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Dove Dry Oil, Pure Care Nourishing Hair Treatment with African Macadamia Oil 3.38 fl oz/100 ml.

Dove Nourishing Treatment with African Macadamia Oil Get Sublimely Silky Hair Extraordinary hair nourishment in every drop Dove Nourishing Treatment with African Macadamia Oil Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment with African Macadamia Oil is a lightweight, luxurious formula, infused with pure drops of natural oils that leave your hair nourished and revitalized with silkiness, softness and shine. With our unique Dry Oil technology that absorbs rapidly, hair is sublimely silky, isn’t greasy or weighed down, is manageable and is actually protected from the damaging stress caused by blow-drying and styling. For best results, use with the full line of Dove Pure Care Dry Oil products. How to use: Spread 3 to 4 pumps of oil between hands and apply to clean, damp hair, from mid-length to tips. Weightless nourishment Sublimely silky smooth hair 5x silkier hair when used with system *when using shampoo, conditioner and treatment as a system vs. non-conditioning shampoo. Dove is committed to building positive self-esteem and inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential–but we need your help. Each time you buy Dove, you help us and our charitable partners provide inspiring self-esteem programming for girls

Key features

  • Nourishing treatment with African macadamia oil for all hair types
  • Non greasy formula
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Honest reviews


Good Usage

Dove Nourishing Treatment with African Macadamia Oil / B00GTBZ8B0I have frizzy hair that gets dry and damaged very easily. I’ve been using this treatment on my ends for a few weeks now, and I have mixed feelings that are overall positive. I will say that when this is in my hair, it does soften the ends and gives a pretty shine that I like. It doesn’t feel heavy and I don’t personally mind the smell, but it is a little stronger scented than I’d like. However, the treatment doesn’t appear to be having any long-term healing effects on my hair, which is fine (I didn’t expect miracles!) but something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a fix as opposed to just a daily shine treatment.NOTE: This review is based on a free Advance Review Copy of this product provided through Amazon Vine.~ Ana Mardoll

Kate Middlesex, NJ

No Worse Or Better Than My Conditioner

But somewhat more expensive. And in a glass bottle, so if you drop it on the tiled floor of your bathroom, it will probably smash.The instructions say to use three or four squirts and massage it into your hair from the middle of the shaft, down to the ends. For my hair, which is very thick, that wasn’t nearly enough product. I had to experiment a bit to get a proper amount to do my hair any good, but I found that about eight or nine squirts did the trick. It does impart a nice shine and it made my hair softer.I found I also liked the aroma. But as I have almost no sense of smell, this concerns me, because the fact that I can smell it might mean that it has a powerful scent to folks with a normal sense of smell.

Nancy Adrian, OH

Very perfume-y scent that lingers, worked okay

I use a variety of oil-type products in my hair and am always looking for something a bit cheaper that works just as well. This might have been it if the smell wasn’t so dang strong. And on top of theDove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner, 12 Ounceit was just overpowering. Otherwise, it seemed to work okay. Nothing spectacular but nothing horrible. If you can get past the smell (or if you like it) then it’s probably a decent product.

Hattie Canterbury, NH

The best

I have natural hair( Locs) and it is hard to keep my locs and scalp hydrated. I have had this oil for about a few hours and tried it on my hair and scalp. A few hours later, and a few mirror checks later too and my hair is still shiny and beautiful. The oil smells fabulous i might add and is light and non greasy. I would highly recommend for people with natural styles. It really works.

Carolina Wann, OK

Takes Time to Apply Perfectly

Be warned, you can easily use too much of this product and leave your hair feeling greasy.It took me several applications to get the right amount.It really does leave hair very glossy but I found it tiresome to get the application amount just right.Pleasant scent when applying but the scent didn’t last.Maybe I’ll get more expert with it over time.

Mara Coatesville, IN

Works well

My wife and daughters all have thick hair that is susceptible to frizz in humid weather. This nourishing oil does a great job of tamping down fly away hairs and leaves their hair shiny and sleek. But it does not feel like there is oil in their hair. It has a light fragrance and works pretty well. Highly recommended.

