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Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash, Fresh Awake 13.5 oz

Dove Men+Care Fresh Awake Body and Face Wash with MICROMOISTURE for healthier, stronger skin is a Dermatologist recommended cleansing gel clinically proven to fight skin dryness better than regular men’s body wash. This ultra-light formula has an energizing scent, and rinses off to provide a jolt of morning freshness to jumpstart your day. Dove Men+Care Fresh Awake Body Wash’s patent filed formula was developed specifically for men’s skin by the #1 Dermatologist recommended brand, and leaves skin refreshingly clean. Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash MIRCROMOISTURE technology activates on skin when lathering up. Droplets are precisely sized to deliver optimum moisture without feeling heavy, and the Body Wash’s refreshing cleansing gel rinses off easily.

Key features

  • Launched by the design house dove
  • This masculine body wash features micro-moisture which activates on skin, clinically proven to fight skin dryness
  • Dermatologist tested and 100 percent authentic

Honest reviews


Snake Oil

I don’t know why this stuff claims that it will help you wake up and such. It doesn’t really do anything for me. I don’t know how a soap could even do that. I really get tired of these products blatantly lying by saying they can do things they obviously can’t. It is fine as regular body wash, but you can get just as good for much cheaper I’m sure.That is all.

Sheryl Robertsdale, AL

Good cleanser. Scent too strong.

The cleanser is concentrated and works quite well. It’s neither too moistening nor too drying.The scent, which they say is supposed to wake you up, is a strong men’s cologne smell. Fair enough. Unfortunately, for a product that is marketed as a suitable for faces, the scent causes the lather to have a really bad taste if even a little gets on your lip. Much worse than with any other brand of cleanser I’ve tried. I don’t want to spend my shower hoping I don’t get the face cleanser a few millimeters too close to my mouth.I would like to try the same product with a milder (or less bad-taste-inducing) scent.

Fran Leesburg, AL

(Teenager Perspective) Nice Fresh Smell & Good Product For Cleaning. However, Still Prefer My Old Brand

My teenage son is at the age where he is very aware & picky about the body products that he uses. These days, his body wash of choice has been Old Spice. I talked him into using Dove. His observations/comments are below:This is the first Dove product that I have used because I’ve always viewed Dove as geared towards the ladies.However, after my mom talked me into using Dove Face & Body Wash, I have changed my perception of Dove & its products.This product is a little thinner than Old Spice, but it lathers well & doesn’t dry out my skin. I really like the scent, and think that “energizing scent,” is an appropriate name because the smell is a fresh scent that you could liken to a nice fresh aftershave. Additionally, unlike other body and face washes that fill the room with a supposedly clean odor, this product’s odor is nice and mellow – the smell is neither too much or too little.Overall, as compared to Old Spice, the Dove Body & Face wash makes me feel like I am cleaner, but I still prefer the Old Spice scent.

Bertie Lincolnton, GA

I like it but the Clean Defense scent is better

I am using both the Clean Defense and the Fresh Awake scents from the Dove Men Plus Body Care product line and have a different opinion on both of them. I think both are better for a body wash than a face wash. In my experience it’s better to use a good quality facial scrub instead of any old bath soap when it comes to your face. But they work well strictly as a body wash. I feel clean and refreshed after using both of them and neither of them seem to dry out my skin but I don’t feel that they necessarily nourish my skin either. It’s a little difficult to describe either scent to be honest. The Clean Defense is almost clear in color and has a very invigorating scent that is almost like a citrus scent. The Fresh Awake scent is a little less intense to me and smells more like lemon and herbs. I still enjoy using the Fresh Awake scent but it’s not my favorite. I really love the Clean Defense scent however and will definitely purchase it in the future. Both come in a decent size bottle for the price.

Selma Fleming, PA

Moisturizing, but not really scented

Okay, perhaps I was wrong to assume, but I assumed that a product with a yellow label color, called Fresh Awake, would be lemon scented. I have some face wash that follows this design paradigm. I guess not. The scent is light, and vaguely manly, but there is nothing lemony about it. Which is too bad, because I like lemon scent.As for its performance as a moisturizing body wash, I think I can say that it does seem to moisturize me better than the Old Spice I had been using. It also stands up better on the shelf and is less likely to tip over, always annoying.The spout on it also allows for smaller very precise squirts, though the product does not suds up that much. This allows you to, I guess, take a small dab for your face, though you’ll still need a normal amount for your body, it isn’t extra efficient or anything like that just because it comes out in a smaller stream than other body washes.

