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Dove Men+Care Body and Face Bar, Extra Fresh 4 oz, 8 Bar

Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body and Face Bar with ¼ moisturizing cream and an invigorating scent is the #1 Dermatologist choice and is clinically proven to fight skin dryness. The ¼ moisturizing cream formula thoroughly cleans skin without leaving it feeling dry or tight like regular soap does. Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Bar’s revitalizing formula has a fresh, clean feeling that rinses off easily and thoroughly cleanses for total skin comfort and the extra refreshment you want. Dove Men+Care Body and Face Bar with ¼ moisturizing has a patented design with unique technology developed for men’s skin, and feels better than regular soap.

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  • Dove Men+Care Body and Face Bar, Extra Fresh 4 oz, 8 Bar

Honest reviews


Smelly bar of non-soap detergent

To test & review this properly, I planned on using this until it disintegrated, but after a week of forcing myself to put up with the scent, I’d had enough. Yes, some people rave about the smell, but to me, it’s just awful. And it sticks with you (I can smell it on my hands right now, 4 hours after using it). Of course, smell is relative, so I can’t give this a poor review on that alone. I do, however, think it’s fair to deduct one star because of the cloying & lingering fragrance chemicals used, and I’ll base the rest of the review on the advertised claims vs my experiences.Overall, I found absolutely nothing special about this product. It hasn’t made my skin look or feel any better than any other similar product I’ve used, and it costs roughly the same as what I normally use.Looking at their advertised claims:”Purifying grains clean deeper” and “Purifying exfoliants renew skin” – nonsense (and poor grammar). It contains a small amount of tiny grains of salt. The amount of exfoliating & deep cleaning they can actually do is miniscule, especially when compared to using an exfoliating sponge, or loofa, etc.”Feels better than regular soap” – a meaningless claim. Feels better how, and by whom, and how are they defining “regular soap”?Speaking of “soap,” notice they never once call this “soap.” They can’t legally call this soap because it’s not soap; it’s a detergent. To be called “soap,” it has to be entirely comprised of natural ingredients, and since this “Body and Face Bar” is primarily synthetics (dyes, perfumes, chemicals, etc.), it’s not soap, though they do use some natural ingredients, like sodium tallowate (rendered beef fat) and microcrystalline wax (petroleum refinery byproduct).”1/4 moisturizing cream” – what does that even mean? 1/4 cup? Tablespoon? Milligram? It’s not a typo; that’s what it says in the ad blurb at the top, and it says the same thing in the Product Description, and the same thing on the product packaging, and the same thing on their website… And what’s the moisturizing ingredient? Are they referring to the beef fat?After reading more about all of the listed ingredients, I decided I’ll be throwing this bar of stink in the trash when I get home today.

Mollie Rock Valley, IA

Terrible fragrance

I received one bar to review. Just opening the box and leaving the bar in my shower made the entire bathroom redolent of generic male fragrance for days. It doesn’t help that the smell reminds me of Clorox. No matter how nice this soap may be for my skin, it’s not worth dealing with that overpowering scent.

Carey Mousie, KY

My Favorite Soap

Dove for Men is my favorite soap.Granted, this soap probably doesn’t clean substantially better than other leading brands. But its gift to the world are the quick and enormous suds it generates. Why does that matter? Well if you have been using body washes because they lather faster than a typical soap, then Dove is a great deal cheaper and environmentally friendlier alternative to the body washes, which uses plastic bottles.Pros:1)It generates suds faster than any soap I know.2)Environmentally friendlier and cheaper than body washes which comes in plastic packaging.3)I like the scent.4)Cleans as well as any soap (if not better).Cons:1)Doesn’t last as long as other soaps.

Gussie Georgetown, ME

Smells strong

This smells strong, even for musky loving me. I have yet to try it because I wonder how long the scent will linger.

Deidre Fort Mc Kavett, TX

Usually don’t venture out of my comfort zone but

A good sale on these made me decide to try them, glad I did. Great soap that lathers well and doesn’t leave a film. Doesn’t dry out my skin either like other soaps do and has a mild scent I can live with. Guess it’s good to get out of your comfort zone every now and then, as long as it’s on sale!

