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Dove Hair Styling Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray, 3.3 Ounce

Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray lifts hair from the roots for added body and fullness. Formulated with Oxyfusion Technology for Moisture The Oxygen Moisture range is made with Oxyfusion Technology, a new generation of moisture and provides 95 percent more volume*. Lifts from the Roots for Natural-Looking Bounce This light mist provides targeted lift from the roots, where hair tends to be weighed down, for body and natural-looking bounce. How to Use Spray close to hair targeting roots for better lift. Use a brush for beautiful finish throughout the day. For best results, experience the Oxyfusion Technology with the full Dove Oxygen Moisture range. *vs. flat, limp hair What’s in the Box Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray, 3.3 Ounces. Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray At a Glance: Oxyfusion Technology helps provide moisture Lifts from the roots for body and natural-looking bounce Use with the full Dove Oxygen Moisture range for best results

Key features

  • Enjoy beautifully bouncy and moisturized hair, full of natural volume
  • Made with lightweight oxygen-fused conditioning ingredients
  • Lifts hair from the roots for added body and fullness, for fine-flat hair
  • Learn more about the dove range of oxygen moisture products at and join the community at

Honest reviews


Good Product

I like this product. It is easy to apply at the root line and delivers some volume while not drying out your hair. While it isn’t going to give anyone the big hair look that channels the ’60’s when over done hair was popular, it provides root based volume that will make hair appear fuller and thicker.

Peggy Manteo, NC

Works great!

The clean, neutral scent makes you hair smell fresh, and the lift is pretty noticeable! My hair is pretty thin and limp, so this product came in quite handy. After spraying at the roots about two inches away of either side of my part (so brushing hair the "wrong way", spraying it, brushing it until dry, then repeating on the other side), I saw a big difference! More volume that lasted several hours, even in humid Florida. The scent is also great, especially if your hair needs some freshening up!

Hollie Pryor, MT

Does as it promises

I have very straight, flat hair. When I use this product I do see a difference in volume and it doesn’t leave any oily residue. I would buy this product again.

Angela Maysfield, TX

Not bad

I’m a big fan of Dove products and while this isn’t one of my all time favorites, I do think it is a good product that I might consider buying again.

Corina Mountain Top, PA

Great hair day! Does the job with no product residue…love that!

I loved this product from the first try. It lifted my hair without the nasty residue that some products can leave behind. My hair felt smooth, silky and clean…LOVE THAT. No kidding… I keep running my fingers through my own hair (how dorky is that?) because it feels so soft.Gotta love a great hair day!

Karin Perry, IA


Very happy with the results of using this product. When the label read “For fine, flat hair” they won me as that description certainly fits my uncrowned glory.In the past when I wanted additional body in my hair for a special event I simply used a mist of hair spray which, of course, left hair stiff and in need of next day shampooing. Since my hair is very short when using this product and trying to apply it to the roots well, it covered a large portion of hair so there I was with damp hair. No worries – surprise! It dried very quickly and give that additional body. Plus and this was a big one for me it didn’t leave my hair feeling stiff or sticky but fresh and clean as it was before applying the Dove product.It is certainly reasonably priced and it seems the 3.3 oz. bottle will last for quite a while.Thanks Dove!

Carol Harris, MO

Didn’t notice any lift

I’m somewhat disappointing since I didn’t notice any added body or fullness in my fine hair. I also didn’t think the directions were as clear enough as they could have been. It just said spray in hair without specifying if it should be wet or dry hair. I’ve used other root lifters that need to be used on wet hair and blow dried to get the desired effect. Since this one didn’t say wet hair, I used it on my hair dry.It doesn’t smell weird nor is it sticky, but it just didn’t do anything for me.

Nan Jasper, GA

I don’t notice much of a lift

I have very fine hair, so maybe these products are going to weigh my hair down in spite of the claims. I used one from another brand and didn’t notice a difference either. If I was going to use a product though, this is not the one I’d go with. I found the scent a little to strong for me. It is a nice scent, just a little too strong.Maybe it will work on some hair, but it didn’t on mine.

Louisa Nachusa, IL

Felt more like hairspray

It worked ok. Noticed a slight lift, used a decent amount but I didn’t notice that much of a difference. It felt a bit more like hair spray when I spritzed it on. Not super sticky but a little bit, as if it was being held In place near the roots. Product could have a bit more of a lightweight feel to it in my opinion. It says it will give beautifully bouncy and moisturized hair full of natural volume, but it felt more aritificial to me, not as lightweight as claimed despite the oxygen technology. Staying power is so-so. I didn’t notice the 95 percent more volume and fullness it claims but it’s decent for the price if you’re looking for something like this.

