for a woman as I believe a product for sensitive skin should be fragrance free.Happy cleansing!

Janie Alexander, KS

Clean your face

No mater what the weather or what season it is, you face is always exposed to it. So how about a cleanser designed to not only wash but also hydrate your face? I found this face wash does a great job at cleaning off all the dirt and debris after a long day of mowing and weed trimming. It also hydrates it, restoring what was dried out in the cold wind we had recently.Combined with other Dove for Men products, this one is a keeper.

Greta Rimersburg, PA

Husband Likes It

My husband is not the kind of guy who is going to use lotion, ever, (he can’t even say the word “lotion” without making a reference to the movie Silence of the Lambs *rolls eyes*) so this is a great product for him. He’s out in the elements every day, and that takes a toll on his skin, but this face wash helps undo the damage. The best part is that there no strong after-scent (a problem with most other mens’ facial products).

Tracey Royal, NE

Hydrate & face wash

My son-in-law’s take on this item was: “Face wash either gets you clean or it doesn’t. This does.” So I guess we can recommend this Dove product.

Abby Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Nice Face Wash, Clean Dove Smell

I got this Hydrating Face Wash for my husband, who gets dry skin, especially during winter months. After using it for a week he says “It Works.” Well, that isn’t very helpful, so I gave it a try as well.What I found was a nice gentle face wash with undertones of the classic Dove scent, only slightly more manly.When used together with the Dove Hydrating Facial Lotion, it works quite well, leaving skin feeling hydrated buy not oily.

Lucia Brownell, KS

Good stuff!

Ok.. Men’s face wash? I’m thinking that we have much different priorities in the shower than women, but if Dove wants to make this stuff why not. I will say that it is moisturizing and when I used it I didn’t have that “stretched” feeling I get with straight soap on my face. I also didn’t come out “greasy” like with some moisturizers. There were no overwhelming scents… on the whole it cleaned my face and I’m happy with the product. If you buy I hope that you are happy as well and thanks for taking the time to read my review.

Sheena Blue Ridge, VA

Gentle, foamy, not too sudsy..

As a forty something guy I’m used to using soap for washing my face. I typically use Pears, a glycerin based soap.Old habits die hard.This is nice in that it’s not as soapy so it rinses off cleaner and easier, and if you get a little in your eyes it won’t sting as much. My face does feel smoother and softer than when I use soapI tried this and also the Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ Face Wash and frankly, couldn’t tell any difference between the two.Very mild scent, thankfully leaves almost scent on your skin when finished.

Kimberly Hazelton, KS

Cleans well, but has Dove bar perfume scent

I usually use Nivea for Men products when I wash my face. I gave this Dove face wash a try to see how I’d fare with a competitor’s product. In all, it cleans well, but I’m not thrilled with the fragrance.The product comes out of the tube as a white creme. It washes well and rinses easily, leaving my face feeling clean and refreshed, not stripped or dry. I give it high marks as a daily face wash in that respect.However, it smell almost exactly like the Dove bars that my wife uses, a sort of perfumey, floral scent. I don’t know why Unilever decided to use that fragrance in a man’s face wash. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not as though it leaves you smelling like perfume afterwards. But, when you’re washing your face, it’s like sticking a Dove body bar under your nose. That isn’t exactly something that I look forward to in the morning when I’m waking up, especially coming from the more refreshing scents I’m used to in the Nivea for Men products.I’d recommend this for its cleaning properties, but make sure you can stomach the fragrance.

Madeleine Lyons, NY

quality product, no reactive breakouts

Sometimes when my son uses a face wash or after shave balm, he ends up breaking out more than just using soap and water. That wasn’t the case with this. Perhaps it’s because this is labelled ‘sensitive’ that his skin looked and (according to him) felt clean. No breakouts the next day.The reason it’s not five stars is that it took awhile to wash off, it was very clingy to the skin. Good scent that doesn’t overpower his cologne, and reasonableprice

Jordan Dent, MN

Good, But Not As Good As “Axe’s Facial Scrub”

Yesterday, I tried the combination of Axe’s Chilled Shave Gel, ContrOil Face Scrub and Chilled Post-Shave Gel. Tonight, I went with Dove’s Men’s Care Shave Gel and Face Wash.The surprise, here, is that (one) the Axe products barely had a perfume scent and (worked) really well.With the Shave Cream, however, I think that the Dove is better and has both a stronger foam and covers the skin area more thoroughly. The Axe’s lather was not as thick but got the job done.The Face Scrub, however, is a different story.The Axe’s ContrOil Face Scrub has those micro beads in the lotion and the friction against the skin exfoliates. The Dove feels okay, barely thicker than regular soap lather. Both have a slight, not overpowering scent to them, so the big difference is in the formula.And, for me the difference favor’s the Axe.