Jolene Lewis Center, OH

NIce and refreshing…

Smells good, lathers-up well, and deep cleans with some type of little abrasive.Can’t go wrong with this soap, it even contains moisturizers which keeps your skin well-maintained.But the best is… That lovely clean smell which is distinct yet not overpowering in the least.

Kathy Broussard, LA

My favorite man soap.

The problem with a lot of common soap products for me are two fold. The irritating “soap”smell and the sticky gross after sheen left on the body after rinse. Body Washes tend to have to much of a cologne smell and some just do not do the trick especially if you are someone who sweats a lot after working out like I do.Dove Men + Care solves the issues, all of them. Not only does this soap do the trick of getting you clean after a tough work out but it smells light without being intrusive and it leaves ZERO residue on the body.The extra little bit of cleaning particles also do a great job to exfoliate the skin without being too rough.Recommend!

Cortney Bronson, MI

Dove’s Men’s Care “Deep Clean” Body & Face Soap.

Make no mistake, this is NOT your typical, lotion-y Dove product.Yes, there’s the Dove lotion ingredient, but you’re not overwhelmed by the amount of oily residue that sometimes happen when you use Dove’s product.The upside is, of course, that you face doesn’t feel dried out. That’s especially true here. My face feels clean but it also feels somewhat smooth, but not dirty or sweaty smooth.A good product and the fragrance is very mild, yet masculine.Great product.

Autumn Kiowa, OK

Strongly Scented Soap

This is a great little soap. It is gentle enough to use on the face as it contains both moisturizing cream and mild exfoliants. As it is marketed to men,it has a strong woodsy/green aroma. I personally prefer the freshness one finds in most men’s fragrances. I liked this one but less is more. Although the scent dissipates somewhat, it is still quite noticeable. Therefore, I think it is better used as a body bar than a facial cleanser.My experience with Dove products has been positive. They are good quality and reasonably priced. I think most men would be receptive to skin care but I think that subtle fragrance is more appealing than aggressive perfumes.

Margret Plevna, MT

Finally a Dove soap for men!

I have always liked the softness of Dove soaps but never really like the feminine smell or packaging. After discovering this, it’s all I use except for a touch of AXE Snake Peel to finish off my daily bath/shower. It’s as soft as the ladies Dove but with a more masculine smell and appearance. Try it out.

Helen Paynesville, WV

Bar Soap

Bar Soap is soap. It cleans. It is good. Like any other soap. Its mens soap. What is the difference between mens and other soap. I do not know. Are they cheap here. I do not know.

Colette Freeport, TX

Smells Grrrrrrrrreat! (girls wil thank you later)

This smells great! have gotten many (many being 3, but it’s a start haha) compliments on the smell.. and doesn’t dry my skin out (good for the skin you don’t want to dry out like face, big toe, etc.)

Ruby Omaha, NE

Moisturizing and cleansing

Great product. I previously used Olay ultra, but it didn’t seem to clean very well. This is the best of both worlds. Cleanses and moisturizes.

Clarissa Tolna, ND

Dove Men Soap

My husband loves the Dove Men line! They are his favorite products to use.This review is his opinion, not mine. Although, I always like the way he smells after using the various Dove products, too! :)It smells manly, but not overwhelming. He likes the way his skin feels after using it.Overall, he recommends this product, along with most all of the Dove Men products.

Tonya Barry, MN

Exfoliation bar

This soap has the “micro-beads” similar to exfoliating face washes, etc. When used with a washcloth, you won’t notice them all that much, but used straight on the skin, you’ll definitely get a good scrubbing from it. It does have a lot of moisturizers in it, too, which I can seem to tell a difference given that it’s the winter and we have really hard water. My skin feels good afterward and doesn’t have the dry itch from lesser normal soaps.

Jerri Plymouth Meeting, PA

Good but kind of expensive

Dove Men+Care Body and Face bar says it contains 1/4 moisturizing cream that fights (rather than prevents) skin dryness and provides total skin comfort. Unless you’re a scientist with a lab in the basement to analyze the ingredients of products such as these, we can only trust what it says on the label, so I’ll accept on faith that this soap contains 1/4 moisturizing cream. It has an ever so slight grainy texture, and it does feel good on the skin. It doesn’t have the strong (and pleasant) scent I expect from Dove soap, and I really didn’t detect much of a scent at all. After using it in the shower, my skin did seem less dry, so I would recommend it even though I personally think I’ll stick to less expensive soap.