Marquita Steele, KY

Great fragrance but minimal lift

I like the lighter fragrances of this new Dove line of hair care products, but this root lift spray doesn’t seem to do all that much for my hair. Regular mouse works better. I do however like their newDove Hair Styling Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam, which gives my hair body, a bit of lift and just a touch of texture to help it hold it’s style. I’ve tired this root lift spray on my hair when it’s wet and dry, and I just don’t get much of any results from it. Not enough that I would get another bottle. But the Dove Leave In Foam, that stuff is great.

Margret Middletown, IL

Negligible Lift

This pleasantly scented root spray is designed to add lift and moisture to fine, limp hair. The package directions are a bit spare so I checked out the website. They have more information and a short video of a marginally annoying teenager demonstrating techniques to boost volume while using the product. The product sprays easily and the cherry like fragrance while enjoyable is a bit strong and it lasts. I’ve tried it on both wet and dry hair. My medium length wavy hair is fine and tends to go flat as the layers grow in. While my hair felt nice and smelled good the lifting effect was negligible. I thought it made my hair look a bit greasy when applied to clean dry hair. This might work better on those with shorter dos and for what it is worth, it seemed more effective when used on damp hair than dry. As the lift I was looking for eluded me, I will pass on this product.

Frieda Fairmont, MN

This Stuff Works

I don’t normally try hair lifting sprays because my hair is thick and heavy and the weight usually pulls it flat at the roots. The first time I tried this spray I could tell a difference. My hair was fuller at the roots, not flat against my scalp as usual. It’s easy to use, isn’t sticky once its on your hair and doesn’t freeze it in place. It has a nice light fragrance, not heavily perfumed. I’m impressed by this stuff.

Cara Chase, MD

Smells Nice

I’m finding this to be pretty similar in effectiveness to other styling products. Mostly the benefit here is that it smells nice and doesn’t leave things exceptionally stiff. You can probably find similarly effective stuff for a little less money (or more per container) if you want, but on the other hand this seems to do a little better for softness and scent than most

Marisol Broadway, NC

Flat Disappointing

I probably shouldn’t give this more than one star, but I do like Dove products, but this one falls very far from being an effective root lift product. My hair is extremely straight and fine, and I use a root lift every day or my hair is limp and flat, especially on the top.I tried this product on my hair when it was wet, three different times after shampooing, and even applied a second application to my hair after blow drying, and got absolutely no lift or body whatsoever. I have used several different more economical products and at least had some lift from those. I also use Biolage, Catwalk – love that one, and Bed Head Root Lift products. All with great results for fine straight hair like mine. I was hopeful that Dove had developed something at least as good as Revlon or Suave. But their new ‘oxgyen’ product is just that. Air. No body. No volume. No good.

Summer Macon, GA

Works OK

This gives a slight root lift and body, but don’t expect to sport a full blown Flock of Seagulls sculpted do. It smells all right and is paraben free.

Elisha Peacham, VT

Like the Dove Hair Styling Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam Better

I’m always looking for more ways to add volume to my hair. Even though it is thick, it can sometimes still look limp. I was curious to try this product out because I do enjoy Dove shampoos and conditioners and also recently triedDove Hair Styling Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam, 5.1 Ounce. Personally for my hair type I noticed more fullness and lift with the foam than I did with this product. With this product I didn’t notice more than a very subtle improvement to my hair in fullness and body.

Pauline Hildebran, NC

Works fairly well

I have baby fine hair and this product works fairly well. But I also ordered Rusk, which I used before this one and I’m more sold on Rusk than Dove. A great thing about Dove is that it left my hair feeling soft and silky (Rusk does but not as well), unlike the crinkly, stiff feeling I get with mousse. I do think Rusk gives my hair a bit more volume, enough that I’m staying with Rusk for now.

Jami Sheldahl, IA

Didn’t work well for me

I think this product is for somebody that has a very specific area for root lift and then must use a good amount to achieve results.Following the instructions, I didn’t get the lift. I think one must use a lot more product.

Carolyn Midlothian, VA

This does help lift my baby fine hair to make it look fuller!

