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Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash Value Pack

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash uses 100% moisturizers that can absorb completely to nourish skin deep down. Plus it rinses cleaner than ever before – so your skin feels soft and smooth. It’s a superior natural nourishment for your skin.

Key features

  • Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash works with the warmth of the shower to infuse your skin with all-day hydrating emollients. Deeply moisturizes your skin, leaving it feeling soft & smooth.
  • Comes with Free Pouf
  • Dove’s mission is to widen today’s stereotypical view of beauty and inspire all women to feel beautiful and take great care of themselves.

Honest reviews


I bought it for the “pouf!”

I needed more body wash like I needed a … well, since I’m in an early-morning non-creative funk, I’ll use a worn-out cliche: like I needed a “hole in the head.” Bear with me, I get better when the cob-webs are cleared from my fuzzy brain.But when Amazon sent me a promotional, bearing the time-honored name of Dove, saying it “deeply moisturizes,” I couldn’t resist. Truthfully, what really sold me was the “pouf.” I don’t know what to do with that, but I thought I’d have fun experimenting. … lolMy dove and pouf arrived and after a few showers, I must admit it does have zip; my body now feels like a velvet glove … or a satin sheet? So all is happy in Sunny Cali. (I don’t exactly feel “beautiful,” but I got a big “lol” from this dramatic line in their product description: “Dove’s mission is to widen today’s stereotypical view of beauty and inspire all women to feel beautiful and take great care of themselves.”)… Mission? Yeah … right!I deleted one star because I think the price is too high; I could have purchased it at Target for much less. Sorry, Amazon.P.S. To respond to one of the reviewers who wasn’t pleased with the new bottle design because s/he couldn’t place the bottle upside down to get the last “dregs” of moisturizing soap, here’s a tip that I taught my kids years ago: Just add some water to the mix and VOILA: good to the last dribble.

Monica Marysville, PA

Leave your skin clean, healthy, and nourished

I’ve been using Dove’ssensitive skin body washfor years. I have sensitive skin, I’ve seen a dermatologist in the past for treatment and recommendations, and Dove works for me. I decided to try the deep moisture formula to change things up.The sensitive skin formula may have changed a bit over time, but it’s been great and I haven’t had any qualms about it. Deep moisture is very, very similar, except that it has a scent which I’m on the fence about. Scent aside, this wash leaves my skin feeling clean, healthy, and nourished.I’m such a creature of habit that I feel naked without it on the road. Do yourself a favor – ditch the fruity, scented, cheap soap and treat your skin with care. Go Dove or go home!

Ophelia Lambertville, MI

I love the Dove!

I really like the Dove body wash, it is creamy like a lotion and lathers like a body wash should. The smell of the body wash is wonderful and leaves my skin feeling very soft. The only downfall was the small pouf that came with it, it seems extra small.

Miriam Rome, IN

Nice, Nice

Not a perfect 5 Stars but certainly above average in what it does which is provide deep moisture and a clean result.

Andrea Lucerne, CA

Feels good – but the scent?

This product does feel great on your skin. However, I really enjoy perfumed shower gels etc and didn’t like the smell of this. Not pretty or perfumy at all – gave it away.

Adrienne West Columbia, TX

Nice, fresh and clean

Not too much to say .. It’s a gentle body wash that leaves you soft and clean. It won’t irritate skin and has a light scent. My personal favorite is Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash, but this one is a close second. I like the Sensitive Skin version better because the scent is much better and it feels like it leaves your skin softer and smoother. This one is nice as well though.

Lisa Cardiff, AL

Sweet Softness

I am so glad I purchased this product. It softens my skin and leaves a nice clean scent that is never cloying.

Claudette Glen Allen, AL