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Dove Dry Oil, Pure Care Restorative Hair Treatment 3.3 oz

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Restorative Treatment with Anatolian Pomegranate Seed Oil Get Sublimely Silky Hair Extraordinary hair nourishment in every drop Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Restorative Treatment with Anatolian Pomegranate Seed Oil Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment with Anatolian Pomegranate Seed Oil is a lightweight, luxurious formula, infused with pure drops of natural oils that leave your hair nourished and revitalized with silkiness, softness and shine. With our unique Dry Oil technology that absorbs rapidly, hair is sublimely silky, isn’t greasy or weighed down, is manageable and is actually protected from the damaging stress caused by blow-drying and styling. For best results, use with the full line of Dove Pure Care Dry Oil products. How to use: Spread 3 to 4 pumps of oil between hands and apply to clean, damp hair, from mid-length to tips. Weightless nourishment Sublimely silky smooth hair 5x silkier hair when used with system *when using shampoo, conditioner and treatment as a system vs. non-conditioning shampoo. Dove is committed to building positive self-esteem and inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential–but we need your help. Each time you buy Dove, you help us and our charitable partners provide inspiring self-esteem programming for girls

Key features

  • Restorative hair treatment with Anatolian pomegranate seed oil
  • For age depleted hair.
  • Non greasy formula
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Honest reviews


This product smells so AWESOME!!!

and so will your hair….I did experience a small amount of leakage of the product into the packaging. not too much but it was running down the bottle a little. you need to dispense a small amount, 2 or 3 pumps, into your hands and then apply it either pre or post shampoo. if you do it post shampoo then you go ahead and blow dry as normal.I highly recommend this product for dry hair like mine. you also will receive the benefit of smelling awesome.

Constance Mulberry Grove, IL

Love this

I love this oil. I pay a lot of money for oil that is comparable or not as good as this. I should of said i USE to pay a lot, i will be using this oil from Dove from now on. Smells wonderful!!

Melba Toeterville, IA

Too heavy for dry, not packaged efficiently

This isn’t a terrible product. But as with many, it just wasn’t thought out very far.The oil itself is supposed to be a light, dry oil with a nice scent, something you can use to strengthen and nourish dry hair. But the oil dispenser is a gloppy pump-style dispense, and the oil is very heavy, so what you end up with on each dose is a palmful of heavy, gloppy oil. It’s not nearly as easy to comb through hair lightly or evenly this way, and can be a real pain.The oil itself is also very "oily," and I’ve tried other products like this that simply worked much better and felt lighter. The scent isn’t pleasing, the oil is too heavy, and the choice of a pump dispenser instead of a light mist makes it very hard to use the way it’s promoted for use.On the plus side, you get a lot for the money, but I personally think you’ll get more out of the "oil mist" types of products thanthis one — they dispense less, but more evenly.

Staci Henrietta, NY


I Really have to qualify this two ways . . . Although this product didn’t work for me because my hair is VERY thin and baby fine, it worked AMAZINGLY well for our daughter – who has long, thick, and very healthy hair!When our daughter came home she smelled the Dove Restorative Treatment in my hair, and asked if she could try it. I said, "Sure" as long as she let me know what she thought of it – since I’d be reviewing it. She was more than happy to let me know, and she also told me my hair looked a little weighted down and greasy in the front! LOL I already knew – my hair was just too fine for this product!She washed her hair and put the product in the first time as she was drying it with the blow dryer. Her hair is so gorgeous, but it definitely had a luster and shine to it that hadn’t had before! I had to laugh because I kept catching her reaching around and pulling her hair around to smell! She’d laugh and say, I can’t help it it smells SO good!"I asked her to try it again and let her hair dry naturally – which she doesn’t normally do because she has so much hair and its so full, but for the sake of this review she very willingly agreed IF she could have the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil – which was fine with me since it worked so beautifully in her hair!After she washed her hair and let it dry, she pumped some of the oil into her hands and rubbed them together. Then she started at the ends of her hair and worked her way up. She uses these kinds of things in her hair so she knows what she’s doing – she doesn’t overdo it or leave any part undone. She flipped her head over to get every strand. When she was finished her hair looked even better than it did when she used the blow dryer! She thought so too but said it was unlikely she’d do it very often because of the time involved, but she loves the product and wanted to keep it! I told her for all the work she had put in for me, she deserved to keep it!She & I both agree Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is a great product for anyone with full thick hair! It gives you a beautiful lustrous shine and wonderful smell that’s not overwhelming. We both highly recommended!