Gloria Saverton, MO


I make my own lotions and I created one with a masculine scent, so I wanted a masculine smelling soap to go with it. The scent of this is okay, not as nice as other versions of Dove I have tried. It has exfoliating flakes that are pretty large. They are much more prominent in this soap than the blue boxed exfoliating “skin peeling” German version of Dove that I have tried (you can buy that version on Amazon or at International Markets). The shape of this bar is different than traditional Dove bars and also fits better into a mesh soap saver mitt. I tend to scrub myself head to toe a few times in the shower and this did not leave my skin dry, even though I shower twice a day. The bar felt great on my face and the exfoliating flakes helped lift off some powdery, dry looking skin that was bothering me.I have tried other men’s soaps and they are usually terrible smelling and dry my skin so badly it itches. This one was not drying at all, lathered really nice and had a perfect amount of scrubbing flakes. I took one star off for the scent, which I was a little disappointed with.

Wilma Holmes City, MN

Works well, but not a huge fan of the scent

I can’t fault the performance of this bar soap. It lathers well, rinses clean and has enough moisturizer in it that keeps my skin from feeling dry but still feeling clean. I also like that it’s available as a bar soap. While liquid soaps are nice, a traditional bar soap is still my favorite since they seem to last longer (and thus be more economical) than liquid soaps.My quibble is with the scent. Not a big fan of it. I would love it if it came as an unscented version, as the scent is a bit too strong for my preference. It’s not a huge negative, but it’s troublesome enough that I have to mark it down a star for that.

Dorothea Wendell Depot, MA

A mild scent with double cleaning power

Dove for men is a great dual soap. I love that I can wash my face and body with one product. It lathers well and leaves me feeling clean without any residue or tight skin feeling. It has a mild scent, which I find pleasing.My one complaint is I seem to go through it rather quickly. I go through it faster than an other bar soap I have ever used. And that is another drawback, it is bar soap. I like the convenience of a liquid soap, but its lather and clean feeling negate that one drawback.I would recommend dove for men.

Elena Cotopaxi, CO

According to my old man! 😉

My husband is the one that is using this product, so I’ll share what he has to say. He says that the bar has a very nice scent that is not overpowering. He feels like it gets all the dirt off and leaves his skin feeling clean without drying it out. He also uses the soap to clean his face and he has not had any breakouts. He is an electrician and is outside most days in every weather condition, so his skin is consistently exposed to dirt, etc. He would recommend this product to others.

Ana New London, MO

Has Scrubbies

Dove’s Men’s Deep Clean Body and Face bar is moisturizing like Dove products are known to be but this one also has what they call purifying grains. I call them scrubbies. It’s just something added to give the soap a gritty texture. It’s got a clean soap scent but not overly scented.It cleans well and rinses off easily.My husband said “I like this soap you gave me.” That’s a big endorsement coming from him because he won’t use anything but his Gold Dial. He isn’t the type to switch soaps and I cannot usually get him to try anything else so if he likes this one than that is a big thumbs up.

Deann Montevideo, MN

Very nice

Although I’m not much of a bar soap kind of guy, when this came up on Vine I thought I’d give it a try. As others have noted, the lather is rich and nice that washes off easily. There is no detectable residue left after washing off and the scent is fantastic.I use this mainly on my face and it does a wonderful job with the cleaning beads.

Edna Orangevale, CA

Clean feeling

I gave this to my husband to use in the shower…after a week- the bar is good sized, my husband states he feels clean and his skin is soft…he also added that he likes it does not have a heavy scent

Lynne Williamstown, NJ

Be a man

My husband loves this product in both scents. The smell is manly but not Axe-diculous so I’m no longer compelled to buy separate soap for myself. The soap is moisturizing but not weak like other bar soaps on the market, and not harsh like Dial.

