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Dove go fresh, Burst Body Wash, nectarine&white ginger scent 24oz.

Natural moisturizers in Dove NutriumMoisture deeply nourish while the luscious, mouthwatering scents of nectarine and white ginger leave skin feeling refreshingly hydrated.

Key features

  • Refreshment that effectively nourishes skin
  • NutriumMoisture nourishes skin deep down
  • Luscious, mouth-watering nectarine and white ginger scent
  • Dove Body Wash is the #1 choice of dermatologists
  • 100 percent natural moisturizers

Honest reviews


A Good Moisturizing Product

I have been a Dove soap user for years because I like the re-hydrating aspects of the product. I usually use a bar of soap, but thought I would try this cleansing method. The major drawback is that I must grab a plastic bottle rather than a small bar of soap; but that is just something I will get used to. I liked the scent of nectarine and white ginger, and the moisturizing component is very good. If your preference is a body wash, then this product is certainly worth your consideration.

Corrine Lansford, ND

Great scent

Been a fan of dove products for many years now, and this body wash is another item I can add to the long list. Same clean feeling as other dove soap and body washes with a fresh citrus scent. If you have a shower soap dispenser, u will be pleased to know that this bottle fills up to two containers.

Natalie Moorhead, IA

Wonderful Body Wash

Although I like the pomegrante verbrena version by Dove best, I really love the necatrine and white ginger variant as well. The scent does linger on your skin a bit, leaving you smelling nicely in addition to have clean, moisturized skin. I get really dry feet and hands in the winter, where my skin cracks and chaffes, but this body wash has really kept that to the minimum this winter. It’s a nice thick creamy substance too, and it lathers nicely. This is simply an excellent body wash in all regards. It smells nice and works extremely well. What more could you ask for?

Beverley Ashfield, PA

Tangerine and White Ginger, A Slice of the Islands!

The scent from this bottle literally filled the bathroom.I love the smell of tropical fruits. It sounds stereotypical but you do remember your visit to the islands with this fragrance.Dove is a relatively thick cream and lathers nicely but it’s not really “soapy.” Usually, it’s best to let it sits on your skin a couple of minutes before washing off.Even 90 minutes after the shower, you can still smell the fragrance.

Magdalena Rock Falls, WI

Citrusy Fresh

I love the way Dove Body Wash makes my skin feel. So smooth. So silky. And so totally clean and moisturized.With Dove Go Fresh I got all that AND a fresh citrusy scent. Yummy!

Jeannette Stanchfield, MN

love it

this product makes me want to never use bar soap again!!! love the fragrance and most importantly leaves my skin soft not that dry feeling I would recommend this product the scent is awesome!!!

Merle Whittier, AK

Peachy clean

I love the scent of this body wash. Peachy and clean. Makes a nice lather and is quite moisturizing. A little bit goes a long way, so I think it will last awhile. It doesn’t leave a film nor any dryness. I use it for bubble bath too, and it makes great bubbles.

Gay Winchester, OR

Gingery smell

This body wash smells great; smells a little gingerish, but in a good way. A good way to tell a smell apart is when you re-enter the bathroom after taking a shower. When I do so, the smell is just great. I wouldn’t pay more than $10 for this product though.

Ada Greenwood, LA

Flowers and fruit

I have used Dove products for many years. This body wash is yet another of their wonderful items. With its nectarine and white ginger scents and loads of lather, I could stay in the shower for hours!The body wash feels like lotion when you put it on your body puff/wash cloth. It rinses off easily and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. The large size of 24 ounces gives me lots of uses and a little goes a long way so it last even longer.If you are a flower and fruit kind of gal, this is definitely a body wash you should try.

Imogene Defiance, MO

Fresh Clean Scent

This review was written by my wifeI have used other Dove Body Washes in the past and usually purchase their Cucumber and Green Tea Scent. Dove body wash leaves your skin feeling clean without any dryness associated with conventional soaps. They also manufacture body lotions and deodorants to match the body wash scent so that you can “layer” their products.The Nectarine and White Ginger Scent is lovely and is also available in their other products. I would not hesitate to purchase this scent as a nice change.

Louisa Mocksville, NC


I’m a huge fan of Dove products so when I had a chance to try this one, I was thrilled.This has the great quality of the other Dove body washes. The scent on this is really nice, sort of fruity, fresh, not too heavy and it really doens’t stick with you after the shower which is good if you wear perfune. It has a thick later, and rinses off very cleanly leaving fresh, soft and not dry skin.If you’re looking to change up your shower routine, this might be a good start.try it, you’ll like it.