Michael Plymouth, VT

Great cleanser that smells wonderful

Y’know, it takes some men some coaxing to adjust to the idea of using a Dove product despite the fact there is clearly “Men Care” stamped on the bottle, but this is something I believe plenty of guys will use and do so happily. Not all body + face washes seem to work all that great (usually leaving something to be desired when it comes to caring for the facial skin) but this is a clean-rinsing product that is strong enough to deep cleanse the face as well as the body without leaving it dry. The smell of this is a great one–clean, fresh, energizing, still quite manly.

Julianne Mobeetie, TX

Good soap, Hard to get out of bottle

Ok. I like this soap. It has a pleasant smell but not to strong since it is meant for men. What I don’t like about it is that for some reason it is very hard to get out of the bottle. I have used Old Spice body soap with no problems so not sure what the reason is that you need to work so hard to get the soap to come out

Flora Troutdale, OR

Good scent, not drying

My husband was a big fan of this product. I enjoyed that the scent smelled clean and clearly male but wasn’t overly powerful and screaming that it was a man’s product. It also left his skin with good moisture. We’ll definitely buy this again.

Clara Monroe, IN

Excellent Dove product, although a few more onces of soap would have been appreciated

I must say, using “Dove Men Plus Care Body and Face Wash, Fresh Awake” has confirmed me as a fan of Dove products in general, although this product I especially like.It has a great, subtle scent. It lathers and washes well, and leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean.A special shout-out to the bottle design. It squeezes out just enough soap for use, without overdoing it, and it sturdily stands on it’s cap, making it possible to squeeze out every last ounce of soap out of the bottle, which is good, because it gives you less soap for your money than other brands in its price range (including other brands of Dove body wash). That being said, at the current price that this is being sold for here on, it is definitely worth picking up.In the end, while they could included a bit more soap, I greatly enjoyed using “Dove Men Plus Care Body and Face Wash, Fresh Awake and give it a strong recommendation to those in need.

Ines Davey, NE

Wide Awake

The fragrance of this body wash is invigorating! It cleans wonderfully! Does the job!It is a great way to start the day, washing your face with this will definitely get you woke up. It starts with a tingly feeling on your skin. I don’t know how it does that but it does. I was almost afraid it might burn…but it didn’t. Just tingly. Kind of makes your face feel stretched a bit…if that makes sense. Not dry, just toned and less wrinkles. 🙂

Susanna Woodhull, NY

Nice gel cleanser with a citrusy masculine scent

Dove Men Plus Care Body and Face Wash Fresh has a lingering masculine scent, predominately citrus with a woodsy, spicy undertone. It’s very pleasant in the morning.This is a European-style gel body wash with little lather. It does a good job cleaning the skin but made the skin on my face dry so I think it best suited for oily skin. It is marketed for men but women who enjoy a citrusy fougère scent will like this, too.

Kay Budd Lake, NJ

Nice body wash

I really like Dove products and this doesn’t disappoint. It smells good, but not too feminine. It lathers and rinses well. It leaves my skin smooth, moisturized, and soft. Overall, I’m happy with this body/face wash.

Ellen Apollo Beach, FL

Nice Lather, good smell, only need a small amount

As a body wash, it works great. You only need a small amount to get a nice lather. Thankfully the amount that squeezes out matches the amount you need; so you save money. The scent has a slight lemony smell mixed with your typical musk… some may complain that it smells a bit like cleaner so if you are sensitive to those types of smells, avoid. I found it pleasant and not overboard. I’ve been pretty happy with this new Dove for Men line… they all lather nicely and have a nice smell. Definitely recommend!

Ella Sharpsville, IN

Just your basic body soap

In spite of its attractive packaging and efficient design, what’s INSIDE is nothing special: yellow liquid soap that doesn’t smell any better or worse than the lowest priced body washes on the market. And, for the life of me, from the color to the smell, can I understand why this is labeled “Men Plus” when nothing about it is particularly masculine. Perfectly adequate and I’ll use it up, but won’t be a repeat customer.

Yesenia Clermont, FL

For Men Only!!

