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Dove go fresh Body Wash, Revive, 24oz

A gentle awakening for your mind and skin. The lively, quenching scent of pomegranate and lemon verbena. The feeling that your skin just had a refreshing drink that gave it a fresh new suppleness. Now infused with our unique nutrium moisture technology.

Key features

  • A gentle awakening for your mind and skin
  • The lively, quenching scent of pomegranate and lemon verbena
  • The feeling that your skin just had a refreshing drink that gave it a fresh new suppleness

Honest reviews



okay first off let me say i HATE Dove, Olay,Up and Up (Target brand), Great Value (Wlamart brand), and all other “cheap” stuff. spend a little more money on yourself people! Go with something a little better like Neutrogena, big big fan go try some of their products. i personaly say dont buy this unless your camping. i give this a one star because, no, this did not make me feel fresh. this stuff leaves residue on your skin people! why not spend a little more money on something worth it, and something that makes you feel good. but i guess what makes you feel good is what your gonna get. take my advice. check out Neutrogena. its WAAAAAAAAAY better than this. good luck!

Marilyn Mims, FL

For hard to please hair

I bought this product at CVS but thought I would share my review here. I have hair down to my butt and it’s super thick. I cursed with hair so thick it’s like wire and it freaks out and frizzes up for no reason. My hair has always been hard to manage, it takes almost 2 1/2 hours to straighten with an iron that goes up to 450, takes more than an hour with a blow dryer to dry and no amount of hair spray can tame it…I have some pretty wild hair let me tell you and it’s also very sensitive to shampoos. I do not suffer from dandruff however my hair has liked very FEW shampoos and when I do use a shampoo my hair or scalp does not like it lets me know in a huge way. For the last 3 years I have been stuck using Head and shoulders with Eucalyptus but my hair is not always in a condition I appreciate after using head and shoulders. My scalp loves it but my hair is frazzled, poofy, more wirey than normal so when I saw this shampoo on sale I thought “meh, why not try it?” Here are my pros and cons…Pros:1)This shampoo smells YUMMY! It smells so good I love walking right back into the bathroom for a sniff after I’ve had a shower…the whole bathroom just smells like a dream!2) My hair comes out shiny and smooth which is a freakin’ MIRACLE!3) The colors in my hair really pop! I have NON dyed natural highlights but it’s a mish mash of many colors, I have blonde, dark brown, light brown and red in my hair all mixed up and this shampoo really makes them all POP which looks amazing in the sun. I get plenty of compliments on my hair now.4) No itchy or dry scalp. This is a great quality shampoo – usually I never know if a shampoo is a great one or a cheap one until I wash my hair and see what happens later that day but this shampoo leaves my hair nothing but clean and great looking.5) A big plus to me is my boyfriend coming just to smell my hair and tell me how good it smells..makes me feel great I tell you!Cons:The only con I have is the price. I had bought the 12 fl oz. bottle of both shampoo and conditioner while it was on sale and the sale price for each bottle (shampoo and conditioner) was $3.00 and it was $2.00 off. Really? 5 bucks for each 12 fl oz bottle??? I had bought it at Walbaums which explains the price they always gouge your pockets but if I can find a more acceptable price online I will continue to use it.Bottom line…I Love this shampoo!! When my hair looks great I feel great. Very glad I came across this item. I would recommend this.

Clara Worthington, MO

Smells so good and cleans so completely

This stuff smells so good that I won’t use any other body wash because I can lather once and be clean. With other body washes, I had to lather at least twice to feel clean.

Christa Angie, LA

Fresh Scent

I like the fresh scent of this body wash. It feels refreshing and smells good. You don’t have to put too much body lotion after using this.

Henrietta Nenzel, NE

Another excellent product

I am so glad i purchased this product. I love the fragrance and the way it makes your skin feels when using it

Marcia Holt, MI

Dove is Dove

Whether its the bar or the body wash, Dove knows how to make your skin feel soft and smooth. We prefer the body wash because we believe it keeps the soap scum off the shower walls and glass better than the bars and lasts longer and is tidier in your shower area. We enjoy the invigorating scents, such as the Pomegranate and Lemon. Keep the new scents coming.