Elisa Akron, IN

Fabulously fresh!

If you are familiar with the Dove body mist sprays then you will not be surprised to know that the body wash carries the same delightful clean, fresh smell. As Dove products usually are, the body wash is thick, rich and creamy and makes showering almost addictive!Dove go fresh Burst Body Mist, 3 Ounce (Pack of 2)

Rochelle Pineview, GA

Nice Bath wash

I loved the light smell , nice a bubbles and a little goes a long way. It has a nice moisturizing factor for your skin. This product does not stain your bathtub and over a nice light body wash.

Eddie Keeling, VA

Nectarine & White Ginger

The most important thing to me in a bath gel is the scent. The nectarine and ginger is a lovely combination. The scent is soft and sweet. In addition to it being a great body wash, I like to use it like a bubble bath. It doesn’t produce a ton of bubbles, but the scent is very relaxing. I feel clean and smell nice when I get out of the bath; there is no film or greasy feeling and I don’t feel overwhelmed my fragrance when I get out of the tub.

Janet Gum Spring, VA

smells nice

This is nice body wash. It lathers up well and rinses cleanly and completely. The fragrance is nectarine and white ginger. I really liked the fragrance and thought it was refreshing. Overall, this is a great body wash and I would recommend it to those who like a scented bodywash.

Rita Coosa, GA

Nice product, but scent could use some work.

I’m a long time user of Dove body wash. I typically purchase the sensitive skin or deep moisture formulas. I found this product had all the things I love about Dove’s body washes, but the scent wasn’t my thing. I was hoping for a mild fruity scent, but this just smelled too artificial. I love the way the other Dove body washes I’ve used smell. It cleans well though. Doesn’t leave a sticky residue like some body washes tend to. Moisturizes nicely. I’d love it if I could just get past the scent. Not offensive enough for me to stop using and toss the remainder of the bottle, but enough that it is doubtful I’ll buy again.

Maritza Tussy, OK

Scent is amazing, rich and full of moisture

This body wash is a new scent from Dove. It’s darker colored body wash that somewhat thick and its very rich. It lathers very well and adds moisture to your body. My skin can get dry in the Winter and it’s nice to have a body wash that moisturizes your skin and repairs some of the damage done by the Winter extreme cold weather. It comes in a large 24 oz bottle that is 1/3 to 1/2 larger in size than many other body washes. So the price may be a bit more but you have to keep in mind that you may be getting more product for the price. The nectarine and white ginger scent of this body wash is very relaxing to wash with and smells simply amazing.

Emma Framingham, MA

Nectarine Dove body wash

There is nothng better in the winter than to bathe in a warm delicious fragrant body wash!! The Dove Burst Body wash from Amazon is especially nice with the tangerine scent and the delicious way it makes your skin feel after a shower or wash in the tub. Your skin will feel as if you have already moisturized it after using Dove! The fragrance lingers on your skin as you dry and slip into clothes. I got my Dove go Fresh from Amazon and you will find it at great price and fast shipping. Let your skin feel delicious this winter.Dove go fresh, Burst Body Wash, 24 Ounce (Pack of 2)

Diana Saint Libory, NE

Smells Great!

Dove is my favorite body wash and I love the new Nectarine and White Ginger Scent. It smells soooo good. It’s really strong nectarine scent which I like a lot.Lathers well and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized instead of dried out. This one is really one of my favorites of all the Dove body washes because of the scent.

Maude Litchfield, NH

Wonderful scent

We love Dove products in our household, especially their soap. So I was excited to try this bodywash. The nectarine and white ginger scent was wonderful and fresh and the wash left my skin feeling smooth, without the dryness associated with other soaps. It felt like a luxurious treat for my body.

Felecia Morris, OK

Dove Go Fresh Body Wash

This is what I think of when I hear the word “Dove”. It smells great without being overpowering. It goes on smooth and lathers well. It keeps my skin moist even after the shower. It is not overly expensive. I think that says it all!!

Alba Norwood, NY

Like bathing in white peach velvet…

I have had great luck with Dove products in the past. This body wash does not pale in comparison to those other experiences. It only enhances my confidence in their bath/body/hygiene products. First of all, the delicate scent of ginger and white apricot lightly wafts throughout the duration of your bath/shower when you use this body wash. The consistency is anything but soapy. It almost feels like a high end lotion. Dove Go Fresh is creamy. The only downside? You have to be careful to really rinse it carefully off of the bottom of your tub. It’s slippery!