Bernadette Drewryville, VA

Not oily, not as damaging as regular shampoos

I’ve started using coconut oil as my shampoo. I put it on in the evening and wash it out next morning. This is a nice compliment when I need a little more body.I am not sure how they were able to accomplish this, but it is not oily at all after a llittle bit. Recommended.

Pat Park River, ND

Easy to apply and smells great

I have very long hair that I oil regularly. I have used a variety of oils on my hair, both leave in and rinse out. My current oils of choice areDabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil 300ml (Pack of 2 Bottles)andParachute Advansed Coconut Hair Oil 170ml (5.75oz). I leave them in all day and wash out at night about once every two weeks. Since it is winter, the coconut oil solidifies, making it a pain to use. When I was offered the chance to try the Dove Restorative Treatment with Anatolian Pomegranate Seed Oil, I jumped at the opportunity.The oil comes in an easy to dispense pump type bottle, maybe a little to easy to use as the top had turned in the box at some point, allowing oil to leak out. It smells nice, a little spicy and a little fruity to my nose that is accustomed to the smell of coconut oil. A few pumps (I use five for half of my hair) rubbed on the palms and smoothed through the hair does the job quite nicely, and the excess is readily absorbed into the skin of the hands.Does it work as described in the ad copy? I cannot say,since I am not sure what constitutes ‘age depleted hair’. I find that it works as well as my usual products, and with the added benefit of not having to be washed out before I go to bed. It provides a nice sheen to my hair without feeling sticky or clumpy. It doesn’t seem to attract dirt or dust to my hair as the heavier oils do, and my hair does not feel weighed down.I would recommend this product as a lighter alternative to traditional leave in hair oil products.

Francine Newport Coast, CA

This seems to work

My hair tends to go from healthy to dry quickly. I’ve used this product several times when it seems like my hair needs a boost. I love the scent and it doesn’t weigh my hair down — important since I have thick hair. I have not used it on successive days, but I like what it’s done the times I have used it. It doesn’t take much, so I expect it to be a long time before I replace it.

Janelle Sayville, NY

Great hair oil, but …

I hate the scent of this oil. Loathe it. It reminds me of baby powder mixed with old lady perfume. Fortunately, after I’ve dried and styled my hair, I can’t smell it anymore!Other than the smell, I really like this hair oil. I use six pumps on damp hair and then style as usual. I know my hair feels stronger and less dry after using this for a month. I have found that I have to avoid the bang area, though, as it looks oily and weighed down if I get any of the oil on it.This isn’t my favorite hair oil (that honor goes to the Macadamia brand), but it is very affordable–after using it each day for a month, I still have more than 3/4 of the bottle left. It also does a good job. I definitely recommend it–if you can get past the smell!

Agnes Hillsville, PA

Great hair oil

I had just recently purchased the Dove shampoo and conditioner that goes with this line so I was pleased to see an oil. I have used a lot of different oils on my hair from cheap to expensive Moroccan oils and this compares favorably to the expensive brands. My hair has less static and is shinier and healthier looking than when I don’t use it.

Katie Happy Jack, AZ

Go Dove!!

I generally love Dove products. But was a little skeptical when I saw they had hair products. Well this product is pretty good. It smells great and last a while. I try to oil my hair every other day and this works great for that.It is also a nice sized bottle for the money.

Graciela Ridgefield, NJ


I love Dove products generally, but for this one, I am not a fan.My hair is naturally shiny, but I wanted to try this to see if it would make it more so. The result was one I’d not like to see again. Instead of making my hair shiny and healthy, it weighed it down with oil and made it look greasy. I followed the instructions on the box to a T. The consistency is very oily, and although I know that’s what it is, oil, I wasn’t pleased with the effects.The smell at first is pleasant, but when you start rubbing it in, it looses it’s scent and just smells like baby oil. Even after I rinsed it out, my hair was oily for the rest of the day. I kept getting oil on my hands during my normal work day and it felt really messy. After constantly washing my hands that day, I had to wash it out again that night with two shampoos.The next morning when I woke up, the oil from the solution caused me to have some acne pop up – and I never have acne. I don’t know if I was allergic to it, or it just oiled up my face to cause pimples, but I would say the experience was not pleasant. I will not be using this product again and I definitely won’t be buying more.Dove is usually a brand I like, so I’m a little disappointed in this.