Isabel Neilton, WA

Nice smell, very effective

I have relaxed hair and I found this item a pleasant surprise. Not only did I like the scent, but as an Ojon user I found this item much more cost effective and easier to use. During dry winter months, one pump, rubbing into the hands does a great job of controlling frenzies. I also found that it made a huge difference when using a blow dryer. I didn’t fell it was greasy. I will definitely reorder this item over my Ojon products. A little goes a long long way also, so your really getting a good value for your money.

Rocio Ages Brookside, KY

Smells great and works very well

This is comparable to high priced salon brand oil for your hair. i have over colored heat damaged thick hair and this works just as well if not better then something I spend $40 on every month!! The smell is wonderful. I will buy this for sure

Melba Needles, CA

Love the shine, but it is a bit greasy

I have not been very nice to my hair lately – chlorine, a hot iron and some coloring. The dryness was starting to show. I’ve tried several conditioners and leave-in treatments, and haven’t found the right balance of hair help without the greasy feeling. I do like the Dove – it made my hair very shiny and soft, but unfortunately it did leave my hair a bit greasy. I experimented with using different amounts – just enough to comb through the ends, two squirts, three squirts – it didn’t seem to matter. It also didn’t help my frizzies.The bottle is large and goes a long way, especially if you only use 2-3 squirts at a time. The smell isn’t unpleasant and not overpowering.Pros: Very shiny, soft hair. Cons: a little greasy, and no help for the frizzies.I definitely like it, I just don’t think it’s the end-all hair helper for me.

Ina Worthington, PA

I am impressed!

I have very dry and frizzy hair due to the special shampoo & conditioners I have to use because of an allergy to sulfates. I get very frustrated since my options are very limited and all the products tend to really dry out my hair. I was excited to try Dove Nourishing Treatment with African Macadamia Oil for many different reasons. First I am not allergic to the spray and second it stats that it is a dry oil treatment. I hate oily hair and products that make my hair clumpy and oily.This product was super easy to use: Just pump 3 to 4 times and massage into your hair starting from mid length to tips. For me I have been using 2 to 3 pumps and that seems to be the right amount for me. Goes into my hair easily and doesn’t make it oily at all. My frizz is way down as well! My hair now looks shiner (but not an oily shine way) feels softer and I don’t have frizz head anymore.For the price and what this can do for me I have to recommend it to anyone with frizz hair or people who have to use special products that dry the hair out.

Janie Summerland Key, FL

Eh, what’s the point?

If you have coconut oil or olive oil, use those! It’s basically the same thing for a percentage of the price! However, if you’re intent on trying the African Macadamia Oil, it will still work for you (expectedly, just like other oils).I wouldn’t say it’s really worth it.

Jaclyn Weir, TX

Dove Nourishing Treatment

There is always some new thing for hair…Keratin…Avocado Oil…Tea Tree Oil…and now Macadamia Oil….Its all supposed to put shine in your hair, repair damage, stop fly aways, smooth hair….and mostly they all kind of work.This one is not any different than any other hair oil I have tried, including Argan oil. They basically smell the same too. Its nice, and a teensy bit goes a long way..especially in my hair with is very thin and gets oily as the day goes by anyway.

Dale Tarawa Terrace, NC

Here Is Help For Dry Ends

I love to try all the new oil products for hair. These products are great if you use a flat iron because they fry your hair and these oil treatments really help a lot. This product tames your hair and conditions the dry ends from flat iron use. My hair is very fine and I can use all the help I can get when it comes to protecting the ends of my hair which over time just die even if I really try not to cook them with the high heat.Dove Nourishing Treatment nourishes the ends of my hair and I focus on that when I use this type of treatment. As for the rest of my hair, I just smooth on a little oil and this product makes hair shiny and manageable. I use just a touch throughout my hair and more product on the ends. This is a nice, rich oil that tames flyaway hair and conditions very nicely. The smell is nice and I like the effect this has on damaged ends by smoothing and restoring shine.

Deirdre Ritter, OR

This stuff rocks

I have thick curly hair and regularly use a flat iron so i really have to use product to keep my hair shiny. I’ve tried a variety of oils from the popular high end ones to those sold in the ethnic beauty shops and the Dove Nourishing Treatment with African Macadamia Oil is at the top of my list. You can use it on damp hair, but I use it after the flat iron to manage the ends and impart shine. Also use it the night before I shampoo for extra treatment. Smells good too.