Really love this product. And I did find that it does help my super thin and baby fine hair lift up from the roots. It does make it look fuller and I can see the difference. It is quite easy to use. The scent is a clean smelling scent, however, it is a tad strong, but I did not find it overpowering. So for this reason of the scent, I give it 4.6 stars.The reason that I give it 4.6 stars is that ANY PRODUCT that works on my baby fine and thin hair, deserves at least 4.6 stars!Highly recommend this!

Ingrid White Deer, PA

Not Much Lift

I expected the Dove Root Lift Spray to have a pretty strong root lift since it’s designed for fine, flat hair. Who doesn’t need root lift more that those with fine and flat hair? I’ve used it several times but I really can’t tell much of a difference at all in my root lift. I think you could get more root lift from nice mousse or hair spray. My favorite root lift is John Frieda Luxurious Volume Lavish Lift Root Booster.

Cynthia Valley, WA

It works!

This product has given my hair volume where I need it most: at my roots. I tend to have thin flat hair, but with this product, my hair does seen fuller with light-weight volume.

Jami Roswell, NM

Hairspray Works Just as Well

This product is supposed to help fine or limp hair look fuller. The directions on the back of this bottle are very vague. So I went by my instincts on how to use this. The directions just say to spray close to the roots, then user a brush “for a finish that lasts throughout the day” Hunh??? Then you are told in so many words that you should be using the whole line of products in this line.I sprayed it on and then fluffed my hair with my fingers until hair seemed dry -nothing changed. I sprayed again the next time I needed lift and used my hairdryer and a brush – again no change.Frankly doing what I did with plain old hairspray worked even better, and doing it that way I saved money plus valuable space on my haircare shelves.

Kimberley Rome, MS

Almost No Change Appreciated …

I experimented with this after using the matching shampoo and conditioner. I didn’t really notice a difference in my hair’s volume. So, the next day, I was careful to use the conditioner sparingly (I was a little worried that it may have weighed-down my hair). The results were nearly the same.At this price, if you are inclined to give this a try, you should. It is cheap and it may make a difference in your hair!

Teresa Chase, KS

No results

My hair is thick and heavy but after blow drying I am often left with little of the fullness up top, so I was curious to try this spray. First, it has a light fresh scent that I actually enjoyed, but if you use other hair products you may not like the mix of scents. The directions simply say to spray on roots and brush through. I wasn’t sure if that meant on wet or dry hair so I tried both. I really didn’t see much as far as results go, and when I sprayed on dry hair it left a strange grease shine. I think I will continue looking for something else.

Herminia Olla, LA

Not like hairspray.

I tried this on my thick hair and got no lift or body that you could notice. It is not sticky like hair spray so is supposed to give a soft feel. My hair did feel soft.I used it on my daughters thin hair and she got a little more body, but she disliked the strong odor. So even thought it worked on her thin hair, she will not use it due to the strong scent.

Lorie Crystal Hill, VA

It’s okay

When I first put this in my hair, I had noticeable volume increase. However, as the day wore on, my hair was flattened quite a bit.

Nola Karns City, PA

Um, was this supposed to do anything….?

I have thick, coarse hair, so maybe this should be used with thin, less coarse hair. I guess I needed something a little bit more "maximum hold" than this had to offer cause I saw no results. Zero. I have some experience with root lift and dry shampoos and I’ve noticed that its the ones with that leave a residue that I seem to gravitate towards. This honestly felt like nothing but hair scent, and not a particularly pleasant one. It was way too strong and smelled like a downy sheet. Thumbs down!

Manuela Abiquiu, NM


I have thick medium textured straight hair and blow dry with a round brush. A liberal application of this gave no noticeable lift.I thought maybe my hair is too heavy but I noticed reviewers with fine hair say the same. Also has a very noticeable cheap air freshener like smell. Really nothing good to say about this. Surprising from a usually decent product line.

Jordan Rock Creek, OH

Doesn’t leave hair crunchy

I really like this product a lot. It doesn’t leave hair hard or crunchy. It really adds volume and allows you to style as normal but without teasing or ratting.

Kelley Harvey, IA

Feels Cheap

My wife tried the Dove Hair Styling Root Spray Lift multiple times, hoping to find an inexpensive alternative to what she currently uses. She was very disappointed with this product, saying it just makes her hair feel heavy and look dirty. She has had great success with the more expensiveToni&Guy; Casual Sculpting Powder. She is throwing out the rest of this.

Tommie Indian Lake, NY