Miranda Saint Ignatius, MT


Like most silicone containing hair treatments, this makes my hair slightly greasy looking no matter how little I use. It does smell fantastic and make my hair shine. The bottle is quite large and will last a long, long time.

Pat Amsterdam, MO

Great for dry lifeless hair!

I really LOVE this product. My only problem so far with Dove Restorative Treatment with Anatolian Pomegranate Seed Oil is that I don’t completely have the hang of how many pumps of it I require on my (short) hair to get it shiny and sleek without too much greasiness.It is incredibly effective. You use it on your damp hair after you have shampooed… and wham bam bop !!!– you are ready to go.Note: My hair is not frizzy. It is just really dry.However, I might even recommend this great new Dove treatment to people with frizzy hair! I do not normally go out on a limb like that, but this softness and great absorption power really makes your hair feel really wonderfully silky.I think Dove has a winner here for dry haired people!Thanks!jean

Katie Plum City, WI

This product delivers amazing results

I love this hair oil. I use it every day after my shower. It does exactly what it claims. My hair is silkier, shinier, healthier, and smells unbelievably fantastic. I never thought I could find a product I would prefer to my beloved Bed Head Ego Boost, but this has completely won my heart.It works in well, doesn’t weigh my hair down and leaves no trace of oil in my hair. The smell alone would be a huge selling point, but this product delivers on every level.

Leanne Savannah, GA

Scent too strong and results not that great

I used this according to the directions after shampooing but did not think it improved the look of my hair. The scent was also stronger than I like, though it did dissipate over time. The product added some nice shine to my hair when I applied it later, a few days after shampooing when I was due for another shampoo, but my hair was a little greasy by then so I did not want to wear it that way. All in all, I don’t feel like using this much since I don’t like the intensity of the smell and the results are not that motivating.

Geraldine Yarmouth Port, MA

treat as a wet oil not dry.

This is a dry oil but it’s very heavy and very greasy. I would put this on at night and wear a stocking cap to bed. I would not put on to wear in the day as a dry oil. It’s too thick and greasy. A dry oil for me should be wearable during the day this product is not. It is good however if you use at night and then wash out in the morning.

Lina Morongo Valley, CA

New Hair Care by Dove

This new system of care for your hair by Dove was something to try. It is called PureCare Dry Oil a way to restore your hair with an oil product with Anatolian Pomegranate seed oil. With a built up like that it something you wanted to try.. I says it will help age depleted hair and that was enough for me to give this new Dove oil hair treatment a try. The bottle of oil is a golden color and smells nive.The instruction for using this dry oil care is to pump three to four pumps of oil in one hand and rub your hand together and apply to your damp hair before blow drying. It also suggests to do this before shampooing as a nourishing treatment. This is what I have been doing since I received this bottle of Pure Care Dry Oil and am very pleased with the results.Using this dry care dry oil I find my hair glisten after blow drying my hair and stay that way all day. Since I have been ill with Shingles and they have found their way into my head that shampooing with this dry care oil has at least make this chore more pleasant. Even at 88 years old I have a lot of hair and want to keep it that way, this Dove Oil treatment was great.

Adelaide Slaton, TX

Great Product.

This is a great hair treatment that works two ways, before you shampoo (the night before) or on damp hair after shampooing. I have very thick, course, shoulder length hair that is hard to manage, especially in the humid summer months and, I have used it now for a few weeks and I just love it.I used to use a moroccan oil knock off which did a decent job, but not as good as Dove. I use 5-6 pumps and run it through my damp hair, then dry as usual. My hair is definitely much softer and easier to manage. I have also used the product at night and let it sit overnight and then washed it out in the morning for a double treatment. I found that it soaked in very well and didn’t grease up my pillow but the result was the same by just putting it on my hair after shampooing. I think if you have really damaged hair you may see better results. The only drawback I could see with this product is that it comes in a glass container. The container looks nice on your sink, but I would be worried to travel with it.If you have hard to manage, frizzy, thick or very course hair this product would be great for you. I plan on making it a permanent part of my beauty regimen.