Call me a skeptic, but I figured that these soaps and shampoos claiming to be designed especially for “men” were just the products of cynical marketing departments dreamed up as a way to get couples to buy twice as much soap as usual. I figured it was probably the same old stuff repackaged in a bottle that was vaguely metallic in color and free of any flowery designs.Boy was I wrong!To test the special masculinity formula that Dove has created, I not only tried the soap for a week, but I also had my girlfriend use it for a week. The results were staggering. I noticed an immediate difference. My skin became positively luminous in a rugged sort of way. I started getting compliments from people on the street at how manly I looked. Football became more enjoyable. I improved my three point shot percentage by 34%. I even discovered that I now knew how to change my car’s oil, all by myself. I realized just how effeminate years of unisex body soap had made me. I was in denial, but the truth was obvious: I had been slowly turning into a woman through the use of fruity-scented body soap. Thanks to Dove, I was able to stop that trend dead in its tracks, and I am proud to say that after only one week of use, I am back to my 100% manly self.Unfortunately, my girlfriend did not fair so well. Her skin became both dry and oily at the same time, and she was overcome by a persistent itchiness. On the second day of use, her cat was run over by a car. On the third day, she drove over a nail and blew out a tire. This trend continued until the end of the experiment, at which point I realized that Dove and the other soap manufacturers were not kidding around. This was powerful soap for men only. Fortunately, my girlfriend’s skin returned to normal, we got her a new cat, and (thanks to Dove Men + Care body wash) I was able to fix the flat myself.If you’re worried that unisex body soap is turning you into a woman, you NEED to switch to Dove Men + Care. It will deepen your voice and make beer taste better, all while gently, er… um, *powerfully* moisturizing and softening your beautiful, manly skin. Remember: it’s not a gimmick; it’s manliness!

Maura Wagram, NC

Very nice product.

I’ve never really had dry skin before. But now that I’ve hit, er, puberty (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) I have found especially in winter that the Dr. Bonner’s Peppermint can leave my skin feeling a bit parched. Dove Men Plus Care does a good job of leaving my skin feeling soft yet clean without need of moisturizer. I can’t say I’m mad about the scent, but it doesn’t linger on my skin after my shower.They also claim it’s a face wash. I would not use it as one. I believe that the skin of the face needs a little more care than the skin on my thigh which sees the sun and wind a whole lot less. But if you or the man in your life are super-low maintenance, this might be one for you.

Simone Foreman, AR

Fresh scent, nice lather

This body wash has a fresh, clean scent but it’s very heavy. My husband has sensitive skin so he didn’t use this on his face, but as a body wash, he really likes it. He commented that he appreciates that it comes out of the bottle evenly, instead of in globs and he likes how well it lathers. His skin feels good, smells great and he says he’d recommend this to others.

Jasmine Cannon Afb, NM

Doves Men Plus Care Body and Face Wash, Fresh Awake

Doves Men Plus Care Body and Face Wash, Fresh Awake. Just the smell of this lets you know this smells so lively and fresh and clean and manly and perfect. The smell itself is good and strong enough to make you want to just baske it in all day.Dove is an awesome, well-trusted brand, and it does its job extremely wonderful.I highly recommend this body and face wash. Just one smell is all it takes to convince me.

Melody Edgerton, WI

Dove’s “Men’s Care” Fresh Awake.

Dove has just introduced a new line of hair and body wash products.This line is not as heavily perfumed as other brands, namely Axe. I have a few samples from the “Men’s Care” line and it’s most certainly a different feel than the other off-the-shelf brands.I used this specifically for my face and body and used the “Sensitive Scalp 2 in 1”–shampoo and conditioner for my hair.The combination of both products is very impressive. Clean without that dried-out feeling.A very good line of products that Dove’s produced.

Nadia Newbury Park, CA

Tested on sensitive skin

Great all in one body wash without drying out the skin and does not leave a soapy or oily residue.

Edith Carson City, NV

It works on young men!

I have two males in the family, and both have sensitive skin. So I typically buy something scentless for them, but when I saw this I thought I’d give it a try. One has dry skin and the other is a bit “stinky” most of the time. Both require as few products as possible, so this fits the bill covering both face and body.They are both telling me they like it. Not love, like, which is the best they can do. No complaints – they like the way it smells (manly!) and it rinses well. No sticky residue, and no itching after the shower.

Renae Lemon Springs, NC

Perfect body wash…

This product without question is the best men’s body wash on the market. The scent is masculine without being obnoxiously cologne’ish’ or too strong. It does what it is supposed to do; cleanse you, makes you smell better and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. The design of the bottle makes sense and works well with most shower caddies. We used to keep it on the ledge of the shower and the wide bottom kept it from tipping over which helped while we found a caddy. The body wash isn’t harsh on shower poofs either. Some body washes, for whatever reason, just chew up poofs…not the case with this one. I fully recommend this for anyone that is new to body wash or trying to decide which one to go with.