Milagros Haughton, LA

Great Cheap Body Wash

I was hesitate to try this because Dove products are very cheap and basic but it was such a good deal, I bought it thinking I would use it for emergencies if I ran out of my better brands. When I opened and smelled it, I knew I had to try it. It smells heavenly. I have used it several times and I can say this is as good or better than $10 – $20 body washes. It smells great, lathers up well, don’t need to use a lot, moisturizes skin, everything a body wash should do. I will continue to buy this and save a lot of money while getting the same benefits of higher priced brands.

Amy Cory, IN

Wonderful smell

The 24 oz size is nice & large (I hate to buy things regularly so I tend to buy large when I can). But what really makes this stand out from other body washes is the fragrance – I can’t stop sniffing it!The fragrance doesn’t stick to your skin after the shower, and overall, the body wash seems to leave my skin moist and happy.

Felicia Lincoln, NM


I Love Dove this feels so good on skin moisturizes smells like heaven i would buy again this might be my new fav flav lol

Deanna Becker, MS

great 🙂 just like BJ’s!

AWESOME! delivery was great and the bodywash is amazing 🙂 for my sensitive skin. i got it in 2 days and it was cheaper than what BJ’s and Costco have it for! Saved me gas and money 🙂 I’m very happy

Yvonne La Rue, OH

Only soap I buy!

I absolutely love Dove soaps, any scent is really fine with me. I purchased this since it’s Subscribe and Save. Smells good, great price, and now I don’t have to worry about running out of soap!

Sheri Oakland Mills, PA

great stuff

i love body wash, and this stuff smells quite delicious. it’s a great deal too, getting two big bottles of the stuff! leaves me feeling fresh and smelling great. i use with my loofa.

Corrine Reidsville, GA

Smells good – but a little on the dry side

I have been using Dove body washes for quite some time. I have noticed that my skin is drier these days and I’m not sure if it is me, the weather or the body wash. I don’t wear lots of body lotion, but I have been slathering it on lately. Other than that the smell is amazing and I really like the cool cucumber as well. Also just a tip: you can get the 4 pack at Costco for $20.

Betty Deer Lodge, TN


Smells great. Refreshing and new after using the same soap for too long. Great price. Look for the good deals.

Odessa Uniontown, AR


I love it . Exactly what i was looking for.It smells so good.This was a good deal for such big sizes of body wash

Nona Evadale, TX

Dove go fresh Pomegranate and Lemon Body Wash – Our daughter’s favorite

Our college senior daughter has always been fairly particular when it comes to facial and body cleansing products and routines, and she likes the moisturizing aspects of Dove products very much. However, she has never liked bar-style soaps, so these ‘Dove go fresh’ body wash products have become her favorites! Along with other essential items, we order this on amazon and have it shipped directly to her at school. Outstanding.She prefers to use this body wash with man-made loofahs like those from Aquasentials(Aquasentials Mesh Pouf Sponge (4 Pack)), and finds that the Dove wash does a great job of cleaning, does not dry out her skin, and smells fantastic!This pomegranate and lemon scented wash is one of her favorites, and the the other one she usually buys is the ‘Plum and Sakura Blossom’ scented one (Dove Body Wash, go fresh, Rebalance, Plum and Sakura Blossom, 24 Ounce).If you are looking for a wash that smells great, cleans well and and leaves your skin feeling well hydrated — our 21 year old highly recommends this one.

Tabatha Albright, WV

First Time

This was my first Dove body wash purchase ever. I’ve been very pleased with the product and plan to buy again.

Addie Commerce, GA

What can I say?

It’s body wash. There’s not a lot to say. Typical Dove body wash. Definitely came promptly, which was greatly appreciated.

Lola Centerville, MA


Smells good feel clean easy to get on and off and priced very well and big bottle Perfect combo all around

Sondra Kaysville, UT

Sweet and sudsy

This is a pleasure to use because its so sudsy and fruity scented but not so sweet that men won’t use it. I usually use rainbath and this is a real refreshing change. A little goes a long way with this and the scent lasts for a few hours.

Patsy Warren, IN