Yolanda Bailey, CO

Too Thick and Heavy for a dry oil

I’ll just cut right to the chase on this one. I do not like it. It’s supposed to be a dry oil, which means it should not be heavy and greasy . The problem is it’s VERY thick, heavy and greasy. I don’t find it to be anywhere the feel of a dry oil. It left my hair feeling oily and looking like I had not washed it in days. I couldn’t even get it off my hands without washing with Dawn dishwashing liquid.A truly “dry” oil should be much lighter, and even better if it comes in a spray bottle.The fancy glass bottle is not impressive. I would prefer a better product in a plastic bottle. Sorry, One star for this one .

Freida Jackson Springs, NC

Exactly what I needed

I’ve found the Dove Restorative Treatment with Anatolian Pomegranate Seed Oil to be exactly what I needed! After showering, I put a few drops on my palms and rub the oil into my hair and scalp. The oil soothes my scalp and helps make it easy to style my hair, as well.I understand that people who have a bit more hair on the top of their heads than I might have more to do. But for me, I have found it takes mere seconds to use the Dove Restorative Treatment to get the look I want and maintain a healthy scalp (which has become more important than ever for me, since my hair is thinning). And I suppose this might be the case for many other guys, too.I highly recommend this very useful product to everyone.

Mabel Ossining, NY


First of all I have to say that I have been a huge fan of the Dove soaps for many years and when this product came out, I was looking forward to using it. As one who has a lot of thick hair, I regularly use a similar product before drying my hair and I have tried several different ones that on the market and have been satisifed with them. However, I was somewhat disappointed with this product. I have tried it twice, and both times it did not leave my hair feeling silky. I even used a larger quantify the second time thinking that I perhaps didn’t use enough the first time, but I basically had the same results. So, in all honesty, I can’t recommend this product.

Lori Corinth, NY

Takes A Certain Knack

I have been using Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Moroccan Argan Styling Oil for some time now, and decided to give this product a try. I do like a lot of the Dove product line, so I was excited to try this.I was impressed by the size of the bottle. Suave’s product comes in a bottle that is 3 ounces, and this bottle is 3.38 ounces. That .38 ounces does seem to be much more.I know with the Suave product, the instructions state not to put the product at the roots of the hair, but to place it at about mid-section of the hair. But then, the Suave product does not claim to be a dry oil. The first time I tried this Dove product, because it states it is a dry oil, I massaged it in from the roots of my hair to the ends. My hair reaches down to my shoulders and is rather thick, but I didn’t use very much of the product. I allowed my hair to air dry and then used a flat iron. When I finished, my hair looked oily and greasy! ICK! I was horrified! My hair looked as though I hadn’t washed it, and it had just been washed.With the Suave product, I never had that problem. When I used the Dove product again (and I used once more after this with the same results), I only massaged the oil in from mid-section of my hair down. The results were much better, and about equal to what I was getting from Suave. However, there are some things will keep me using the Suave product. Dove comes in a glass bottle – does any manufacturer make glass containers for bathrooms anymore? Especially when using a product that is oil? And the bottle is fairly big and not a comfortable "hand fit." Suave is a slightly smaller size, made of plastic, and fits the hand well. This Dove product does have a spray nozzle, but no cap for it. Suave also has a spray nozzle, but it does have a cap, which makes it much more convenient to place it in a drawer or tuck it into a container under the sink. And, for me, price is a huge issue. Suave costs between $6.00 – $7.00, and the product does last a while. The Dove product, while having an additional .38 ounces, costs $11.00 – $12.00.Once I managed to figure out how to use the Dove product, it worked well, and left my hair feeling smooth and silky, and looking shiny. However, I think for the best bang for my buck, Suave is the better product for me.

Dessie Daggett, CA

Good value, but not for every hair type

I like this restorative oil. I use 3-4 pumps on my damp (post washing) mid-back length highlighted blonde hair. My hair is rather thick and absorbs the oil well. Afterwards I allow my hair to air dry. The result is nice soft manageable hair. I never use oils on my hair when it is dry, the result is usually greasy looking.I think you have to be careful about the amount you use though. Its very easy to wind up with an oily looking head. I would only recommend this to people with thicker hair. Any other type of hair might get severely weighed down.For anyone interested in trying hair oils, at this price point, its worth a try.For highlighted or bleached hair I highly recommend my absolute favorite Kerastase Elixir Ultime. Worth every penny.

Blanche Pleasant Hill, OR

Depends on how you use it.