Rosalinda Readyville, TN

Dove Body/Face Wash

Dove Men+Care is my husbands favorite line of products to use. We’re couponers, so every time we find coupons for Dove Men+Care, we snatch them up. As a female, I love the smells of these products. We both like that they smell manly(almost cologne like) without being overbearing. For me, I’m sensitive to smells, so that’s an extra special bonus. We highly recommend this whole line of products, especially the 2 n 1 and 3 n 1 products, because those save time and space without sacrificing its effectiveness.

Agnes Timberon, NM

Good Except for Scent

I have liked all the Dove Mens Care products I’ve tried, and generally speaking one of the best things about them is they all have such nice scents, whether we’re talking about their shampoos or their body wash products. This body wash leaves me feeling clean and refreshed, like the others of theirs I’ve tried, but I’m not so wild about lemony scent with this one. Just my personal taste really, that that particular scent doesn’t do it for me. So another person might like this body wash just fine. Myself, I’m going to stick with their main body wash, which has a fabulous scent.

Graciela Blue River, WI

Nice, Long Lasting Body Wash

I use this at least once a day and after a few weeks, I still have some left. It is as good if not better than similar products but, with the large bottle, you do get a lot more and it lasts! The “after-shower” feeling is very nice, a great clean feeling. The bottle, while drab (a familiar complaint from me) is easy to hold and dispenses the product quite easily.This is something I will likely keep buying!

Tasha Mason City, NE

Not bad, but a bit on the weak side

This is a pretty good general bodywash, but doesn’t stand out compared to others. If it was on sale and cheaper, I’d buy it again. The “Fresh Awake” scent is basically a citrus/orange smell. I’ve noticed that Dove for Men doesn’t put a whole lot of scent in their products. I’d prefer a bit more, especially with it being called “Fresh Awake”. Otherwise, it cleans well and lathers well, even on a normal washcloth.As for the bottle, it’s a decent design which uses a rubber tip to prevent the bodywash from coming out until you squeeze, kind of like ketchup and ranch dressing bottles use. While another variation I tried was nearly impossible to squeeze, this formula comes out as you’d expect. So the fail on the other bottle is likely due to the bodywash consistency of that particular formula (Dove Men Care Body and Face Wash Clean Defense, 13.5 Ounce), not the bottle itself.

Marcia Toyahvale, TX

Smells heavenly.

Oh how I love to smell my husband when he gets out of the shower after using this body wash! Even the bathroom smells divine when he first steps out of the shower. Citrus-y and manly at the same time. I love Dove products and was not disappointed with this one! I did receive this bottle as a sample to try out for free and then write an honest review, but I promise you that this is one that I will most definitely buy. I can’t imagine buying a different body wash now. I highly recommend this to all men and the women who love their men and want to make them happy!

Pearl Ardsley On Hudson, NY

So Fresh and So Clean!

My husband tried both the Fresh Awake and the Clean Defense Dove body wash. Scent-wise they both veer pretty far from that typical man-scent that has been around since our grandfather’s after shave but seems to have survived in one form or another for most man products. Dove Fresh Awake does a great job of keeping a scent fresh and modern while still smelling like a man scent. It is a truly new take on a classic. The Fresh Awake has a stronger scent, while the Clean Defense is much softer and would be less likely to interfere with a cologne or aftershave. Overall, my husband liked both scents and thought it did a good job as a body wash.

Dale Martha, OK

Nice lather; scent is not all that appealing

Overall I’m pleased with the performance of this body/face wash. It lathers well, cleans well, and doesn’t leave my skin dry. The only significant negative is the scent. I’m not particularly fond of it – it’s not what I’d term bad by any means, it’s just not to my liking.If it had a different scent it would be a 5-star product. As such, I’ll rate it as 4 stars.

Shauna Sarahsville, OH

Perfect For A Guy

My husband is using this and likes it for the masculine scent which isn’t heavy, the level of foam it produces, and the moisturizing properties that come in handy during the cold weather.My reason for liking it is a little more practical. Aside from liking the smell, this does not leave a nasty residue in the shower so it eliminates extra work in my least favorite room in the house.Since my husband likes this, it goes a long way, and I like it, we will be buying this in the future.

Tessa Saint Marys, KS