Allyson Uniondale, IN

Effective to some extent

My own hair is dry and extremely curly. I found that, though use of this product helped with ‘de-tangling’ and softening, after a few hours my hair seemed to have developed a mind of its own. It lifted as if I’d had my finger in an electrical socket. I shall continue to use this for conditioning before washing, but it doesn’t seem to be a product for me to use afterwards.

Dawn Ida Grove, IA

Super shiny and manageable hair

I don’t always trust oils for hair– often they leave my hair greasy or they tend to have a strong odor. So I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this product. I followed the directions– pumped the dispenser 3-4 times in my hand and then distributed it through my towel-dried, damp hair. The results were immediate– my hair instantly became shiny. But not oily. And it was easier to comb and style. After it was dry, the shine remained but no residual oiliness. The frizz from dry indoor winter heat disappeared.Also, the smell is nice– it’s a light scent and did not irritate my skin or cause an allergic reaction which I sometimes get to heavy scents. All in all, I think this is a great hair product and plan to use it regularly.

Veronica Delta City, MS

Softens and nourishes my hair without weighing it down.

I’ve grown my hair very long recently and am always looking for oils and treatments to help prevent split ends and to nourish my hair. I followed the directions carefully when trying out Dove’s Nourishing Treatment with African Macadamia Oil. My hair is very straight and fine and I’m always careful to avoid products that weigh it down. This Nourishing Treatment works well for me. It does soften the ends and seems to add nutrients – my hair feels smoother and softer but it doesn’t feel oily. Other reviewers really enjoy the scent – I find it a little strong for my taste. I’m still happy to use the Nourishing Treatment with African Macadamia Oil because of how it makes my hair feel, especially during winter when the air is dry.

Kristine Topawa, AZ


I initially purchased this because of a beauty blogger’s review, but it did not work as well as she stated it worked for her. This may be in part because she was paid for that review. My hair still looked dry and frazzled. I prefer Moroccan Oil which does have a shiny and more manageable effect on my hair ( I purchase directly in person from a salon though, because you can never trust online from here for authenticity)

Elisha Brookline Village, MA

Great moisturizer for natural hair

When I received this oil in the mail, the pump was broken so I had to carefully open the bottle and pour some of the oil in the palm of my hand before applying it to my hair. I’m mentioning this so the manufacturer will consider packing it better. It’s no fun having to open the bottle every time you want to use the oil. I would hate to accidentally spill it. As for the oil itself, I like it. It has a pleasant scent and it keeps my hair conditioned for hours at a time. My hair’s tangle-free and the shine is also very nice.

Jasmine Medical Lake, WA

From the Mrs…

When I opened the package, I was surprised to see that the oil was in a lovely glass bottle with a spray top. This design probably keeps the oil from oxidizing too quickly, and keeping it fresh longer. I only needed very little oil to spread it evenly throughout my hair. The oil had a pleasant fragrance and was not greasy at all. It actually felt light-weight, even evaporating somewhat. When I followed the instructions to apply from the middle to the ends of the hair, my hair had great body and bounce after a blow-dry with a boar’s hair brush. However, I had to gauge how much to use by trial and error since I used a little too much at first and possibly used it too close to my roots, so my hair was flatter than I wanted when I woke up (I wash and dry my hair at night). I guess if I wanted my hair on the sleeker side, then it came out perfectly. I usually use my blow-dryer and curling iron daily, so I did feel like the oil was protecting my hair from heat damage, while giving it a nice shine. My hair definitely looks healthier when I use it, having great touchability and scent, and added body to my hair style. I would recommend this oil for daily or every other day use.

Rachel Axis, AL

Smells Really NIce

I was just a little leery of using this product because the last thing that I wanted was to left with a head full of greasy oily hair but it actually turned out to be nicer than I first thought. It smells really nice and seems to add some extra conditioning to your hair without leaving it oily. Probably the only thing that I didn’t care for is that it contains mineral oil which is probably more of a filler than anything else and I really don’t think does all that much for conditioning your hair.

Kaitlyn Brule, WI

A Winner

I am not usually a fan of Dove products, but this one is a winner.There’s plenty of product here, and the glass bottle is elegant and attractive.I only put a few drops on my hands and rubbed it into my hair, and it made a huge difference when my hair dried. It gave it lots of body and shine without making it look greasy.One of its best features is the wonderful scent. It might be too strong for some, but I loooove the fragrance.I highly recommend this product.