Leah Mangilao, GU

Great Body and Face Bar

The second shower product I have used in the Dove Men + Care line is this Body and Face Bar. The first was theDove Men Plus Care Body and Face Wash, Fresh Awake, 13.5 Ouncethat I liked very much for use on my face but less for the rest of my body. I like the bar soap for cleansing and moisturizing the body below the neck. The moisturizing cream in the bar prevents dry skin, especially on the front of my legs. I am a runner, and my legs get very dry in the cold winter weather. The bar has moisturizer, but it also has cleansing “grains” small gray particles embedded throughout the bar that scrub away sweat and dirt. I like the fact that the bar soap rinses off cleanly without the soap residue that is left by many liquid body wash products. It has a good clean pine-like scent. So, I strongly recommend the Fresh Awake Body and Face Wash for face and neck and the Body + Face Bar for the rest of the body.

Hollie Brentford, SD

nice smell

Sort of like an Irish Spring clean scent. It has the same qualities that other Dove soaps have but with that crisp scent. It’s strong but it seems not to stick to you to make it too strong. The ‘scrubbing’ elements are kind of nice if you use the soap AGAINST your body; nothing irritating or too impressive. Clean, seems to last longer than other Dove soaps (doesn’t disintergrate) as quickly. If you use their deodorants.. this works well with them.

Mercedes Sapelo Island, GA

So far so good.

I like the smell and the feel. I just started using this for my face too, and haven’t had any breakouts or anything. I am not a "metrosexual" or anything like that, but my wife likes when I smell more "manly". It seems to keep my skin less itchy in the winter, so that’s good. I just don’t like the way it feels around my junk. oh well.

Louise Shelbyville, IL

Now I Have a CHOICE 2 WAYS!

I have used Dove Men + Care “Green” (Extra Fresh) for some time now, and I really like it….a LOT.That being said, as an offer from the Vine Program, this sample of Dove Men + Care “Red” (Deep Clean) was a “natural” for me to want to order and try out.It, too, is very pleasurably scented, certainly one that would please most men, and that is important. The Extra Fresh (Green) is a more “woodsy” scent, which I have usually preferred in a scent that I would wear. However, this one, Deep Clean (Red) is of a more spicy scent, and I find this type of smell also comfortable for myself.So, on the “smell” factor, the count is 1 to 1…both are “winners” in being a scent that most men would find pleasurable. I prefer shampoos that contain no scent, but with soap, I like the faint scent of a good soap when it lingers with you for a while. I see it as a reinforcement that I am clean and fresh enough to be out and about and thus never worry about my status of clean.This Deep Clean version also has those little “scrubbing grains” that are fairly common in soaps, and in truth, they do feel good as you wash with this particular soap. Also, it rinses off well and I really like that “clean” feel while toweling off. The Extra Fresh (Green) also has a good rinse factor to it as well, which I have liked for some time.So, on the “rinse-ability” issue, both are tied, again, which really does not surprise me, considering they are made by the same company.The verdict here, really is divided between the two soaps equally. Both have their individual place in how you wish to feel on any given day or evening. The (Red) being reviewed here, contains the advantage of the little scrubby particles and a classic spicy scent, rinses clean, and leaves your skin invigorated when you are through showering. The (Green) has the woodsy scent that is particularly nice, and it also rinses clean, and leaves your skin feeling more soft.The winner, then, is BOTH! Depending on what my schedule may be on any given day, I have a choice between the two. And, I also have the same choice in how I may choose to feel and smell when it comes to my evening schedule too! Sort of like getting “the best of both worlds” so to speak! If you’re like me, I bet you will end up keeping both on hand in your bathroom and enjoying the choice of both scents and feels!Both are recommended!~operabruin

Lisa Hampton, TN

Smells great, too oily for a teen

This stuff smells fantastic. The scent is clean and masculine but not over powering. I liked the scent so much that I will keep buying these for the guys in my house. My son really liked the scent as well. This is a very rich and moisturizing soap. But it is also effective on odors- even pervasive ones. We farm and a lot of of the animal smells do not wash off with lesser soaps. My son has found this product is too moisturizing for his face. But it is a great product.

Julia Greenwood, NY

Good smelling soap!

That is the first thing that I check is the smell when I open the package and this smelled very nice. Now the second thing I check for is how well it lathers with a wash cloth which this one does very nicely to.I really like these new products that are coming out that are related to mens needs. Ex. Dove, Axe, etc…Would definately buy!

Tori Hiram, MO