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Dove go fresh Cool Moisture Beauty Bar, 4 Ounce Bars, 14 Count

Dove go fresh Beauty Bars have an ultra-light hydrating formula to clean skin without drying it out like regular soap. Complete with ¼ moisturizing cream and a refreshing scent, it’s the #1 choice of dermatologists. Uplift your skin with the crisp, soothing cucumber and green tea scent.

Key features

  • Crisp, soothing cucumber and green tea scent
  • Contains Dove 1/4 moisturizing cream
  • Doesn’t dry skin like soap
  • Rinses cleaner than soap
  • Dove Beauty Bar is the #1 choice of dermatologists

Honest reviews



We use this soap all the time and this is the first time we have bought it on amazon and it was 4.00 less then where we used to buy it.

Pamela Greenford, OH

Really wonderful soap!

If your skin is dry, but you still love to lather up with soap to get that really clean feeling, Dove Cool Moisture Beauty Bar is something you should give a try.The scent is so clean, and after your shower you will not have that tight, dry feeling that ordinary soap can cause. Dove is infused with moisturizer and is so mild that it will not strip away your own natural skin protection. The smell is so awesome that I left an unwrapped bar of Dove in my lingere drawer as a sachet!Love it!

Suzette Bokoshe, OK


This is great soap. As a guy I was used to using regular soap, but it was just too drying. So I switched to this. As a result, my skin is not as dry after I shower. Another thing is that it’s cheap. Buy a 14 pack and that can last you a year, buy some other stuff to get over $25 and you get free shipping too, saves going to the store and saves gas. What a deal!

Kelsey West Bethel, ME

great value

i am a huge fan of dove, especially when i can get it cheaper! This product was amazing, i recommend it.

Jana Bannister, MI


Love Dove. Leaves skin feeling nice. This was a very great buy. After reading some of the reviews I couldn’t pass it up

Jeanine Greer, AZ

Nice soap for a good price

We have the Subscribe and Save going for this product and so far it is just a little cheaper to go through Amazon than it is to buy it at the nearest big box store.My DH loves the scent, I don’t use bar soap on a routine basis but will add this is just about the only brand of soap that does not cause my sensitive skin to turn red and rashy. I don’t find the smell overpowering at all, matter of fact it is a whole lot better than any other soap we have brought in the house in the last 12 years together. DH is happy because this soap does not cause his face to break out like the Irish Spring brand we switched from.4 stars cause I think the price could be a teeny bit cheaper.

Ina Bloomington, TX