Lashonda Barnhart, MO

Works Well But The Fragrance …

An over-powering fragrance may not appeal to everyone but the multi-purpose use of this item is appealing. It’s nourishing and does well on damp hair, dry hair and a spot treatment for dry frizzy ends.It’s easy to misjudge the amount needed. Following the directions as a guide on the number of pumps of product to use helps to not overdo it. You still have to work with it to find what works best for your hair and styling technique.The price is a little steep for a mass-market/drugstore item but less than comparable high-end drugstore ones. I’d still keep this as a hair care essential.

Jenny Milton, ND

Tames the frizzies

After reading many of the other reviews posted here, I have to agree, this is a beautifully packaged, high quality product. The bottle is hefty and very attractive, the pump applicator gives just a tiny bit with each pump. It’s nice to use. I used a tiny drop, rubbed between both hands, on my dry, flyaway (from static electricity) bangs and crown of my already styled hair, and the flyaways laid right down without making my hair greasy. But – I used just a tiny drop.A note about the scent. At first I agreed with other posters, "Oooh, that’s smells so nice!" But as the day wore on I found the scent cloying, and I had used only a tiny drop. And even after washing my hands many times (we don’t have a dishwasher, and my hands are in soapy water… a lot), the scent was still on my hands.

Octavia Cheswold, DE

Definitly makes hair smoother

I have recently developed an interest in hair oils because I have long hair and oil seems to help keep tangles down. This is the third oil I’ve tried.The oil has a pleasant, light scent. I can’t tell if it is making any lasting effect on my hair, but after applying my hair is shinier and a little moother (though not 5x worth). I also tried this in my friend’s hair, which is thick, long, and coarse, and it made much more of a difference in silkiness.So far I think this is my favorite oil of the three I’ve tested.

Guadalupe Ragan, NE

Great for adding additional moisture on those dry ends, but don’t expect a miracle

I have long, straight, blonde, dry hair that has a tendency to get oily very quick. I was hoping this would help my dead ends that frequently like to rear their ugly heads. It did help; and it made my hair a bit less frizzy. I’m just not sure it’s worth the cost, especially when it’s just glorified mineral oil.Pros:Softens my hair a littleMakes it less frizzyHelps protect my endsGoes in nicely and does not make my hair oilycons:Glorified mineral oilHigh costDoesn’t do as much in regards to hair health to justify the price, or as much as I would like.

Lisa Moxahala, OH

Great For Creating Sleek Up-Do’s

My hair is fine and I live in a humid climate that makes it frizzy no matter how I style it, so I am a fan of the simple chignon or up-do. I used this product on my hair when it was towel-dried, just as the instructions said. I then used a blow dryer and dried my hair, and gathered my hair into a sleek chignon. My hair looks shiny & professional with very few strays.Dove Pure Care Dry Oil has a nice odor to it, kind of like baby oil. It’s the same clear texture and weight of body oil, but the color is amber. If it works on my fine, frizzy hair, chances are it will work on yours!

Goldie Orma, WV

Oil not bad, flimsy pump

This hair oil has a nice smell that I found pleasant enough, and not overpowering with the two or three pumps’ worth I applied. The smell rapidly dissipated. It seemed to help control flyaways and add some shine to my hair, but it was not amazing. I have been happier with creamier products, or the (much cheaper) oils such as coconut.The bottle it comes in is glass. The container tipped over in my cabinet, and the pump on top came off. I tried many different times and ways to reassemble it, but it would not go back on, except to perch on the top of the lower portion of the pump mechanism. I contacted Dove about the problem; they were helpful after I supplied several photos and proof of ownership. They definitely need to replace the pump with something that can handle light pressure and remain attached.

Deann Kendallville, IN

The smell was overpowering!

This is a dry oil and, for the most part, the oil was not too oily on the hair. What made me throw the product away is the smell. For 2 days, I had trouble being around myself because of the smell. The hair oil smells good but the smell is too much!

Alberta Springhill, LA

Dove with Macadamia Nuts: Perfect!

This light oil is wonderful! It adds shine, and tames the frizzies. It does not flatten hair out or make it greasy. It has a very light, fresh scent. To top it off, it comes in a pump bottle, so it is easy to get just the right amount. It is also economical. The bottle lasts a long, long time. I love this treatment for my very long hair!

Gilda Guttenberg, IA