Zelda Lansing, KS

Very good face wash

Really like this face wash. It offers a little bit of moisturizing, and is gentle enough to not cause your face to break out.Not an overpowering scent either.I’d definitely get this again.

Pam Spring Gap, MD

Sensitive, gentle cleansing…for the face…a little product goes a long way…

A gentle cleanser that leaves skin soft, hyrdrated and irritation free, this is a great product.So much so, that this tube made its way to the shower as well, and enjoyed a dual use as a body wash…same effect.For those especially prone to dry skin because of weather conditions, overheated dry homes, this Dove product is especially appreciated.Only downside is that the tube dispenses more than is necessary for a normal face wash so a little goes a long way.

Janet Marianna, AR

Worked fine; didn’t care for strong scent

A tiny bit of this goes a long way, I found. The first time I used it I squeezed out perhaps a teaspoon, which was so much I ended up washing my face, neck, hands and forearms.Perhaps because I’d used too much, the scent was MUCH too strong, and I didn’t care for it.It seems kind of minty. I found it hard to rinse off, again probably because I’d used too much, and had to use a washcloth to remove it, rather than just rinsing, which I prefer. In successive attempts I used just a drop or two, and found it more satisfactory. It does seem to do good things for my skin.

Andrea Pierce, CO

Mild and Moisturizing

This is a mild soap that promises to clean and hydrate. Both my brother and I tried this, he because he frequently works outdoors and is experiencing roughness and dryness and I to gauge its efficacy and because I really can’t trust a man who loves all dollar stores and is riveted by the SyFy Channel.The product comes in a tube. It has a rather generic soap scent and lathers well. I thought it took a bit to rinse completely. Overall skin was left feeling smooth and soft. This is certaianly not a deep cleanser and it has no exfoliating properties. It is very gentle and did not aggravate already stressed skin.If you are looking for a mild cleanser with moisturizing properties, this is a worthy option. I prefer scentless or at least less scent. My brother thought it was fine and enjoyed taking care of cleansing and moisturizing in one step.

Malinda Merion Station, PA

Tingly cleansing

Nice product. Tingling sensation. You only need a little bit (it lathers well) so this lasts a long time. Cleans well, lightly scented–clean scent, not feminine. Rinses clean and really leaves skin soft. Recommended!

Mona Tomball, TX

Works Well

I have used both the Dove Hydrating face wash and Sensitive face wash and cannot find much difference between the two products. They both have a silky feel to them and only a little is needed to quickly wash your face. The fragrance is mild and not over powering and it left my face feeling smooth and soft, the only difference is the hydrating left me with an “energized” feeling. A little goes a long way so one tube should last the average man at least 8 weeks if not longer. They both are great products.

Bianca Truth Or Consequences, NM


I use this to wash my face before shaving, and I find that it helps reduce razor burn, which is something I am prone too. It also helps prevent acne. Overall, a good face wash that does what you would expect.

Mabel Memphis, TX

Liquid Bar Soap.

Unlike most conventional “tube soaps” Dove has a consistency very much like lather from the bar. The consistency is much like lotion, and the texture is a little bit like Clearasil. It is nothing like the neon translucent body washes of today.I use it in the shower, it has a nice smooth and light feel to it… it’s not “heavy” like other gel soaps tend to be. As I said before, it is pretty much a lathered form of the Dove bar soap so you are pretty much getting the same feel with this soap, just skipping a step. Though, it is much easier to use than bar soap (I haven’t used bar soap in years).The scent seemed a bit overwhelming at first, being as strong (albeit different) than say Old Spice or Axe. It doesn’t smell like typical Dove soap, but has more of a cologne-esque scent. Not a bad smell, and doesn’t linger for very long, but initially quite a punch. I do prefer this facewash to most I have tried… it is a nice more mellow alternative to the douchey (no pun) washes that are out there these days.

Johnnie Holland, KY

Works well, not much needed (Sensitive Face Wash)

The 5oz Dove Men + Care Sensitive Face Wash comes in an upside down container with the usual Dove Men + Care colors. A relatively small amount is good enough for a face wash. It works and does not leave the face dry after using it. I haven’t had any side effects or issues after using it for a few weeks. It reminds me a bit of the old Clearasil. I haven’t used Clearasil in recent years, so I don’t know if they changed it since. The smell, the closest thing I can think of is that it smells like a dermatologist’s office. The smell is when you smell the open container, not after you use it. To summarize, it does its job, but it doesn’t make me jump up and down with excitement (it is a face wash after all!)

Denise Bear Mountain, NY

Very good

Simply great as a hydrating lotion. My place is very dry in the winter, so I appreciate this. But it’s not that spectacular if you need a good cleansing. I prefer the ‘beaded’ or ‘pumice’ ones to really fight dirt, oil, etc. to open your pores.My wife summed it up best when she called this the man’s liquid version of a Dove soap bar.

Tanisha Tustin, CA