Laura Allenton, WI

4.5 for me!

Right away I liked the smell of this Body Wash by Dove. The smell reminded me of fresher things, the nectarine and believe ginger?, making the shower a bit more exciting. Have to say I do love the smell, and when used with a sanux wash towel, you get a lot of soap with minimal waste. In the past I use to favor shampoos that smelled like coconut, I do not why, something about the smell of fresh coconut at the time, but the fad wore off. These days what I look most in a body wash if its ability to leave the body clean and vibrant, so one can venture proudly and confident into the outside world (not that staying at home very clean is a bad thing, mind you). Most people do not realize it but being properly groomed adds to the overall impression one leaves behind, sort of speak.This soap is very fresh, when applied generously one can not help but to feel a sensation of well being, something that in my days using Irish Spring I did not fully get. For some reason it seems that the era of the bar of soap is in the past, for everywhere I look is this new body wash the more prevalent product. I like it enough that for now I give it a 4.5 Stars score, for it did make taking a shower a very pleasant experience all on its own. I thank again Amazon for allowing me to try this product. I would not hesitate to purchase this product again once I finish the present container, that is how much I like it at this time. I guess the title of the product says it all: Dove go fresh, Burst Body Wash! Good enough to keep around and enjoy! 4.5 Stars.

Mina Bradford, AR

Dove’s respectability, amazing scent

I like Dove products. My grandmother always used Dove and nothing but, and with Dove’s much more complex line there’s plenty to like. For those who like Dove’s body washes, this is as fine as any and the buyer will not be displeased. For those who are new to Dove, well, the body washes are simply amazing: high cleaning power, great sudsing, super-soft skin even if the bottle doesn’t boast any extra moisturizing, no soapy residue.Dove Go Fresh does all of this and hooray.So what I would like to focus upon is the freshness and the scent. This is one of those body washes meant to wake up and your skin up. This has the NutriumMoisturizer quality that I think goes that little bit extra in skin care, so your skin feels amazing. One part of the wake-up process. The freshness of the product is evident, and there really is a “burst” quality that gets to the senses. The white ginger here? Incredible addition for a killer scent. I highly recommend this for an in-the-morning wash.

Carolina Shelly, MN

Early morning scent

This is like many Dove products that I have used. The was is thicker than some due to the moisturizer. The scent is nice but I am not sure I would have known it was ginger and nectarine. Personally I would say this is an early morning scent as it is loud, not soothing. I found the wash easy to lather up and very refreshing.

Beth Chesterfield, SC

Great Body Soap

This is a great body soap. Very good smelling and really helps with drt skin. I will continue to use this soap and next time you should also give it a try.

Dolores Etowah, TN


‘Dove Go Fresh’ was put to the ultimate test, used several times by two people. Very refreshing, with a sweet fragrance of nectarine and ginger. This product is gentle to the skin, especially sensitive dry skin. You can feel the moisturizer as it soothes the skin. We used this for shower, bath, and also as hand wash. Totally satisfied, and I would purchase this in the near future. Highly recommended!

Brandie Isleton, CA

Smells fantastic, feels great

I rarely give 5 stars anymore. To me a product has to go above and beyond good and be awesome.The Dove Go Fresh Burst body wash is truly awesome.First, the smell is so great. It is not too spicy or too sweet. It is a bright clean smell that I really loved. It lingers a little after drying off but is very fresh and neutral so it works easily with any other scented products.Secondly, it does great with my hard water. It makes a nice creamy foam when worked into a bath pouf. It rinses off clean. It left no residue on me or my shower.Third, it was not drying. I live in the high desert. After yet another dry cold winter, my skin is dry and itchy. After the Fresh Burst body wash, I was not itchy at all. But my skin was moisturized and felt great.This is just a great product. I love it and will keep using.

Antoinette Appleton, WA

Fresh and clean…great price!

“Dove go fresh, Burst Body Wash, 24 Ounce” is a great body soap for those in the market. The scent of nectarine and ginger is great, and my skin feels clean and smooth after each use. Also, the price is right here on, especially at 24.oz. per bottle.Overall, if you’re in the market, this is definitely worth picking up. Highly recommended.

Jewell Jasper, MI

awesome body wash

Dove go fresh Nectarine and Ginger is a great body washIt has a great scent that makes me crave fruit flavored candyit’s got a thick, creamy texture that not only feels like lotion, but also moisturizes like lotion too, Which can really come in handy in the winter when my skin gets really dried outgreat body wash. highly recommend

Deanne Alder, MT