This is a very nice oil although its not as light as I thought it was going to be, So Instead I use this as a pre-poo before shampooing and it works a lot better for me that way and my hair does not feel weighed down.The smell is nice and I don’t find it overpowering at all, it comes in an easy to dispense bottle which is a nice size and a little will go along way. I guess it depends on exactly how you use this oil to determine if its for you or not. In my opinion its best to use this as a pre-poo or hot oil treatment.

Bonita Elmwood, TN

absorbs quickly, nice shine

I’ve used other oils in my hair to help provide shine and protect against heat damage, and while the Dove oil does have a strong scent at first, I will say that this one absorbs quickly. The bottle is nice (a solid glass that doesn’t topple easily) and the pump feature a handy way to get the oil out (instead of worrying about a dropper, like some oil bottles). I did notice the scent right away, but it never lingers in my hair and I haven’t had anyone comment on smelling it, either (so don’t think it’s just me getting used to it). As stated, the oil absorbs quickly – there’s no oiliness left over, so between that and being able to control how much you put on by pumping it out, it’s nice to not have greasy hair.I haven’t noticed any drastic results or improvements while using this ‘treatment’, but for an every day oil, it’s doing a good job.

Kathy West Lebanon, IN

Wouldn’t Buy Again

I don’t quite see the value in this product. The intended use is to apply a small amount to damp hair to moisturize/condition it. When I do that, I really don’t see any difference. It does smell good, but that’s about it. It also says you can apply it to dry hair before shampooing as a more intense moisturizer. When I did that, it was very hard to wash out and my hair looked oily afterward. I will continue to use it on damp hair until the bottle runs out, but I won’t be buying it in the future.

Alyce Sabina, OH

Not heavy at all

I saw what the other reviews said about it being heavy. It’s just not for me or my daughter.I have very fine hair. It is stick straight, but also gets frizzy when dry. This treatment just makes it silky and soft. My daughter’s hair is more wavy but also frizzes, and I was blown away when I applied this to her bed-head hair. I wish I could upload a picture of my daughter’s hair before & after. It’s incredible, but I can’t seem to upload it here.What you would see in the before picture is a frizzball puff …and int he after picture, soft curls/waves.I don’t think 3-4 pumps is the right amount (although that’s per the directions). Start with 1-2.

Etta American Canyon, CA

Ok, but not for me.

ok, but it was too oily for me. I wouldn’t use it again but I would recommend it to a friendwith drier hair. It’s not a bad product, just not for me or my hair. Smells ok.

Florine Eldora, IA

so disappointed

The ingredients got me excited. These are great oils for the hair. But the fragrances make me ill! Ugh!If you love musky smells, you will love this. It works great. I just can’t stand the smell. Make it unscented for me, ok?

Rachelle Saint Jo, TX


SHORT AND DIRECT: I REALLY, REALLY LIKE THIS RESTORATIVE TREATMENT.It really works as advertised and then more. Actually, much more.I’m 73 years old, with long hair (below my shoulders) which is also very fine. So before it broke easily, got flat fast. Until now.A couple of squirts into my palms after a shower, rubbed together, then into m’hair. I do it twice a week, but it could well do well with just once. Result: My hair’s stronger, looks better – shines, even waves abit (before, it mostly frizzled) looks great. Look at my reviewer profile page; my hair was wild and frizzy. Now it looks like it’s atop a rock star. I bet it smells better than a rock star’s hair too. And stays cleaner longer (that dry oil trick again). I can’t say enough. Okay, more:It combs without leaving alota hairs in brush or comb. I can put it straight back or go for hanging tricks.It’s not stiff or greasy (the ‘dry-oil’ label’s true), No greasy smudges on shoulders or pillows or my wife.I drive a Honda 650cc motorcycle, m’hair sails back, doesn’t catch road dust or whip around my face.My wife loves the look, and, as a holistic fanatic, applauds the Pomegranate Seed Oil (look it up online: It effectively GROWS NEW HAIR! I’m seeing it preserves existing hair too. With my fine old hair saved and re-growing, I must give this my personal 10-STAR RATING. My wife adds a good many stars to that. You got hair, want to help keep it? – Get this surprising (it actually does what it promises to do. Amazing) while, for me, adds more. It’s the best 3.3 Oz I ever bought. That really says something.rc

Hillary La Crosse, KS